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St. Augustine of Hippo symbolized the Catholic church as the city of God. The non- Catholic world he symbolized as the conflicting city of the world. This opinion shaped the Catholic church into a religious-political power that usurped dominion over all Europe.

Secret Catholic orders were established to protect the church, even if it meant killing and massacre of thousands. After all, they were people of the world city and must be liquidated so the city of God could reign over the cities of the world.

But was Rome and the Catholic church really the city of God? Did God ever say he would put his name in Rome, Babylon, Athens, or Cairo? Was the Jewish God ever the God of Rome?

What is wrong with the people of the nations and their minds? Have they been carefully and methodically brainwashed? How come our Pastors have dumbed down the people to want nothing more than hoot nite on sunday evening? How come the truth about the Catholic church is not taught any more? Go ask your pastor to speak against the catholic church? Watch his response. For many of you it is to late to run. You have already accepted your seat in Laodicea.

The city of God is not upon this earth. John said he saw it come down from heaven.

The facts is, if you are Catholic or Protestant, a Catholic Pentecostal or Catholic Apostolic, you are lost. You can speak in tongues and dance around the Christmas tree, but you are still lost. You do not have enough truth to set you free.

The time is at hand.

This morning, after walking around Rome, I did not find the true God here in any building or relic of the Roman Empire. I did not find him in any Catholic basilica, church, or shrine. I looked for signs of God among the ruins of the Roman Empire. I did not find him. I looked for God among the millons who thronged the streets. No evidence of God. I looked in on the thousands of merchant shops and businesses, no God. I saw enormous evidence of wealth, fine linen, purple, many weddings being carried out, no God. I observed photographers with models for future advertising or to sell a new line of clothing, no God.

I shook the dust off my feet against this city. I looked many times at my three companions and thought, this is the only holiness I saw in my three days here. I could not but think at breakfast that this godless place will see us no more. We fly out this afternoon.

Jesus, thanks for making the city of God, the new Jerusalem, and keeping it in heaven where there is every evidence of the presence of God.

Bishop Reckart, writing like a man of God should

A Man God Made

(My visit to Rome July 3, 2015)


July 5, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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