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Sad day for the pre-trib rapturist – NO RAPTURE YESTERDAY

The world got punked. John Hagee and thousands of other pre-tribulation dispensational prophecy liars promised and predicted the second coming of Jesus four times. Yesterday was the fourth punk. Did you believe the rapture could take place any minute yesterday? Do you believe the rapture can take place any minute today or some day soon? Then you have been punked. How do you feel when the rapture does not take place day after day as they promise can happen?


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No Rapture. What Now Pre-Trib Rapture Prophets


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No Rapture

Are all of you ready for rapture today? According to the pretribulation rapture prophets, this evening will be the last of blood moons. And the rapture will take place before midnight.

Although Jesus said no man knows the day or the hour, they believe they cracked the secret code. They took the blood moon scriptures and applied them to four blood moons and lunar eclipse, the last one scheduled tonight.

What these liars did was pervert the timing of the moon turning to blood.

You see, the Bible blood moon is at the end of the tribulation not BEFORE.

I am amazed no one caught this. I wrote about this hoax and only a few people cared. I am convinced people love lies if the lies agree with their false doctrines.

I predict the rapture will not take place tonight.

I am 100% certain my prediction will come true.

The end is not yet.

The rapture must take place exactly during the blood moon. It is my understanding this time span is one hour and 12 minutes.

Now here is the real catch 22: September 28 to conclude the blood moon is already over in Europe.

So, all of you missed the secret snatch. You did not get pick-pocketed out. You missed it and now you will have to go through the great tribulation and lose your head to be saved.

And know what else? Millions are not missing. Airplanes did not crash with raptured pilots gone. Trains did not wreck with engineers raptured. And millions of cars did not crash and kill other people because the driver was raptured.

Yep, all the lies; all the fake pictures; all the scaring people to get saved; promising them a rapture.


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El-Shaddai (Almighty) Is Jesus, Revelation 1:8

