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The new age of criminal martyrs.

A general definition for a martyr is a person who has been killed because of their religious beliefs or religious influence.

For instance, Jesus was a martyr. He was killed because of his religious beliefs and his religious influence.

The same with the Apostles.

We do not think of a martyr as a criminal. In fact, according to our Bible, a martyr is a special class person who gave his/her life for the Lord Jesus Christ and his Church/Kingdom. They have a special reward which we cannot specifically speak about. We only know they are special to our King. And rightly so, they died in faith and they were cut off from the living for their righteous beliefs and conduct.

I am not sure if you will agree or disagree with my assessment of modern criminal martyrs. I mean if you will agree with my findings that many people are glorifying, killing, destroying, spreading mayhem, using terror and fear, to make it appear criminals are somehow martyrs. Not just martyrs but people who died in a holy relationship with God. But they died as a criminal, a person who at the time of death could not have been saved.

Are we being brainwashed? Are we being spoon-fed corn meal flavored puke? When Christian martyrs are looked at as poor stupid people. While because of racist use of the martyr glorification, there are riots, police cars stomped and burned, rocks hurled, bottles filled with HIV urine thrown on police, and calls “burn this bitch down”, is blasted from a bull-horn. A criminal is not a martyr. No criminal who dies because of his not being a law-abiding citizen is a martyr.

Let me take this one step additional: no person who blows themselves up to kill innocent babies, children, teenagers, and adults is a martyr. I can promise all of you, such murderers will not be welcome into God’s heaven. And there will not be 72 virgins waiting for them upon their death. These are not martyrs they are criminals of the which God has already said they will be cast into the Lake of Fire.

Why are we Christians being separated by false use of what a martyr really is? Why are we allowing people to use the term martyr when it can never apply to the people they use it to promote their agenda?

Somehow I am seeing a division coming where race will be used against Christians who just want holiness and a righteous conduct from people. And if someone dies a criminal we must walk away from all efforts to make us march in the streets, burn police cars, and set off bombs.

If you glorify a person to be a martyr and they died a criminal, you not only are bearing false witness, you are lying that they died for a holy and righteous cause.

I have great respect for true martyrs. But I will not kill other people and destroy property to prove I cared for them.

I cannot find Jesus telling his Apostles or the first Christians to steal, riot, kill, and destroy to protest the death of a real martyr.

Remember the true martyrs today.

And you will not find a criminal among them.


September 12, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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