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Viciousness Of Religions

religious-violenceFrom the beginning when the world was in unity of belief in the true God, there was love, kindness, and respect for one another. But when false religion arose, viciousness was born. Every where the Godly will appear this viciousness will manifest.

from the time of Adam down to Noah mankind became corrupt. It appears the seedline of Cain became the aggressive anti-god human family. Cain’s descendants manifested his killing spirit. Demons can be passed from parents to children even before they are born. Cain was judged for his religious extremist viciousness. God set a mark upon him. H was sent away as a vagabond. His descendants became wild, heathen, animalistic, and wicked. Their complete thoughts were evil continually. This is how the devil brings people into the judgments of God.

We can see how he led his descendants to become anti-God. We see in Cain the rise of religious violence. When Cain murdered his Brother and shed his blood, it was all over religion. Abel had a more excellent sacrifice with which God was pleased. Cain did not have an excellent sacrifice and his attitude reveals this. His sacrifice was not real worship toward God. He offered ritual without respect. He refused to offer God his very best. When Abel’s sacrifice was accepted and his rejected, Cain rose up and brutally killed his brother. This was religious violence. This is the picture of religious violence against the Godly in all succeeding generations.

Religious violence has within it the compulsive hatred of satan the devil. All religious violence against God, the people of God, and the religion of God; has demons and the devil behind it.

There is one fact that cannot be denied. When God turns his back against the perpetrators of religious violence, he will not save any of those who commit the evils of their anti-God conduct. They become totally apostate and in them there are no qualities to redeem. They are beyond the redemption of God. He does not want them. This is first manifested in heaven when God rejected satan and the angels who followed him. Their violence to overthrow God and the good Godly angels received harsh and just damnation with no possibility of forgiveness. The devil was a murderer from the beginning and his damnation cannot be canceled. He will burn in hell forever along with all the demons who shared his viciousness. Anyone who joins this son of perdition will likewise enter into damnation and eternal hell to receive torment for the deeds done in the body. Because of this assuredness of God’s judgments, this creates demonic hate and anger against the Godly promoted by the devil himself. It will be directed toward those who are believers and followers of the true God.

It the days before the flood, the seedline of Cain and the seedline of Adam through Seth nearly all became apostate. They invented idols that permitted all the evils they performed. They lost their Godly mind and became ungodly. In this spiritual condition of ungodliness, the love of God was pushed to its limits. People was so evil it repented God that he had made man.

There was one man in the world who refused to follow the Cain spirit of being anti-God. He did not join this majority multitude. One man took a stand. He chose not to partake in the wickedness and violence that the idol gods permitted.

And because of this righteous decision, Noah found grace (mercy) in the eyes of God.

Noah separated himself from the wicked generation. He came out from among them. He relocated his wife and sons from it’s midst. His sons chose wives of families that were destroyed. These girls were saved because their marriages brought them over under the grace of God protection given to Noah. Being under the spiritual covering of Noah saved their lives. The Ark was not just an animal zoo, it was a sanctuary for the Godly, a place of redemption, a household of faith. All the devil’s followers were destroyed.

This family chose not to participate in the wickedness before the flood. They protected their minds from the being carried away with the evil thoughts of their families and friends. All of Noah’s other brothers and sisters died in the flood. They had joined the apostate revolution against God, righteousness, holiness, and kindness. Noah made a holy decision and shows us Godliness is something God respects.

The flood destroyed all the idol worshippers. It killed all the devil’s prodigies. None of them were permitted to escape the anger of God. They all perished. All because their anti-God attitudes would not allow them to repent and turn back to God and true holiness.

The generation of the flood deserved to die. All of them: men, women, and children. God sees no value in saving children who are demon possessed at birth and who will duplicate the evils of their parents. It matters not to God if they are children. If their parents turn them over to satan and demon spirits to work the sins of wickedness, they have no worth to God. They can die along with their parents just as in the case of the Amorites whose wickedness was not yet full (Genesis 15:16). In the Israelite exodus the Amorites had become viciously wicked that God determined to wipe them out: men, women, and children. It is the parents who conceived them in satanic rituals and when born sacrificed them or delivered them over to demons and satan as future celebrants in idol rituals. These idol rituals with children were revived after the flood among a new group of those who departed from the Living God.

