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David K. Bernard, President, Chairman, CEO, Presiding Bishop, 0f the UPCI wrote the following:

(begin of quote)”Thoughts on Kim Davis, Kentucky county clerk

After the US Supreme Court ruled that the US Constitution contains a right to same-sex marriage, she refused to issue any marriage licenses. (I previously posted a Christian response to the Supreme Court’s decision.) A federal judge ordered her to issue marriage licenses, and when she refused, she was jailed for contempt of court.

As Christians, we can agree on the following points: (1) Same-sex marriage is contrary to God’s plan for the human race as taught by both the Bible and nature. (2) The Supreme Court erred in finding such a right in the US Constitution, contrary to both history and law. (3) Freedom of religion is protected under the US Constitution, and therefore she should not be jailed for a conscientious refusal to endorse same-sex marriage. There should be a reasonable accommodation that allows the government to fulfill its purpose without jailing her indefinitely. (4) The issue is not one of bigotry, hatred, or human rights. We should uphold the civil rights of everyone, including those who choose lifestyles contrary to God’s Word. (However, this does not mean individuals should have a right to redefine basic social institutions such as marriage to mean something they are not.)

There are potentially many situations in which Christians face questions of conscience with regard to their employment. For example: (1) What should Christians do when asked to assist or endorse another type of unbiblical marriage, such as when a divorced person seeks to remarry without biblical grounds? (2) What should Christians do when their job involves the distribution of alcoholic beverages, such as truckers, grocery store employees, waiters, and flight attendants? (3) What should Christians do when drafted for warfare contrary to their conscience? In these cases, Christians seek to balance respect for governmental authority, employers’ authority, and individual free will with their own conscience.

In Kim Davis’s situation, there could be several possible ways of accomplishing this purpose: (1) Issue marriage licenses while explaining that she is not endorsing any particular marriage but simply verifying that legal requirements have been met and that when legal requirements have been met she has no discretion. (2) Allow deputies to issue marriage licenses instead of her. (This is what is currently taking place, contrary to her instructions.) (3) Allow deputies to issue marriage licenses if her name is removed from the license. (This is what she has asked the court to approve.) (4) Resign from her position.

In trying to balance both authority and conscience, Christians may make different choices in these matters. As long as they are not committing sin themselves, they have liberty to make these decisions and to support the decisions of others. They should not ridicule or condemn those who make different decisions, however. (See Romans 14.) The church as a whole must be careful not to promote one acceptable course of action to the exclusion of others, while at the same time standing for religious liberty and moral values in society.

Nine minutes later, Rev. Bernard stated further by adding the following as a comment to his original post:

If there is a direct conflict, we should obey God rather than humans (Acts 5:29). But in many cases there may a way to avoid direct conflict. Traditionally, democracies such as the US have provided reasonable accommodations to people of faith, such as conscientious objection to bearing of arms in warfare and allowance to affirm legal statements instead of swearing by oath. I’m surprised that the judge is being so aggressive here, but at the same time it seems there is room for both sides to reach a conscientious accommodation.” (end of quote)

Get a load of this:

“They should not ridicule or condemn those who make different decisions, however. (See Romans 14.)”

The word “condemn” shows he is not a man of God. Read Hebrews 11:7. David Bernard is not with us. He is with the world. The whole UPCI is deceived. He has deceived them. The great apostasy is here. Other Oneness groups, pastors, and ministers will now accept his lies.

The false prophet compares eating and the choices of clean and unclean meats with homosexual behavior. To this Cain, the clean mean is the same as heterosexuality and unclean meat is the same as homosexuality. He is saying that in the case of conscience, we are not to judge homosexuals but to accept them as just having made a different choice, the same as in eating meats.

How could this man do this?

What else is in his mind?

No where did he say homosexuality was an abomination or a sin.

If you are in the UPCI and accept his lies, teach them like he does and you will end up in hell with him. If you are in the UPCI and reject his lies, get out. Do not pay any more pedigree monthly fees to keep your license around your neck. If you attend a UPCI church and no where else to go, cease being a member the first time you hear the pastor say he agrees with David K. Bernard, or the first time you hear him say we are not to judge or condemn. When you hear this, stop giving tithes and offerings. If you have no where else to go, go as a visitor. And if there is a man among them who is brave enough to start an independent Oneness church, go with him. The day of the falling away is now upon us all. And when we have no choice, we must come out from among them and be separate. Remember Lot’s wife. The time to vacate and depart from the Sodom culture and spirit is now.


September 10, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic


  1. I would not listen to anyone that promotes CS Lewis. This person was a witch & a member of one of the worse covens of witchcraft called “Golden Dawn”. But Bernard promotes his book “mere christianity”, why? Is he a change agent? Wonder why he talks in favor of the sodomite faggots, look here few quotes from “mere christianity”:

    How about Rick Warren? What a so called “apostolic organization” has to do anything at all with a member of CFR?

    Comment by A M | September 13, 2015

  2. He is obviously a change agent. He is a very clever one. If he does not repent and change his ideology and theology there is a place for change agents. Satan knows where that place is. He is on his way there as the chief change agent. I cannot for the life of me understand why a man would sell his soul to lead so many people into a delusion and then damn them to hell. I believe he has lost his way, lost his sanity, and lost his love for God. No man who loves God with all of his heart would sell out the Church so cheap. Not for position. Not for wealth. Not for a great name achieved by corrupt tricks of theology. And not for a tomb stone with his name in fancy print followed by the letters UPCI General Chairman. Why would he recommend such stuff? It may be that he is not only a change agent, he could possibly be a member of some secret order. He refuses to tell us if he belonged to a fraternity when he went to law school. Could be more to his decisions to be a change agent than just the position of General Chairman. The damage he is causing cannot be reversed. And his destination I predict cannot be reversed either.

    Comment by acts0412 | September 13, 2015

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