Please read:
God = El = Creator
God = Elohim = Sovereign Lord
God Almighty = Elshaddai
Spanning the time from Adam to Abraham we know man went away from God. We also know they became cannibals and totally apostate. They gave themselves to immorality. The use of alcohol for drunkenness and additional depravity spread across the face of the earth.
From Adam to Noah there are 10 generations.
Seth is the one who began to call upon the name of the Lord.
The Babylonian rabbis changed Elohim here to the tetragrammaton YHVH. And so,the liars of all ages proclaim that Seth called upon the name of Yahweh or Jehovah.
How is it possible if God himself said to Moses that Abraham only knew him by the name of God Almighty or Elshaddai (Genesis 17:1)?
Look at the use of God Almighty in these verses: Genesis 17:1, 28:3, 35:11, 43:14, 48:3, and Exodus 6:4.
God said to Moses in Exodus that he appeared to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by the name of Elshaddai or God Almighty.
Abraham did not know of a God named Yahweh or YHVH. And when God revealed himself to Abraham it was by Elshaddai. We now know Elshaddai was the covenant name between Abraham and God.
What is very interesting is Genesis 18:3. Here God is spoken to by Abraham as “my Lord.” There can be absolutely no mistake here. Lord in this statement is not YHVH or Yahweh. Lord here is from Elohim and means “Sovereign” (there is none greater). Abraham was saying to God, Elohim and by this meaning: between them he was Lord and there was none greater. The liars of the ages will pervert this truth. Abraham absolutely did not know God by any name but El-Shaddai or God-Creator Almighty.
This may be of little importance to many of you. You are not confessed witnesses to the name of God. Many of you believe this is not an important subject. What is alarming to me, is that many of you have spoken lies and taught that Abraham called upon the name of Jehovah. And you have done this openly claiming it is an inspired revelation handed down by the rabbis and Catholic monks. You preached this. You taught it. You believed it was a revelation of importance. Some of you even called Jesus by the name Jehovah Christ. But you do not believe the Truth has as much importance as the lies your repeated.
I can perfectly understand why many of you are Jesus name, but you are not Jesus name only. You continue to want God to have names invented by rabbis and catholic monks. I have challenged you to go research and you will not. Instead, what little search you do on Google ends up at some YHVH Yahweh web site and you eat up all the lies they feed you. Many of you no longer believe the name of Jesus is Jesus. You want alternative names. You want to shout half the church service shouting the name Jehovah or Yahweh. And then when you want to do miracles, you will not call upon the names of Yahweh or Jehovah, you will jump back to the name of Jesus. And use that name. I am afraid of you.
Before the flood and even after it, I can understand how men who lost the knowledge and an experience with God, could worship the sun. The sun became an alternative religious concept of power. Of life. And even of blessing. Apostate men and women would build temples and shrines to the sun. And they would make images of the blazing sun with a series of lines intersecting at a center point. This image symbol was emblazoned upon temple walls, depicted in pictorial petragraphs, marked in the skin, and painted upon warrior shield. They knew not the real God who alone was God. They had totally lost knowledge and contact with this God. They all became idol worshippers.
And then there was Noah. A descendant within a lineage of men who knew God. We have Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, and then Noah. the God of Enoch was the God of Noah. The knowledge of God was a pass-through between Methuselah and Lamech, reaching Noah.
I can understand how within four generations people can be led so far from God they do not know him. In this vacancy, this hiatus, this empty vacuum, a false god can be introduced and people accepted it.
We have been in a battle of the gods and against God now for several years. And because many refuse to teach the truth, thousands of innocent souls are being led astray to worship YHVH, Jehovah, Yahweh, Yahuah, and other gods who are not Jesus.
I will soon be 70 years old. I do not have a replacement. But then neither did Enoch or Noah. I do not feel neglected or alone. I do have many friends. Some are so secret I cannot even publicly write their names. They do not want to be associated with me for fear of the repercussions and personal attacks that would fall upon them. But, I cherish them because in their churches they preach the Truth. I have one particular evangelist friend who will preach a lot of what I write and he tells me the people shout the house down over the Truth. But he cannot mention my name because the pastors in his organization would never have him back. But, the Truth is preached and I am happy.
I have many friends who do fellowship with me here on facebook. I am very happy with those not ashamed of the Truth. It is you who will try to keep the light shining when I am no more. I am not leaving any time soon. Or at least I do not believe Jesus is ready to let my termination date arrive just yet. And of course, I pray always for a replacement who will not go off into vain jangling and personal revelations that did not come from God.
God, he is still God.
God, he is still the Creator.
God, he is still Lord.
God, he is still Almighty God.
God, we know him as Jesus.
We now know El was the first name of God but in this name there was no salvation revealed.
We now know Elohim was the second revealed name of God. But again no salvation was revealed.
We now know El is a contraction or abbreviation of Elohim.
We now know Elshaddai or God Almighty was a name God himself spoke to Abraham. But again in this name no salvation is revealed.
We now know when Moses ask God about his name with which he would deliver Israel from Egypt: God gave him Ehjeh Asher Ehjeh. For the first time a salvation deliverance name is revealed.
We now know Jeh is a contraction of abbreviation of Ehjeh.
We now know when the letters Jeh as in the names of Israelites are used, it refers to deliverance and salvation.
What is the word salvation in Hebrew?
It is Yehsha or Jehsha.
There we have it.
Why the name Jesus means salvation and deliverer.
We now know why no other name was given for salvation, because no other name had salvation and the name of God: Ehjeh asher Ehjeh within it.
Does this mean El was not a name of God? No.
Does this mean Elohim was not a name of God? No.
Does this mean Elshaddai was not a name of God? No.
It means only that none of these names were given for salvation.
But in Jehsha(s) or Jehsha or Jesus there, God gave us his salvation name.
Thou shall call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins.
We now know.
Go tell it to the nations, to all people.
Acts 4:12 is the key verse to exalt the name of Jesus above all names. When we combine this with Revelation 1:8 we understand who Jesus is in all of his glory revealed in all his names and titles.
There is no other name.
Jesus, name above all names.

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Cast Down But Not Forsaken

You were a sinner.
You turned from your sinful life to be saved.
You repented.
You were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.
You received your Pentecost and spoke in tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance.
You began your life of holiness.
You became faithful in attendance at the house of God.
You began to study and learn the scriptures.
You saw many revelations that the Catholic church perverted.
You quit observing pagan holidays.
You wanted to restore the first Church to your city.
You gave tithing and offerings by faith.
You dedicate yourself to do whatever Jesus says or leads.
You worship in the beauty of salvation holiness.
You receive blessing after blessing after blessing.
You have a giving heart and share.
You have mercy upon those who ask forgiveness.
You give grace to those who sin against you.
You forgive and forget.
You look to heaven and praise your King.
You shout Hosanna, the highest praise.
You are a Christian, a real one.
Rejoice, again I say Rejoice.
For yours is the Kingdom of heaven.
Jesus will welcome you to his house.
Jesus House, the New Jerusalem.

