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Sin Cessation Clinic

I want to quit __________________________.

Now needed, sin cessation clinics.

If you are tired of corporate church where the members are sunday hoot night robots who respond to a drum beat, guitars, and keyboards: maybe you should begin a sin cessation clinic in your home.

Inform people you can help them overcome their addictions, their emotional and psychological problems, and heal their broken hearts.

With a sin cessation clinic, repentance and prayer are the greatest tools.

Of course it is always very good if the person in charge of the clinic has some brains, some presence of mind, some spiritual logic, and know how to deal with and treat people.

Do you qualify?

Pray about it.

Help people to get free.

Lead them to Acts 2:38 and to believe in Jesus for salvation.

PS: You heard about Sin Cessation Clinic first right here.


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