It was in the days of Peleg (Pheleg/Phaleg), that the earth became divided again between the ungodly and the Godly. The contemporary of Peleg was Nimrod. It was Nimrod who departed from the living God to begin a new religious idolatrous religion we now call mystery Babylon or the Chaldean mysteries. Here the trinity of gods was born. Nimrod (father), Semiramis (mother), and Tammuz (child). From Babylon this trinity religion issued out a new violence that covered all the world in all nations. When the Spanish discovered central and South American they saw all manner of human sacrificing, cannibalism, and other wickedness. All in concert with worship of satanic idols. These mystery Babylon religions were modified in each nation, tongue, and language. In each of these daughter religions of Babylon, a trinity of gods was worshipped. Behind all these idols was the devil promoting violence.

This started in heaven when the devil tried to overthrow God with violence. He brought this violence to earth. All false religions will have a violent history.

One thing about the religion of the true God, there is no violence within it promoted upon the followers by other followers. Babies and children are safe. No human sacrificing or cannibalism. Women and girls respected and their dignity protected. The aged are respected. Love bonds in the family. Kindness is the rule of relationships. And respect for human life is given. This set the Jews above all nations of the world. Only in the case of self defense against the ungodly were they forced into war or to kill others. God permitted self defense. No where in the New Testament is violence and ungodliness shown to be a good and righteous behavior for Christians. Since violence is not a Christian virtue, Christians must show the ungodly and the wicked, what love, kindness, and respect for others and their lives is God’s manifestation through them.

The presence of the Godly upon the earth has always angered the devil. Why does the devil hate Jews and Christians?

Now you know why. The devil hates Jews and Christians.

Because the Godly are a representative of God. These people are targets of satan. By opposing them and when possible killing a person who believes in and worships God: the devil continues his war of violence that he began in heaven.

Whose team are you on?

Do you applaud hate and viciousness against Jews and Christians?

The wisdom of satan is very unique. Few can see or recognize it. And the few who do, may or may not care to speak or write about it. Many are afraid. Because they know the devil will come looking for them. They do not want a personal fight with the devil. Many ministers refuse to acknowledge the purpose of the devil in using idols. I do not share their view. I am different. I love God above all. He is first. And the devil has no part of me. Not my mind. Not my body. Not my attitude. And not my respect or worship.

I believe God was against idols not just because they were false gods but because these were a tool of the devil to incite violence against holy and righteous people. The devil uses the devotion of people to his proxy idols to stir them up to use violence and kill. The perpetrators of this killing do not know they have become demon possessed. They can kill without remorse. They can use violence with no sense of guilt or shame. The pleading and crying of victims begging to be spared does not awaken in the killer any kindness, love, or respect of life. God knew idols with their demonic influence would cause the deaths of thousands of his people.

To get the ungodly to injure and kill all that is needed is for a false god to bring forth a prophet, a champion, who will urge followers to slaughter. This is done by the prophet(s) telling followers the idol god loves the sacrifice and blood of those who are not his worshipers. The idol gods love blood shed, lots of blood shed. Blood shed of human life has always manifested around pagan altars.

To protect his people God put them on guard about idol gods and the people who worship them.

Look back through the Old Testament and the wars of the Israelites being attacked by demon filled warriors of idol gods. The very presence of these Jews angered the demons in the gods and goddesses. This led the priest and priestess of these idol gods to use their demonic influence to persuade followers to fight against the Israelites and to slaughter them: men, women, and children. God, in retaliation permitted the Israelites to protect themselves to the point of killing men, women, and children of their enemies.

The violence the people of Israel saw and defended themselves against was promoted by the devil through idol worshippers. We now know these were people referred to as Gentiles, the Goy, the pagan and heathen idol worshippers who did not love God, his holiness, or his righteousness. While there may be evil and wicked Jews, God’s mercy exceeds his judgment. And if any Jew uses violence against any Gentile because he is a Christian, he is no better than the idol heathen worshippers. Judgment is upon the Jew first and then upon Gentiles. God will not reward one viciousness over another. He condemns them all.

We will see this again in the coming anti-christ. Violence will increase against Jews and Christians regardless of what denomination a person professes. Watch through whom the violence comes. Observe the power of demons to remove from religious extremist all love, all kindness, and all respect for human life. The viciousness of religion will surface world-wide again and kill millions. All that matters to the anti-christ and religions like this, is hurting with no sense of shame and killing with no remorse.

The viciousness of religions upon the earth was first manifest among those who believe in a trinity of gods. Now the devil is using those who profess they worship one god. But this god is not the God of the Bible.

In all lands where people break free from idol gods violence will surface. The demons behind idol gods get very angry. If you are a true follower of Jesus Christ God, you will automatically anger all gods and their worshippers.

