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What Is So Bad About That

1Corinthians 6:19.


I observed yesterday a news clip of the crane crashing down during the building of the new massive grand mosque.

I recently visited Rome and stood in before the massive Vatican temple where the Egyptian obelisk stands as a symbol of an ancient idol god.

I have visited Westminster Cathedral where several famous dead people are buried in the floor before the altar.

I have visited several large cathedrals in Europe and America. My interest is not that I was seeking God among them, but to observe the efforts of man to make images of religion that gives followers a sense of their part in what the massive buildings represent.

I saw all manner of hideous decorations, even satanic looking gargoyles perched in high secret places looking down on those who assembled there. The worshippers come, listen to fancy ear-tickling sermons, get a sense of having been to church, told they are saved if they believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. And out they go to live in sin more and more as they did before they attended the religious service.

Sin, evil, ungodliness, worldliness, unrighteousness, abominations, all manner of lasciviousness, doing drugs, eating and drinking, making life as merry as possible. And without God in their lives. In fact they never have felt the presence of God. They do not know what it is like to have God to speak to them in their heart. All they have ever experienced are the emotions of tear-jerking sermons designed to give an impression of being religious because of some sympathetic experience to the woes of others. But they remain lost in their sins. They remain souls in whom there is no salvation. And they are deceived to believe they are ready to go meet God all because of the smallness they experienced as they entered into the grand Godless temples of their religion.

I do not expect many people to understand me or what I write. I am vilified all over the internet because I stand for Truth and Righteousness. And I do not allow racism or other isms to color my mind about the real Jesus, the Jesus who is God Jesus. And I do not allow false doctrine to persuade me away from the Truth no matter who or how much I am assailed and cast down as naught. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And it is far above the religious condemnations of the babel builders and the worshippers who go in thereat. If you do not like what I write, and it torques your jaw, you cringe, you cannot click off my page quick enough: it is surely a sign I have pierced the veil of your darkness but unable to pull you out.

Larger and larger they build their massive places of worship. Bigger and bigger their religion grows, swelling out in numbers. Each religion getting bigger and bigger. And when growth stops because they did not advance their style using modern music beats, actors, musicians, and performers designed to stir up jumping and screaming: they talk of unity with other Godless groups so they remain an extremely powerful political-religious influence. Babel is here. Mystery Babylon is all about us. Volunteers are needed to take brick and slime and build another towering edifice they will call a sanctuary. A place were more demons have a home and yet the Righteous message of God is not welcome to be heard in the pulpit. Instead we hear a lot of “hate the sin and love the sinner.” Or we hear more and more “do not condemn those who choose a different life-style and remember Romans 14 explains this.”

Did it ever occur to many of you, that you could be deceived into being a Babel builder? That you remain in the church you attend because you are needed to help make the organization larger and larger. Win souls they scream, bring them in. And so they go out into the highways, byways, hedges and bring in lost souls who need God. They are honest to bring them in. And for some, they really do find God. But then the preacher makes them into Babel builders for his organization. In fact, the Babel organizations will issue plaques and awards to pastors who bring in the most people under the organizational pedigree name. Now these lost souls are going to be held captive. I do not expect many of you to understand this.

Ok, at last I am where I want to go with all the foregoing.

One thing that stands out very strongly between the Temple David and Solomon built was that it was to be a place where God put his name. And it was his name in this place of divine contact that sanctified and made it holy. With the name in its place, the blood of lambs, goats, bullocks,and little birds would now be accepted. The Name goes in before the worshippers can have contact with the God of that name. The other religions surrounding Israel had their gods and goddesses. The names of some of these are found in your Bible. When an Israelite or a group of them went away from God and his name they accepted another god and his name.

It is this apostasy and falling away that led to the worship of Baal and other pagan deities. And when the nation was weakened by these Baal followers and they took over the temple, they brought in their idols and the names of these devil gods and evicted God from his place. The temple became a haunt of demon spirits and the very devil himself. He was even in the temple when Jesus arrived on the scene. What Jesus faced was a religion and a temple totally under the control of satan. From the high priest down to the poor and pitiful Pharisee who thought he was so holy because he had on his long robe and wore his talit, and had his plaited tzi-tzi dangling from his waist sash. Oh how holy. Oh how prestigious. The epitome of a righteous man walked the streets, stopping every so often to chant some prayer. And all people were expected to stop and pause until he said “amen.” Then move on to their business.

Religion is big. Very big. Very powerful. Crushing powerful. And who can make war with the beast?

As I was viewing the picture of the falling of the massive crane used to build the grand mosque, I had a moment of divine revelation. A large building that will cost billions of dollars to a god named Allah. I am so amazed that even many Oneness Pentecostals now accept Allah as a name for their Jehovah, or an equivalent name to the God of the Old Testament. I have heard it before: “Oh Pastor Reckart Allah only means God in their language. There is nothing bad or wrong to use it.” I question this insanity but then understand that the Babel builders do not know who God is so they can say such nonsense. Yes, I saw it before my eyes. Building temples, great shrines, larger sanctuaries in which there is no God. And the people who attend or will be converted to attend, will be as Godless as these modern Babels. A people in whom there is no God. People who are shacks and whose bodies are not a temple of God.
Let me say it as clear and plain as I can: people in whom God does not dwell, are people who attend or belong to a religion in which God does not dwell.
Want God?

Maybe a self sacrifice to come out from among the Babel builders and their religious works of shame and corruption is what it will take. Even if like Abraham, your family must worship at home, what is so bad about that?


September 12, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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