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Thank You

When people depend upon you, you cannot let them down.

When they have no one else to turn to, you cannot turn away.

People have been tricked, lied to, and told to trust unholy and sinful men.

And then something happened.

It was this way before the world began.

A God upon his throne, looking down through the telescope of time, saw the multitudes of men, women, youth, children, and infants who needed a little help to make it before his glorious throne.

A way.

A plan.

The seekers who depend, who turn, who have been hurt by shameful demons and men: will have an opportunity.

God decided to visit the earth and walk among men, women, youth, children, and hold infants. He would see with human eyes the sorrows of grief. He would observe death as it took loved ones from arms comforting them. And he loved them. A love that reached from the throne to the streets of Jerusalem; to the small village homes, to the beggars and lepers.

He would touch their lives in a way no one ever upon the earth had done. And he would not turn away his face from their sorrows although he himself would be a man of sorrows. He would heal broken hearts although his own would be pierced with a Roman spear. He would look upon the sick and for their healing he would pass on a remedy as lash after lash was laid upon his back. In his humility he would make men, women, youth, children, and infants strong.

He would give up his life so that they could live.

Live a holy life style.

Who will declare his generation?

There will come forth men, women, youth, children, and infants who would testify of his love, his greatness, from one generation to another. It is these who souls can depend upon, who will not turn away, who love Truth more than their lives: these are the true Christians. These are the Christ-like people our God left his throne to create in his new workmanship, to be his sons and daughters.

Father God, you alone are worthy. You came from heaven to earth to show the way. From the stable in Bethlehem to the Cross, you made the way.From the Cross to the grave, you changed our future. And from the grave to the sky, you gave us an eternal hope.
Jesus, how can we be anything less than what you want us to be?

Out in the world there are many who are still lost. We are helpless to do anything if you are not with us. We do not ask for miracles. Do we not ask for money. We do not ask to be famous. For us, for the little flock, all we want is our Shepherd to watch over us and protect us as we live in a wicked world full of thieves and wolves.

Jesus, please be with your sons and daughters as they work, travel, and sleep.
We are on our way to your throne. All because you loved us enough to come to where we are so that we could come where you are.

Thank You my God.

Thank You


September 24, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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