I can assure you that the trinity invented at Nicaea in 325AD was used in violence against many thousands during the cruel and bloody Dark Ages. The blood of the righteous thousands still cries from the ground against the Catholic church. One day God must recompense proper judgment upon all who are guilty of this bloodshed and Rome must be destroyed.

The people of God must remain worshippers of Jesus Christ God who does not love violence, hate, and killing. He did not send his Apostles to the world to force his religion of love with the sword. He did not kill anyone and he did not send his disciples forth to kill. He sent them instead with a message of hope, love, and mercy.

Our weapons of hope, love, and mercy are not carnal. They are spiritual.

No greater weapon is there against the devil and his wickedness than love. The love of God will separate his people from the people who perform the work of the devil.

Herein is the test of those who come face to face with the reality of Jesus Christ.

Love or the sword.

It cannot be both.

Jesus Christ God loved us while we were yet sinners. If a heart can be touched by this compassion it can be saved. And if there is someone who cannot be touched by this love, they cannot be saved.

To believe in and upon Jesus Christ is to accept the way of love, kindness, and respect for human life. You can begin by reading Acts 2:38 and find the path that leads to God.

If a person chooses not to become a believer in Jesus Christ, it is their choice. But the love is there nevertheless. It is a love that will never reach them in their depths of depravity.

The great problem with people who reject this love, is they do not know love nor will they ever live a life where love is manifested in kindness and respect for human life.

Religious viciousness is all around us. When you see it, separate like Noah from these people. It is the only way to avoid those who the devil will incite to do you harm.

God’s love is the only real love.

Sent with love for the people of God.

Pastor Reckart
A Man God Made


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God Did Not Give The Trinity Doctrine

trinityGod Does Not Believe In A Trinity.

Mankind has believed in trinity of gods from before the flood. But God did not give him this religion.

God did not give the Christian trinity as defined by Rome and her Protestant daughters.

If you believe in the trinity it is because you were deceived to have faith in something man made up.

You are required to have faith in the trinity to believe it is true.

The trinity doctrine is made the object of faith.

Consider this in light of Jesus.

When Jesus is the object of faith you will believe in him.

You must have faith in the trinity doctrine before you can try to put together the reasons you believe in it.

You will then go on a search of church history, church traditions, and theological books with trinity explanations: to find a way to prove it is true.

This leads to obvious tricks and schemes of Scripture where it is claimed the trinity is revealed.

In the absence of common sense, the explanations of these Scriptures provide an easy reason to now believe the trinity doctrine is absolutely true.

Then, faith in the trinity leads a person to fight against anyone who tries to say their belief is caused by a special spiritual delusion.

Anger begins. Fight anyone who opposes the trinity and use all the tricks and schemes learned from other trinitarians trying to defend Catholic traditions.

Foolish questions begin to arise to try and prove the trinity.

Isn’t Elohim plural and means there is a secret hidden trinity?
Doesn’t “let us make man”, the Father talking to his two sons prove the trinity?
What about: “who will go for us”, this surely shows one person in the trinity talking to the other two?
What about “my Lord said unto my Lord”, isn’t this the Father as one person speaking to his Son as the other Lord in the trinity?
What about the baptism of Jesus, all three persons in the trinity are there that day?
Can anyone deny there is a trinity when the Son prays to the Father? Isn’t this one person praying to another person?
What about Matthew 28:19, where Jesus commands baptism in the name of the trinity?
What about 1John 5:7 this shows a trinity.
What about the many times the Father and the Son are spoken as two separate persons “like the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ”?
What about the trinity invoked in the prayer: “let the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all”?
How can anyone deny the trinity when in Revelation 5:7 Jesus takes the book out of the hand of the Father?
And last, if there is no trinity how can there be two thrones in heaven, the one for the Father and at his right hand another one for the Son?

The purpose of these questions is to prove the trinity. But these questions fly against common sense and logic that are in conflict with the trinity doctrine.

The trinity doctrine claims there is one God and yet in all of these questions there is an attempt to prove each person in the trinity is a separate divine being, in a separate divine body, and each of them are God.

In the trinity they claim they are all co-equal and then it has the Son not co-equal at all but must rely upon the Father. The Son of God, the second person of the trinity, is now incarnate within the human Jesus. According to the trinitarian doctrine the Son of God did not die on the Cross only his human body died. This must be true for the other claim of the trinity of being co-eternal. This means the Son of God could never die or the moment of death he would cease to be co-eternal. This also means that the Father, the first person of the trinity, DID NOT RAISE FROM THE DEAD THE SON OF GOD, THE SECOND PERSON IN THE TRINITY.

