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Prepare To Meet Thy God

How many dead since Calvary will be lost? How many in our current grave yards died saved and are ready for the rapture? I think hell has enlarged itself. And I think many will go to hell because they willingly refuse to be born again and live a holiness life. How many will mess up and backslide and go to hell after tasting of the blessings of Jesus? As I look about me and this generation, I see so many who are so lost in sin they do not want to be saved. Every family is affected.

I thought of Noah. All his brothers and sisters and all their children died in the flood.

I thought of the father of Noah, that he died the year of the flood and may have died in the flood also. I think Noah’s father was a man who went away from God into evil.

Look at it this way, Noah worked on the ark between 100-125 years. I do not want to argue the years. My point is that before God told him to build the ark, it is written that Noah only found grace in the eyes of God.

This means that 100-125 years before his death, the father of Noah DID NOT FIND GRACE IN THE EYES OF GOD.

Only one conclusion can be made: he was among those whose imaginations had gone evil.

(Oh, so no one in your religion told you any of this?) (Oh, so how much more have they not told you?)

Play that over in your mind. How many of your own family are saved right now? How many of you, your mom and dad are lost? How many of you, your sister(s) and brother(s) are lost? And only you serve God and have found grace?

While more and more churches allow more and more of the world into their midst, there is an elect, a few, whom the Shepherd knows are his sheep. And for these, he waits for the early and latter rain.

Do not play Church. Do not play with the world.

If your church is allowing the world in, you get out. If your organization is allowing the world in, you get out. What good is it, even if a million get the Holy Ghost and are baptized, if they are then sent to hell by telling them it is ok to be worldly?

How many living right now will die lost because they refuse to prepare to be saved, stay saved, and wait patiently for the coming of Jesus?

Do not be foolish.

Prepare to meet thy God.

Bishop Reckart


April 26, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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