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I Am A Christian

So many people challenging God and his righteosness.

Yes, the righteousness of God is incorporated into all of his do and don’t laws.

But people, scheming like the devil himself, trying to find loop-holes so they can do unrighteousness and not be judged or condemned. They want God to suspend or cancel his righteousness so their sins can be accepted.

Where has holiness gone? Is holiness no longer righteous? Have we altered our minds toward God? Is God’s holiness even associated with his righteousness?

Preacher or Church member, without holliness you will not see God.

Perfect holiness and stop making provision for the flesh.

Enter into the righteous life of Christ, and there abide in the vine. If you will not live one day of the life of Christ, how can you call yourself a Christian?


September 3, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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