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Jesus, Name Above All Names

I Said So

The gates of hell shall not prevail against the name of Jesus Christ. Because the name of Jesus Christ is engraved into the Church of the Living God. People come and they go, they live and they die: only those who cherish and defend the name above all names, are the true defenders of the Church of the Living God.

I said so….


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Jesus, Name Above All Names

Obviously, eternal truth does not fear the searchlight of scrutiny, but we must first be grounded in these eternal truths before scrutinizing them. In our current church culture, agents of change are busy affecting changes in eternal truths substituting them with the conceptualization of man.

Here are a few of the changes they want to effect in the Oneness Apostolic Pentecostal Church:

Change the Plan of Salvation from Acts 2:38 to John 3:16.

Change the evidence doctrine speaking in tongues as the initial evidence that one receives the Holy Ghost to having one of the fruits of the spirit as Holy Ghost baptism.

Change the Biblical doctrine of heterosexual marriage to include same sex marriage.

Change the holiness standards to whatever seems right in their own eyes.

Change our rejection of new-age and metaphysical practices to acceptance and adaptation of these in the church in various ways.

Change truth to accept spiritualization lies that includes lots of christian cabalism.

Approve catholic traditions and make pentecostal catholics out of millions of Pentecostals.

Begin saying everyone is going to heaven so do not judge people if they were not saved or born again.

The role of the change agent is to begin a systematic restructure of the church in doctrine, faith, practice, conduct, and order.  All hindrances to the proposed changes must be removed, so people are selected to positions that will be facilitators or conduits of the changes.

We are Oneness Apostolics who stand at our proverbial posts viewing the landscape of our heritage and dare anyone to cast down abominations on our inheritance.  We will fight against the change agents with every fiber of our being and we will continue to be victorious.

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Jesus Is King, He Has Never Resigned

Jesus is King.

Christ is from Messieh.

Messieh is the identity of a Jewish King.

Jesus is King and Christ.

Jesus is a King forever.

No man can remove his crown.

No man can replace Jesus and claim he is the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Many religions try to remove Jesus from bring the King of the Jews and the King of the Kingdom of God.

No religion can attack the Kingdom of God and remove Jesus from being its King.

If you do not want to go to hell.

If you do not want to burn in hell for ever and ever.

Do not reject Jesus Christ as King.

Pray to Jesus Christ and ask him to reveal himself as King.

Receive the miracle of his proof when it comes to you.

Jesus Christ is coming soon.

He is coming as King.

Be ready.

Read Acts 2:38 in the Bible to learn how to become a Christian and accept the name of Jesus Christ and your King.

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The Love Of God Is So Beautiful

If so many of you were not so hateful toward me you could learn a lot. You do not know what you are missing when I have no choice but to end fellowship. But then, admit it, you come here not because you believe but because you are looking for every possible flaw, every possible mis-word, every possible mistake in grammar. These you will attack and use as a means to slander me and then trash what I have written. But, know this: I am the winner. Being right and continuing in the true Gospel of the name of Jesus Christ makes me a winner. In case you have not noticed: Jesus is with me. And if I have made any mistake about anything: he is my forgiver. I do not need any justification from any man whether or not I am right or wrong. Just as you need the justification by Jesus Christ alone, permit me what you grant to yourself.

The love of God is so beautiful.

I am so thankful for this love that has been with me these many years.

Bishop Reckart

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Baphomet/Lucifer Takes Over The Lord’s Supper


Can anything move you dead people?

What will it take?

The devil has taken over the Lord’s Supper in many churches. What about where you attend? How come your church will celebrate the Lord’s Supper many times BUT NEVER ON THE RIGHT NIGHT?

How come many of you give tithes and offerings into churches where they no longer do foot washing?

How come you put bread into your mouth that is not unleavened bread?

Why are you allowing the devil to come in and take over the church while all you want is Sunday night whoop nite?

When will you take a stand?

When will you speak out?

When will you make a fuss in the house of God and call for returning to the old paths?

What is wrong in speaking the Truth?

Yes, they can accuse you of hate.

They can call you names.

They can cast you out of their temples.

They can elevate their pedigree organization above the Word of God.

But what about you?

Why are you soft on sin?

Why are you afraid?

Why are you compromising and joining the get-along gang?

Why are you afraid to associate with me?

You come here every day to read and judge me.

Why do you hide?

Come forth. Come forth and declare yourself. Show yourself as a true believer.

You say you love God?

Prove it…….

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Gird Up The Lions Of Your Mind

Our minds are being deceived by the massive satanic empire around us. We are being conditioned to accept sin, evil, and a rebellious spirit by movies, television, videos, the music industry, cell-phone use, and a host of demon filled men, women, and youth.

Satanic images are being promoted openly and church members do not care. Even Hillsong group using satanic images.

The world is changing so fast around us and as long as we can keep sunday evening whoop nite going, we do not care.

More and more changes are being made in national religious organizational leadership practices. We are being suckered to accept change by the claims God loves everyone no matter what their sins or evils are. Well, I refuse to accept that lie. There are many people God does not love.

More and more, we want to read and hear smooth ear-tickling words that comfort our flesh when we need to hear old fashion hell-fire preaching that calls out sin, condemns it, and urges sinners and backsliders to fall down and get right with God.

Many preachers and pastors these days are more concerned about how flashy they can dress and how flamboyant they can speak with enticing words, than on getting a real message from God. Professionally crafted and well spoken sermons have replaced anointed preaching that makes the soul tremble and cry out to God.

The new world order has us about where they want us. The cry for unity regardless of doctrinal agreement is screamed throughout the world. Doctrine and truth mean nothing these days. Holiness is gone from most churches. They have a form of Godliness but it is not God’s Godliness. Our youth are seeking more and more to sing like reprobate singers. Our worship teams and leaders trying to mimic the stage performances of Beyonce, Rihanna, Swift, JZ, and Kanye. The music in churches with the pounding dum beat and large TV screens with flashing-pulsating strobe light effects, sets the congregation to leaping, jumping, shaking uncontrollably, lots of screaming halleluyah, as pastors watch the madness with happiness that they have finally found the secret recipe to a big church, tons of money, and lots of members.

The world is sin-sick and the churches are filling up with these souls and they are not finding deliverance. When was the last time a demon was cast out by your pastor? When was the last time there was a message in tongues and interpretation to separate from sin and the world and be holy? When was the last time a real prophet stood up and called for the church to cleanse itself of its sins and evils?

I know, you people do not want to hear it any more.

I know, you love your church and to find fault with its backsliding, will force you you to leave. And you would rather stay there and go to hell then jump up and run.

I know, you are ready to tell me off. To tell me to shut up. To tell me other blasphemous things to do. Your mouth does betray you.

Save your emails. Do not PM me. I am above rebuke from a backslidden people.

For those real people of God out there, Jesus bless you more and more. I pray you will hold on, the end is coming. If you must stay home till Jesus comes, stay home. You can live for God better staying home than going to a backslid church and listening to a slick-talking preacher who has long lost a love for the Truth. Do not let them shame you to stay among them. Vote with your feet. Jesus will show you how the first Church survived. You can do this. You can have home church. And Jesus will meet you there.

Be encouraged, the end is not yet.

We will see more and more sin increase. And we will see more and more the love of many for the Truth will wax cold.

Stay in the body of Christ, and this does not mean stay in a backslid church. No backslid church is the body of Christ. Christ is not backslid.

I love you and pray Jesus cause his glory and blessings to fall upon you,


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