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No Rapture

Are all of you ready for rapture today? According to the pretribulation rapture prophets, this evening will be the last of blood moons. And the rapture will take place before midnight.

Although Jesus said no man knows the day or the hour, they believe they cracked the secret code. They took the blood moon scriptures and applied them to four blood moons and lunar eclipse, the last one scheduled tonight.

What these liars did was pervert the timing of the moon turning to blood.

You see, the Bible blood moon is at the end of the tribulation not BEFORE.

I am amazed no one caught this. I wrote about this hoax and only a few people cared. I am convinced people love lies if the lies agree with their false doctrines.

I predict the rapture will not take place tonight.

I am 100% certain my prediction will come true.

The end is not yet.

The rapture must take place exactly during the blood moon. It is my understanding this time span is one hour and 12 minutes.

Now here is the real catch 22: September 28 to conclude the blood moon is already over in Europe.

So, all of you missed the secret snatch. You did not get pick-pocketed out. You missed it and now you will have to go through the great tribulation and lose your head to be saved.

And know what else? Millions are not missing. Airplanes did not crash with raptured pilots gone. Trains did not wreck with engineers raptured. And millions of cars did not crash and kill other people because the driver was raptured.

Yep, all the lies; all the fake pictures; all the scaring people to get saved; promising them a rapture.



September 28, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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  1. Amen Bishop Reckart.

    Comment by Bishop J.O. Sparks | September 28, 2015

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