I have this. I’ve got this.

The trinity not only defies its own meaning: it proves the questions are not based upon biblical principles but upon human invention of a delusion.

The trinity is a delusion and this is why artwork by Catholics and Protestants trying to depict this deluded theory shows a God with three heads and one body; three separate Beings sitting together; An old man God, and young blond hair-blue eye God, and a hovering dove above the heads of the two; three Gods each exactly looking alike, like triplets; a God with three faces, 4 eyes, 3 mouths, 2 ears, 3 chins, and 1 neck on one body.

If the Father speaks to the son in the middle of this image, he has no ears. The Father has one ear and the Holy Ghost on the opposite side has one ear. The Son cannot hear the Father unless the ear of the Father and the ear of the Holy Ghost somehow are inner connected to him?

These images of the triune God, fly in the face of logic, common sense, and biblical fact.

Let’s recap some of the trinity doctrine:

Trinity doctrine = One God consisting of three separate persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Trinity doctrine = Each person is co-equal (none has greater power than the others), co-existent (none came into existence before the others), and co-eternal (are eternal without any possibility of death).

Trinity doctrine = God the Father (one person) sent God the Son (the second person) to earth and take upon him the human flesh of Jesus.

Trinity doctrine = God the Son is incarnate as Jesus upon earth.

Trinity doctrine = God the Father and God the Son talk to each other (the Father speaks to the Son at his baptism and Jesus prays back to the Father).

Trinity doctrine = God the Father also dwells in God the Son and both dwell in Jesus.

Trinity doctrine = Jesus as God the Son has no power or authority and must be given these upon the earth.

My questions to all trinitarians:

1) Are you trying to prove three Gods or one God?
2) Is your God one divine Spirit or three separate divine Spirits?
3) Are each of your persons a separate divine Being?
4) Does each of your persons have his own body?
5) Are Jesus and the Holy Ghost brothers, since there are no sisters in the trinity?
6) Does the trinity consist of one Father and two sons?
7) Is it true that only one Son came to earth and that is why he is called the Only Begotten Son, and the other Son, the Holy Ghost remains unbegotten but yet an eternal Son?
7) If the trinity is one God and not three separate Gods, please explain how your Son of God can come to earth separate from the other two Gods?

Answers to these questions will determine if a person is really trinitarian or the land of nebulous confusion vacillating between Oneness and Trinity. I have never met a true trinitarian who sticks to his theology. If they did they would be tritheist and not a monotheist.

The following questions by trinitarians are based upon faith and belief in three separate Gods, not in one God. They are tritheist trick questions designed to confuse and implant delusional hypothesis that defy Scripture, logic, and common sense.

Question: If there is no trinity how come at the baptism of Jesus, God the Father speaks from heaven, the Holy Ghost appears as a dove, and God the Son is standing in the water?

The question itself proves the person believes in three separate Gods existing in three separate places. God the Father is in heaven, God the Holy Spirit is fluttering in the sky, and God the Son is standing in the water. Proves three Gods not one God.

While trying to prove the trinity is clearly present at the baptism of Jesus, it becomes necessary to invent three separate Gods to explain it all.

But, trinitarians claim there are not three separate Gods.

Here is where logic and common sense defies the claims of the trinity.

The trinity is a big delusion. It will take me time to unravel all the illogical and wresting of the Word of God.

If the trinity is true the bible is false.
If the bible is true the trinity is false.
The Bible began to be written about 1400BC.
The trinity was invented in 325AD.
The Bible existed 1,725 years before the trinity was ever known.
The trinity came into existence 225 years after the bible was finished.

Many years ago, around 1975 I visited Dr. Ralph H. Mount who had built a true size replica of the tabernacle. I went there with a friend of mine. While there in our visit we came to the sanctum of the holy of holies. Dr. Mount had in his past been associated with the Dallas Theological Seminary, a Baptist school. He was a very devout trinitarian. As we stood there in the holy of holies section, my friend, being very bold, asked him: Dr. Mount, how can you reconcile the trinity with the holy of holies where only one God was manifested to Israel? All Dr. Mount could say was that the trinity was not revealed in any of the Old Testament.

God did not reveal the trinity in the 4,000 years of the Old Testament because there was none. According to Dr. Mount, no writer, no prophet, no person knew of the trinity in the Old Testament. He said, anyone who attempts to use any scripture to prove the trinity is going beyond the intent of the writers and outside the knowledge known about God.

