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So You Want To Learn The Babylonian Language?

No Old Testament prophet saw, read, or knew about the Aramaic Babylon version of the Bible. Why?

Because according to scholars the Babylonian Aramaic version was translated around 300BC.

This means even Malachi had been dead about 145 years when it was created.

No one knows exactly who created it. It is the hoorah Dead Sea Scroll version people are going nuts about and calling it Hebrew. So what if a Babylonian version copy was found in the Dead Sea Caves. It only proves the caves were used to promote this Babylonian fake bible.

Jesus did not use or quote from this Aramaic Babylonian bible.

The Apostles did not use or quote from this Aramaic Babylonian bible.

Why are so many people going nuts and goo-goo over speaking Hebrew when in fact it is not Hebrew at all, it is Babylonian Aramaic which they call Hebrew.

Aramaic never was Hebrew. Aramaic is the language of Mystery Babylon.

So, Mystery Babylon has a language and it is Aramaic.

Anyone who pushes Aramaic and calls it the holy Hebrew tongue of God is lying.

Babylonian Aramaic was not Hebrew. Aramaic is a pagan, Gentile, and heathen language. It is not the holy tongue of God. When will preachers tell the truth and quit packing lies up to the pulpit to preach?

Aramaic is not the holy tongue of God. Babylonian tongue will not be the heavenly language spoken in Heaven.

So you want to learn how to speak the Mystery Babylon language?

Are you really a person in the Kingdom of God?

Pastor Reckart


September 23, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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