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Remain True

Do not allow liars to set your character, or damage your reputation. Keep on doing what is right and eventually the liars will be shown-up for what they are. You can overcome all lies by faithfulness and staying with Jesus.

Lies cannot work the righteousness of God.

If a lie is used to promote a person above you, do not worry about it. Liars can never duplicate who you are and what you do.

Years ago a liar tried to hurt my reputation. So I chose to focus on missions and give up being a prophetic teacher. The fruits of my decision are now in many nations. The liar has since passed on to his hole. Sometimes a liar can change the course of your life. In many cases this is ok. Take the course change and do even better with your life.

If you come up against a stumbling block, do not try to move it. Go around it. Consider all liars something to get around and leave them where you found them. They will hate you for getting away from their trap for you. They may even make videos and say many evil things, but they are behind your back and it is time to press on.

Liars go no where. They fall into the pit they dig.

You can go someplace in God if you will remain true to your salvation and put your hands to the plow and do not look back.

Jesus bless all those hurt by lies of liars.


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Thank You

When people depend upon you, you cannot let them down.

When they have no one else to turn to, you cannot turn away.

People have been tricked, lied to, and told to trust unholy and sinful men.

And then something happened.

It was this way before the world began.

A God upon his throne, looking down through the telescope of time, saw the multitudes of men, women, youth, children, and infants who needed a little help to make it before his glorious throne.

A way.

A plan.

The seekers who depend, who turn, who have been hurt by shameful demons and men: will have an opportunity.

God decided to visit the earth and walk among men, women, youth, children, and hold infants. He would see with human eyes the sorrows of grief. He would observe death as it took loved ones from arms comforting them. And he loved them. A love that reached from the throne to the streets of Jerusalem; to the small village homes, to the beggars and lepers.

He would touch their lives in a way no one ever upon the earth had done. And he would not turn away his face from their sorrows although he himself would be a man of sorrows. He would heal broken hearts although his own would be pierced with a Roman spear. He would look upon the sick and for their healing he would pass on a remedy as lash after lash was laid upon his back. In his humility he would make men, women, youth, children, and infants strong.

He would give up his life so that they could live.

Live a holy life style.

Who will declare his generation?

There will come forth men, women, youth, children, and infants who would testify of his love, his greatness, from one generation to another. It is these who souls can depend upon, who will not turn away, who love Truth more than their lives: these are the true Christians. These are the Christ-like people our God left his throne to create in his new workmanship, to be his sons and daughters.

Father God, you alone are worthy. You came from heaven to earth to show the way. From the stable in Bethlehem to the Cross, you made the way.From the Cross to the grave, you changed our future. And from the grave to the sky, you gave us an eternal hope.
Jesus, how can we be anything less than what you want us to be?

Out in the world there are many who are still lost. We are helpless to do anything if you are not with us. We do not ask for miracles. Do we not ask for money. We do not ask to be famous. For us, for the little flock, all we want is our Shepherd to watch over us and protect us as we live in a wicked world full of thieves and wolves.

Jesus, please be with your sons and daughters as they work, travel, and sleep.
We are on our way to your throne. All because you loved us enough to come to where we are so that we could come where you are.

Thank You my God.

Thank You

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So You Want To Learn The Babylonian Language?

No Old Testament prophet saw, read, or knew about the Aramaic Babylon version of the Bible. Why?

Because according to scholars the Babylonian Aramaic version was translated around 300BC.

This means even Malachi had been dead about 145 years when it was created.

No one knows exactly who created it. It is the hoorah Dead Sea Scroll version people are going nuts about and calling it Hebrew. So what if a Babylonian version copy was found in the Dead Sea Caves. It only proves the caves were used to promote this Babylonian fake bible.

Jesus did not use or quote from this Aramaic Babylonian bible.

The Apostles did not use or quote from this Aramaic Babylonian bible.

Why are so many people going nuts and goo-goo over speaking Hebrew when in fact it is not Hebrew at all, it is Babylonian Aramaic which they call Hebrew.

Aramaic never was Hebrew. Aramaic is the language of Mystery Babylon.

So, Mystery Babylon has a language and it is Aramaic.

Anyone who pushes Aramaic and calls it the holy Hebrew tongue of God is lying.

Babylonian Aramaic was not Hebrew. Aramaic is a pagan, Gentile, and heathen language. It is not the holy tongue of God. When will preachers tell the truth and quit packing lies up to the pulpit to preach?

Aramaic is not the holy tongue of God. Babylonian tongue will not be the heavenly language spoken in Heaven.

So you want to learn how to speak the Mystery Babylon language?