Many of you reading this study will remain trinitarian. Not because it is the truth. But because it is a tradition which you will refuse to admit is false.

I asked a woman preacher yesterday in the parking lot of a large store who was trying to get me to say the sinner’s prayer. She thought she was going to help me get saved. She told me the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost were waiting for me to be saved. I did not challenge her. I simply said: ok, if I get saved and go to heaven right now, will I see all three? She assured me that I would positively see all three. I asked her if there were three Gods or one God? She said there was one God. I asked her to please explain how I would see all three if there was only one? She scurried off to approach other shoppers.

When I get to heaven I will see Jesus sitting on the throne. And I am sure, when I go before him and ask “show me the Father.” He will say to me John 14:9.

Did any of you ever read Isaias 9:6?

Who is the everlasting Father in this text?

When you can call Jesus Father, you will know in that day that in him is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

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The Facts Are In. The Trinity Was Not Revealed In The Old Testament

trinity-puzzelIndeed, there are two brothers in the Catholic trinity. The Old Testament contains no doctrine of this Trinity.

The first fact is Genesis 1:1–In the beginning God.
The Aramaic version translated from Paleo-Hebrew has the word “elohim” in this text.

In the beginning Elohim.

Elohim here is the plural from of the singular El or Eloah. Does this mean a trinity?


Elohim is considered a singular noun in over 2,600 scriptures.

In the case of its plural use as gods, it is used. However, in Aramaic, the number of the verb determines the number of the subject. If the verb is singular, the subject is singular.

In the beginning Elohim created.

Elohim subject.

Created verb.

Created is singular.

Therefore Elohim is singular.

Here is where the trinitarian riddles collapse among honest theologians.

If Elohim means plural and not singular determined by the singular verb here is what must be done in order for this puzzle to be accurately translated.

In the beginning Gods create the heavens and the earth.

Here, Elohim is translated in the plural as Gods. Trinitarians cannot boast they have found evidence of a secret hidden trinitarian fact unless they are willing to translate Elohim as Gods. If they balk at this, then they are as dishonest as a thimblerigging carnival barker switching the pea around.

No honest trinitarian would ever attempt to change the Word of God to place Gods in Genesis 1:1. And if he will not because he knows it would be a lie and false: why then make the claim that Elohim in the plural form indicates this is evidence of a secret hidden trinity?

no-trinity-revealedThe trinity was not hidden in secret form in the Old Testament. God speaks of himself in the singular. In fact this God, this singular being, showed us there is no trinity when he made Adam.

When God made Adam he did not make Adam three separate and distinct persons. He made Adam in a triune construct of body, soul, and spirit. But Adam is one person. The unity of body, soul, and spirit into one being, one person: shows us the image and likeness of God.

Anyone who denies this is not a theologian. He is a lieologian.

God himself said he knew no other God (Isaias 44:8).

Our problem is how do we treat Father, Son, and Holy Ghost if these three are one? And if they are all three the same God, how are they the same God? If they are not all three the same God, the one supreme Spirit Being, then indeed there are more Gods than one. But God said he knew no other God.

If we do not believe Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is the one true God in three different offices, then we must construct a God who is not one but three. And this violates all the Word of God.

The facts are in. The trinity was not revealed in the Old Testament.

If you have evidence the trinity was revealed and known, please provide the scripture. Sign your real name. Tell me the name of your religion and what country you live in.

Thank you, and God bless.

Be bold, be brave, email me.

Pastor Gary Reckart
A Man God Made
I am one being.
I am one spirit.
I have one eternal soul.
I am made in the image and likeness of God.
The first study no trinity in the Old Testament was posted on October 22, 2015. Since that time there have been 1,150 readers who viewed them. They have been copied down over 600 times. Visitors include theologians, PhDs, ThDs, ThMs, B.Ds, D.Ds, J.Ds, M.Divs, Pastors, Chaplains, Church Administrators, Missionaries, and Church members. What they have read has shocked them. Some are so angry they hate me. Some are trying to find a way to protect mama Rome and her trinity riddles. Some are black-marking me so I cannot be successful to challenge their lieologies. Be assured, mystery Babylon is working within all Pentecostal groups. Just because they speak in tongues, have miracles, and call upon the name of Jesus, does not make them the Church of the Living God. I mean Church of the ONE LIVING GOD.

