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Jesus, Name Above All Names

King Jesus

Jesus, he is worthy. He is a righteous King. His name is above all names in heaven and upon earth. My admiration for my King and my Savior is deeply held in my heart and soul.

He is before all things and all people.

He is glorious in power.

I worship King Jesus above all the gods of men. I can say HOSANNA in the highest to him because he alone is worthy of the greatest praise of HOSANNA. His Kingdom has come.

Many press their way through the masses going to hell to enter into the Kingdom. They bypass all the fake churches, kabbalistic synagogues, arabic mosques, shrines, lodges, and occult hovals. To enter into this Kingdom they forsake all. They bring neither gold, silver, things of value: but enter totally void of all positions of power, wealth, and esteem. They die to enter. In their baptism they cross through the waters of separation. They are buried and their past and sins are put away forever under the blood of Jesus. They rise in their resurrection of faith into the glory of the Kingdom. And then they are endued with power from on high.

Our King is the one who designed this procedure. He is the one who ordered it throughout the world. If you love Jesus you will come before your King prepared to be a servant. You will not whine, complain, use jealousy to advance before others, and you will not tell lies and cast down those who are righteous and stand for holiness and morality.

Our King is our life. His will is above all our will and the will of others. We will obey him before we obey any other person.

No nation, no ruler, no denomination, no religious corporation, no poltic-religious organization, no church, no synagogue, no mosque, no lodge, no cult hoval will ever have dominion over us.

We serve under one dominion and none of those aforementioned are mediators between us and our King. He did not create them, ordain them, or sanction them. The Kingdom has come. All that remains is if you have said and mean it: THY WILL BE DONE.

You do not have to share this on your wall. You are not required to spread this message. You can read it, click like, and then go on in life as if you never read it. And especially, you can even forget it. Truth these days has a few seconds of our time and then we lapse back into the puke of Laodicea and love it.

I am reaching, reaching for those whose hearts can still be touched. To turn them from idols and ungodliness to a holy God. I may not be successful with you. But somewhere in the world there are souls who seek their King. And I want to point them in the right direction. I must point them away from the Babel builders to my King, that I will do.

What are you doing?


September 14, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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