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People Of The Name of Jesus Christ

The day of Pentecost. Yes, the day of the Holy Ghost. Yes, the day Peter preached the plan of salvation. What did we miss? What is it we did not get the complete picture? Or maybe another way to put it: have we overlooked a simple but great revelation considering Acts 4:12 “none other name given under heaven among men”?

I think we are correct that the name Peter preached, “Jesus Christ”, is that name. We have been blessed by holding this doctrine. But,

We were cursed to be deceived to allow other names to move up and be equal or even greater than the name of Jesus.

In a church in Indiana I ask the 400 people there to stand if they believed in the name of Jesus. All of them stood. I then had them to be seated. Then I asked, will those of you please stand who believe the name Jehovah is greater than the name of Jesus. Over half of them stood up. I had them to be seated. I then preached on Acts 2:38 “the name of Jesus Christ” and Acts 4:12. I did not explain my purpose. I wanted to verify my research and my presumption that Oneness people have been deceived to accept another name and it was equal or greater than the name of Jesus.

I had already discovered years prior that the name Jehovah (Jehova, Iehova) was invented by a Catholic monk named Raymundus Martini. I also discovered that he was Jewish and dabbled in Kabbalistic mysticism. He is the one who chose the vowels to place within the letters YHVH. And these letters YHVH were alleged by the Jews to be the sacred and most holy unpronounceable name of God. When Martini used his learning from the mystic side of the Jewish religion and applied it to YHVH, he invented the guess name Iehove (Jehovah). His scheme was to take the vowels from the Jewish word for God (Elohim) and place them between the letters. So this is what he did with the letters:


This was later developed into Iehova and then Yehovah and Jehovah.

We were not told that this alphabet soup thimblerigging came from a mystic Jewish catholic monk. We were told it was the Old Testament most holy name of God. When they impregnated the Bible with this new invented name in seven places (Spanish bible over 5780 places): that a new “revelation interpretation” would be developed. I Am that I AM would be converted into YHVH that YHVH and thus “I will be what I will be.” This new Jewish-Catholic revelation would be passed down to us via the Protestant reformation. We have not known that Protestantism is still Catholicism with the trinity embedded within it. And we were not told that the Jehovah name factor was embedded within our bibles as a new revelation that previous to Raymundus Martini was not in any prior bible. In face, even the Jews never knew of a God-name Jehovah existing before. They claimed YHVH was unpronounceable.

We have since learned that Jehovah is a false name. It is in fact a name associated with the devil himself. We have learned that the religious mystics of a later age claim that Jehovah is a fake name and that Yahweh is the correct rendering of YHVH. They have now changed YHVH into YHWH changing the V into a W. Now that is real thimblerigging like they do at the circus sideshows. We have also learned that Yah is the name of the Egyptian moon god and was also the name of other pagan gods. If you research this yourself you can discover the subterfuge and the pen of lying scribes with their sly hands. Many thousands are now victims of a massive name fraud game. There are Jehovah name cults (Jehovah’s Witnesses) and a host of Yahweh name cults. Some have even changed the name of Jesus into Jehovah and call him Jehovah Christ. Some call him Yahweh Christ. And there are others who use Yah and call him Yahshua Christ.

Myself included, we were deceived by Jewish and Catholic deceptions so high ranking from the mystics of Rome, that our minds can not get free of their power. But the power of the Holy Ghost can free us. Free our minds. Give us back the true revelation of the name of Jesus Christ. And when this happens the invented guess names of Jewish and Catholic rabbis and monks cannot deceive us any longer.

When we see the light, see the Truth, behold the glory and majesty of the name of our King, the name of Jesus Christ: we become free. The Truth has made us free. This is precisely what the Apostles experienced. They had a revelation about the name of Jesus. They knew it was the revealed name of God that came to earth on the lips of an angel: “thou shall call his name JESUS.”

According to many, the name of Jesus means “Jehovah saves.” Oh really?

And who tells us this lie but those who continue to teach the lies of rabbis and monks and protestant trinitarians. These are your dictionary and encyclopedia writers. These are the ones like Strongs that keeps the lies and false revelations streaming into our minds. We know the name Jehovah is false so remove it. What does the name of Jesus mean? Why is it we will not let the angel tell us? It means simply salvation or saves: “for he shall save his people from their sins.” So very simple yet we have allowed lies to come into our minds and out of our mouths.

Stop using the fake name Jehovah. Exalt the name of Jesus above all names. And when you do this. When you praise the name of Jesus above all names, you do something very powerful. That is why when we worship the name of Jesus Christ the glory of God will fall upon us. We can see miracles happen. And in our baptism, we cross over from all false names into the one true name of our God. Then something great happens.

In Acts chapter two a mighty and great thing happened.

When Peter preached the name of Jesus Christ for the plan of salvation he had a great revelation. Did we miss it?

When he said “in the name of Jesus Christ” he exalted the name of Jesus above all names.

And here is the beautiful part: from that moment on into eternity, from the day of Pentecost on, the name(s) of the devil were barred.

Did we miss this?

Yes, any name that is not the name of Jesus Christ is barred as a name of God from the day of Pentecost on.

Now your mission.

Preach Acts 4:12 with a revelation that all names including YHVH,YHWH, and Yah are barred.

If we are people of the name of Jesus Christ, then let us be people of NO OTHER NAME.

I said so………

(PS) Dr. Friedrich’s discovery of the Yaava tablets additionally prove the tetragrammaton is nothing but the name of a Babylonian idol god.


September 17, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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