Are you really a person in the Kingdom of God?

Pastor Reckart

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To lapse morally or in the practice of religion to revert to a worse condition: retrogress.

Biblically, a backslider returns to the life of sin giving up religious convictions and the Christian life they were living.

In commonality, a backslider may think of himself/herself as reclaiming their mind from religious practices and standards. Many actually come to believe that what was once considered sin is no longer sin. Some will use backsliding to change religious groups that permit the kind of life they believe a Christian can live and still claim to be saved.

Backsliding is more than change one’s moral or religious beliefs. It is indeed a condition of the spiritual standing a person has with God. A backslider departs from the ways of God and his righteousness and reverts to the ways of the world. By ways of the world I mean, they choose the sinful practices, habits, customs, and life-styles of those who are lost and without salvation.

One of the important things a backslider does is goes back on their faith in water baptism. They actually cancel their water baptism and consider it as an event that no longer has any spiritual acceptance. By backsliding they openly recant their baptism and count it as if it never happened. They may not say it with words but they say it with their actions. And in this case, actions do speak louder than words.

Think about it: when a person repents and comes to Christ begging to be saved from a burning hell, they shed tears of regret for being a sinner. As they begin to purge and cleanse their conscience by confession of the soul, they see their need for the blood of Jesus Christ to wash away their sins. They want a clean book in heaven. They want to be the person God created them to be. They will make vows to God such as:

I will do what ever you want me to do;
I will go where ever you want me to go;
I am yours Lord, everything I’ve got.
Use me Jesus for your glory.

To backslide on all of this is not only a great shame to a person’s soul it means they just made themselves a liar. They did not mean all of those words at all.

A backslider indeed has a change of heart. A heart that was once touched by the Holy Ghost no longer wants to feel this blessing. The heart wants as far from Church and the presence of the Holy Ghost as they can get. Many will deny the realness of the Holy Ghost. Many will deny the name of Jesus and even curse that blessed and holy name. Many will begin to attack the church they once attended. They will say all manner of evil against the pastor. When a backslider cuts ties to God they sever all spiritual relationship with the people of God. They want to be free from religion and are willing to demonstrate it quickly by open change of life-style, manner of dress, language, and public display of their sins.

A backslider develops a hard heart. The longer they stay backslid the harder the heart becomes. They do not care if they are damned. They do not care if they can never come back to God and have the joy of salvation once again. They openly boast they want to burn in hell.

A backslider has no value to God. I have witnessed many of them die lost. Die in their sins. They never came back to salvation. This is the ultimate end of a backslider. Then they will go to the judgment.

I do not like backsliders. The reason I do not like them is because they bring a reproach upon the Church, the Pastor, the doctrines of Truth, and speak evil of the way they once called holy. I will not chase after a backslider. I will cut off all communications. I have no desire to fellowship with their evil works of unrighteousness. I do not want to see any backslider. They have turned their back upon Jesus and I do not like this. If they show remorse and repentance I will turn to them again. I will help them if they are serious and honest. I do not want any to perish. But I will not allow a backslider to have fellowship with me so long as they remain in their backslidden condition.

I am this way because God is this way.

If you are planning on backsliding, just know, that you may go to hell with over 95% of all the other backsliders.

Can I ask you what is wrong with Jesus that you would case him away to return to sin?

Did he die in vain for you?

Jesus has been good to me. I have no plans to backslide.

Bishop Reckart
A Man God Made

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The Truth will come to Singapore.

The Truth will come to Sweden.

The Truth will come to Columbia, South America.

The Truth will come to Indonesia.

Truth can be attacked, ridiculed, and perverted. But it cannot be stopped.

Religious denominations and groups can spread their influence. They may even grow. I mean with the population increase in 2000 of 6.08 billion and now it is 7.2 billion (0.84%). We can expect religious groups to grow at the same rate. For instance a group that makes a boast of having 4 million members can expect a growth of 336,000. It may seem like a revival is taking place, but really it is nothing more than a natural growth.

Large churches become mega ones.

Little churches of 50-100 members grow to one of 200-300 members.

But, they are not growing in Truth and even backsliding on many doctrines and the standard of holiness.

Homosexuality and same sex marriages are now being slowly accepted.

Where are the real men of God?

Where are the real women of God?

Dare to be strong. Then stand up and stand out.

You know the Truth. You have read it here. What is taking you so long to identify yourself?

I am praying today for the world. Many open doors and few laborers.

Jesus, please send me if no one else will go.

Your son,

Pastor Reckart

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