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Through the centuries the subject of the Jews has come up many times. During the first Apostolic age, Jews persecuted followers of Jesus. Those Jews who continued to go to the synagogues were hated because they kept talking about the Kingdom of Israel and Jesus as its King. Prayers were invented against this Kingdom and against those who believed in Jesus. The Christian Jews could not pray this prayer that included a curse.

Here is one prayer:

“For the apostates may there be no hope unless they return to Your Torah. As for the Nozrim and the Minim, may they perish immediately. Speedily may they be erased from the Book of Life, and may they not be registered among the righteous. Blessed are You, O Lord, Who subdues the wicked.”

Benediction #12
“For the apostates let there be no hope,
and may the kingdom of the arrogant be quickly uprooted in our days.
And may the Nazbrim and Minim instantly perish and may they be
blotted out from the book of the living.”

Here is what they meant: “let the kingdom of Jesus be quickly uprooted.”

They considered Jesus to be the arrogant one.

There are several editions now of this curse prayer. Some are trying to sanitize it to make it appear it was not a curse upon Jesus, his Kingdom, and Christians. The fact is, the only purpose of this prayer is Jesus, his Kingdom (Church) and Christians. There was no other Kingdom sect in Israel at the time the benediction was invented and added to their synagogue prayer.

Although this prayer existed before the death of Apostle Paul and the other Apostolic New Testament writers, they never used it to give them permission to hate back, to pray their own curse, or to consider Jews so apostate they wanted their names blotted from the book of life. Yes, they wanted them to accept Jesus. Yes, they wanted them to come into the Kingdom. And Yes, they believed according to the words of Jesus, if they did not believe they would die in their sins. In short, they would be lost. But at no time, did the early Apostolic writers and Christians teach any form of antisemitism. Why would they when they were Jews themselves and Jesus was a Jew.

At this point of time in history there was no such thing as a Jewish conspiracy to control the world. There was no conspiracy to influence or control translations or wording of the New Testament: (the Old Testament was already corrupted by the making of the Babylonian Aramaic text bible). There was no conspiracy to control banking and money. And there was no conspiracy to control governments by infiltration and or money loans. These would develop much later, many centuries later. If you would read the book by Rabbi Antleman (To Eliminate the Opiate), you will see there are several different groups of Jews and some are very evil. Some are not. There are Jews who hate other Jews. The ones among the Bible Destruction League (BDL) who were with their successors, very evil. We need a proper view of Jews to know how to biblically treat and related to them. There is an attempt by Jew haters to group all Jews as evil Zionist. The fact is, not all who claim they are Zionist (who believe Jews have a right to their own nation Israel and its historical land boundary), are hateful and evil against Jesus and Christians. The Hasidim remain very evil against Jesus and Christians. But then, they claim the Pharisees were their forefathers. What can we expect?

Our problem today is multifaceted. We have white-race Nazi extremist who hate all Jews and want them exterminated just like Hitler did. These will use the Zionist angle but it is not Zionism that drives their hatred because the Nazi had this hatred before there was an Israel in 1948. The Nazi skinheads and other of their kind who hate Jews, do so, because they believe in some manner they must repay the Jews and all their descendants for the crucifixion of Jesus and for the abuse and persecution of Christians. Their antisemitism is rooted in both an unbiblical response as well as lacking a Christian love response.

Then we have the Islamic hatred that began with the alleged attempt by Jews to poison Mohammad. Since that time, many Jews were slaughtered in many different ways. Even innocent Jews. Mohammad took a little Jewish girl for his wife (Aisha). She became very devoted to him, either out of fear or she was thoroughly radicalized to the point she cast away her own people. She was no Hadassah. She had no effect to soften his anger and hate against Jews. And her Jewishness has not softened any anger or hated against Jews. This is because they consider her a convert to Islam and she was no longer an infidel Jew. But those who refused to accept Mohammad, a Gentile, as their prophet and messiah, were to be considered infidels and worthy of death. Many of these Islamic’s are now on Facebook and the internet using the Zionist angle to get sympathy and support for the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of Jews all over the world. According to the internet reports, Islamic Jihadist claim they will first destroy the star, then the cross, then America, and will take over the world. I am not sure if this plan will succeed. But I do know the hatred for Israel, Christians, and America, are real and in place and sympathy for this is growing every day.


What is our biblical guideline? What should we do? Will we allow our hearts to be made so hateful we will condone and accept slaughterhouse religion? Will we pray for Muslims that they will stop their slaughter plans? Will we pray for them that they will see the true Jesus who never prayed Jews be cursed or destroyed but instead said: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” Or like Paul in Romans 11:28-31? If we have no love, no care for mercy upon the Jew first and then upon Muslims and other people, how are we then true Christians?

I know all about the conspiracies. I know all about the evil Jews who seem to have control of the news media, banking, governments, supreme courts, and who are members of the New World Order cults such as Freemasonry, the Bohemian Club, the Jesuits, the Knights of Columbus, the Order of Malta, the Builderbergers, the Illuminati, and so forth and so on. But I am a preacher of the Gospel of salvation to the Jews first and then to the Gentiles. How can I hate someone even if they hate Jesus and Christians and our Bible? I do not want anyone to die. And I refuse to believe a person’s religion is the death penalty, even if it is against Jesus, his death, his resurrection, and his position as Lord God. I want mercy for all people. And if they choose to go to hell and say they want to go to hell, then let them go to hell. We are seeing more and more of this these days. People manifesting themselves and saying they do not care if they go to hell. If they do not care, and they have reprobated themselves, then I am content to just let them choose their place in hell.

But concerning the Jews: not all Jews are among the atheist and abominable Jews who are indeed plotting to destroy Christianity from the earth. But there are many other countries who are in their group: China, Japan, Korea, Russia Italy, Poland, Germany, Spain, England, America, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, and so forth and so on. In fact, it is predicted the whole world will become antichristian. Let us not forget the program of the antichrist, his world dominion, and his plan to make everyone take a mark, a name, a symbol to indicate who is with him and who is not. This is an anti-christian mark what ever it is.

I know I will be hated for this post. If you do not like it, unfriend me. No, BLOCK me. I am tired of all the racism against black people, against Jews, and against anyone else who is selected because they have a different skin color or they have a religion that is not Christian. I cannot save anyone and I am not the giver or taker of life. I want to see all people repent, be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, and receive the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance.

I want all Jews and Muslims to be saved. I do not want any of them to be lost. As for Mohammad, he is in the hands of God. I cannot judge him. Although his legacy seems to be very bad, his eternal relationship with God will be according to the will of God. I cannot change that. But was he a replacement of Jesus? I do not believe so because Mohammad was a Gentile, he was not Jewish, and he does not qualify to be a prophet to the Jewish people. So he cannot in my biblical opinion replace Jesus.

As for Islam, it is a religion based nearly 90% on the laws of Moses. For Christians, we are free from the Laws of Moses. And now we are under the Law of Jesus Christ. We find no salvation or justification in the Laws of Moses or in any portion of the Koran that recites these laws. We do not fight Muslims over this, it is just our religion as a follower of Jesus that we are members of the New Covenant.

And this is our meaning when we celebrate the Passover Lord’s Communion Supper.

We want all people to be saved, including Jews.


May Jesus have mercy on all that we may all find mercy in our hour of crossing from this life to the next.

Bishop Reckart
A Man Made By God


July 18, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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