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Marks Of Love Philippine Convention Theme

Christians are to be known by their love one “to” another. By this, Jesus said people would know we were his disciples.

No one likes to have friends who are backstabbers, liars, deceivers, and makes a bad report about them. Bearing false witness about someone is still a sin. But more than a sin, such behavior becomes a form of spiritual perjury. It has been my custom for over 40 years to get away from people who cannot tell the truth and or respect it.

Over the years I have discovered there are “marks of love.” I also refer to them as “marks that matter.”

I am now putting together our bible lessons for the Philippine convention of our group. In these days where the love of many has waxed cold, there is so much hate, so much destroying the truth by attacking the messengers: I believe we should all be on guard. Love never fails. There is no law against love. No one can do a person wrong and say they did the wrong because they loved the individual. Love does no ill-will to his/her neighbor. One of the marks of love is kindness. Show me a person who is unkind toward others and I will show you a person who cannot be trusted with spiritual truths.

Jesus showed us the marks of love. These were not just nail-prints. Marks of love are first seen in the hands, just as the mark of a mother’s love for her new-born is first in her hands. The next mark of love follows; a nice embrace or hug. There is to be no fakery in any of this. Nothing is more cruel and crushing to a person’s heart than to be betrayed with a fake kiss, hug, or handshake. Jesus should know.

Judas did not have the marks of love.

As the time draws near we can see, especially with Muslims in many countries, they do not know about love. What they call love is butchery and animalism. Christians are to possess love as a natural part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. I like this fruit. Both to give it and to receive it. And when my love is abused, just like with an abused wife/mother, I want to get as far away from the abuser as possible and cut off all communications.

One day, Jesus will perfect love in those who seek his holiness. Those who do not reach this level of spiritual maturity, well, they will get worse and worse and end up where Judas went.

Marks of Love will be a great theme. And I look forward to making outlines for the studies we will have at our Philippine convention that begins the first week of June.

Bishop Reckart


April 23, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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