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Victory, Even Your Faith

I love it.

Just love it.

Cannot stop loving the faith Jesus has given to me.

I just love it.

I am always under attack by spiritual stalkers. Yes, there are people who have trained themselves to be one of my predators. What is the nature of these predators?

1) They hide and lurk watching everything you do.
2) They collect everything they can about you to fuel their hate and rage.
3) They use fake names, pictures, and identities.
4) They look for what they think are flaws or errors to justify the attacks they will make.
5) They sneak around Facebook and the internet to get everything they can on you.
6) Then they move in.
7) They will lurk and wait for the moment, the hour, the day, to attack.
8) The victim of a predator does not know someone is after them to hurt and kill them.
9) The predator has mental issues, usually bipolar, where in an instant he/she can turn into a raging-screaming maniac.
10) The predator thinks he/she is in control.
11) The predator has his/her mission.


As I have found out: the predators who stalk me every day, do not have control over my faith. Therefore, they have no control over my victory.

My victory is the blessing of Jesus. He sets a table for me in the presence of my enemies. Why then do I care about predators who are obvious losers? I do not. If I suspect a predator sends me a friend request I just delete it. I do not accept emails from predators. If you are not on my receive email list, your email will go straight to the shredder.

I am more than victorious. I have my salvation. And no predator can take this from me. I will keep moving on in the perfection of the love Of Jesus Christ.

You see, I am a humble loving man, who seeks the favor of Jesus Christ and do not care what the tongues of men/women say against me.

Today I am victorious and my faith is strong and secure.

If you are having a bad day because others are assailing you, first on your list of priority is to treat those people as blank paper. Do not allow them to mean anything to you. Pick up your life and move on to what God wants you to accomplish. Ignore the internet chatter. Pay no mind to the words of fools and pundits. Let your faith be your weapon of victory.

I said so.

Pastor Reckart

April 12, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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