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Let The Fire Begin

Psalms 9:17

What will curse any nation and bring speedy judgment from God?

To forget God, is to train or fill the mind with evil to the point a person become non-religious. Pure religion is all about God and living according to his law. Yes, Old Testament or New Testament, God has in place laws that are guidelines of behavior. When the behavior is evil it is an open sign a person has rejected God and his laws are no longer respected as the spiritual pattern for conduct. This kind of person will forget God. All the categories of the mind will become corrupt until in them there is only every wicked work.

The nation or people that forget God shall be turned into hell.

Hell, a burning destruction, will come from the Almighty.

This fire of burning can only be avoided by repentance and turning to God. Warn the sinner. Warn the nation. Even as sinners show no care of remorse, even so goes the nations. If you are such a person who puts the pleasures of the flesh above God's way, hell is coming your way: both in this life and especially after death.

Parents have cursed and damned their children by forsaking and forgetting God. While they all may retain a knowledge of God in their mind, they reject to follow God's laws for that dispensation. Whole families become apostate. These are they who knew God but chose not to glorify him in Holy living and conduct. A reprobate mind comes before God's fires of hell. A reprobate nation will manifest before all hell fires begin around the cities. Fire and vapor of smoke and destruction is on the way.The Bible says so…..

Ask the Jews why Jerusalem was destroyed by fire several times. Ask them if departure from God is why the national blanket of protection was lifted. Ask them if God cared about their racial pride when they became corrupt specimens of devils. History is a cycle of blessings and cursings. Because after each revival of God followed by adherence to God's law comes backsliding followed by forgetting God. Then curses follow upon man, upon the land, and upon all animals and beasts of the field. Even as a backslider brings the curse into the home, so many backsliders bring the curse to the nation. To forget God brings the cycle of hell fire and vapor of smoke of destruction.
American you will not escape.

People of the world you will not escape.

When we can no longer turn the wicked person or wicked nation, get out of the way of God so when hell comes, you will escape. Why do you think Jesus would warn the Apostles and early Christians to flee from Jerusalem when they saw it surrounded with enemies? It was to get them out of the way. To protect them from the hell fires and vapor of smoke that was soon to be unleashed upon an evil and corrupt city and nation. Fires from Dan to Beersheba would make bright the night sky. We also must prepare for this same judgment of God.

Within a few short years all Europe will be on fire in many cities. Fires will be set and started around the world. Explosions will bring death and destruction. When you see the vapor of smoke, know I warned you.

Your racial purity and glory will mean nothing to God because skin color gives no one an exemption from a wicked and godless life. I said so…. March in the streets, riot, set fires of hell all over the place, loot, kill cops, kill innocent people, your racial pride is not salvation from God. You are fulfilling prophecy.

A generation has come upon the earth that has forsken God. Nearly everyone has forsaken the way of God. Even you are tempted to sin and do wickedness and think God will not hate you for your backsliding. Instead of repenting you want more sin, adding sin to sin to satisfy the flesh. “Pleasure me” are two words people use to invite their flesh to sin without shame.

Save yourselves from this untoward generation.

Escape the coming fires of hell.

Repent and turn your life around, so worship ye God in the beauty of holiness.
The people and nation that forgets God shall be turned into hell.

Let the fires begin God.

September 15, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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