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Baphomet/Lucifer Takes Over The Lord’s Supper


Can anything move you dead people?

What will it take?

The devil has taken over the Lord’s Supper in many churches. What about where you attend? How come your church will celebrate the Lord’s Supper many times BUT NEVER ON THE RIGHT NIGHT?

How come many of you give tithes and offerings into churches where they no longer do foot washing?

How come you put bread into your mouth that is not unleavened bread?

Why are you allowing the devil to come in and take over the church while all you want is Sunday night whoop nite?

When will you take a stand?

When will you speak out?

When will you make a fuss in the house of God and call for returning to the old paths?

What is wrong in speaking the Truth?

Yes, they can accuse you of hate.

They can call you names.

They can cast you out of their temples.

They can elevate their pedigree organization above the Word of God.

But what about you?

Why are you soft on sin?

Why are you afraid?

Why are you compromising and joining the get-along gang?

Why are you afraid to associate with me?

You come here every day to read and judge me.

Why do you hide?

Come forth. Come forth and declare yourself. Show yourself as a true believer.

You say you love God?

Prove it…….


August 8, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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