See some of you soon. Be nice to me when you meet a prodigy of the Apostle Paul. My middle name is Paul. Gary Paul Reckart….

A Man God Made

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Was Jesus Just A Man?

how-old-is-your-churchMillions are told that Jesus was just a man. That he was not God.

This lie is told to Christians every day and many are being seduced to join other religions. The problem as I see it, is that so many are so head-strong to push their theology of universalism unity they do not care if they lose a few souls and families to these pagan religions. As long as they have a long-range plan to increase their membership and not care what the membership will believe: all they will accomplish is to create another mini-catholic church.

What are some of the lies about Jesus?

1.) His name is not Jesus but Isa.
2.) The name of the Father is Allah.
3.) Jesus and the Father cannot both be God because there is only one God.
4.) If the Father (Allah) is God, then Jesus is not God because Allah has no sons.
5.) Since Jesus is not God, and only Allah is God, Jesus can only be a man.
6.) Jesus could not save anyone, only the Father (Allah) can save.
7.) Jesus is the son of man born of a woman (son of man verses cited).
8.) Jesus is not all-knowing (cite Mark 24:32-36).
9.) Jesus never told anyone “I am God.” (cites many Old Testament verses to prove only one God and Jesus according to them is not this God).
10.) Jesus was sent to only one nation, not to all mankind.
11.) The first Christians did not believe Jesus to be God.
12.) We should worship the same God who Jesus worshipped (the Father or Allah).
13.) Jesus had to be given power and authority from the Father (Allah) because he did not possess these being only a man.
14.) Did God come from the belly of a woman, born a helpless child?
15.) Jesus was the descendent of incest and therefore a bastard child who did not qualify to be either the Messias of Israel or God (cite the sexual relationship of Judah with Tamar the wife of his dead son Er. From this connection was born Phares and Zara. Phares is mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1:3. Tamar was not his daughter nor was she of the blood or seedline of Judah. There was no incest. Tamar was free to marry, her husband being dead. Judah was free to marry, his wife Shua died. While the sexual relationship was indeed fornication, there was no incest. Jesus was also born of David who was an adulterer. Does this mean Jesus was disqualified or somehow cannot be God manifested in the flesh? In both cases of Judah and David, their sins were absolved by the daily sacrifices in the tabernacle/temple and on the day of atonement. So their sins were canceled by the blood.

No one is born with inherited sin. No one.

While many of these claims are circulated around the world among people whose bibles contain the name Allah, they focus on the humanity of Jesus and not his dual nature of being God and man. This is not just a Muslim attack on Jesus to pave the way for Mohammed to replace him as God’s messenger. Many nations use bibles that have Allah in them for God. These bibles must be corrected using the most oldest possible sources for the name of God.

Was Jesus God?

What about Matthew 1:23

“Behold a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.”

Look what Jesus said to the devil in Matthew 4:7:

“Jesus said unto him, it is written again, Thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God.”

Who was the devil tempting? If Jesus was not God, why is he rebuking the devil and using a Scripture that should have only been applied to Allah or some other deity? But the devil was not tempting Allah or some other deity. He was tempting Jesus. And Jesus called himself “the Lord thy God.”

Now compare Matthew 22:37:

“Jesus said unto him, Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.”

Jesus is worshipped in Matthew 2:11; 8:2; 9:8; 14:33; 15:25; 18:26; 28:9; 28:17.

Jews know it is a great sin to worship a human being as God. If these are worshipping Jesus it can mean only one thing. They recognized him as God in human form. This is no different than Abraham in Genesis 18:1-3 when he bowed before God whom he called “my Lord”. Everyone knows God appeared here in human form. This is no great sin. After all, God made man in his image (Genesis 1:27). God was not made in the image of man. So God can come to the earth in a human form and be no less God. He is not stepping down from being God to appear as a man. Appearing as a man does not make the human body he appears in a separate God or a separate divine person having a separate Spirit and being a separate being. The revelation of Jesus Christ is a revelation of God. Those that worshipped Jesus knew what they were doing. They were not violating the first Commandment. They believed Jesus was the God of that Commandment.

Is it true he told no one he was God?

What about John 10:33?

“The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God.”

What did he say that led the temple cult to believe he had made himself God?

He said in John 10:30:

“I and my Father are one.”

They took up stones to kill him.

Did Jesus mean he and the Father were two separate Gods and one in unity or they were one God united within his human body?

Theologians can wrestle with this in an attempt to pervert his statement into a trinitarian puzzle, but Jesus did not mean he and the Father were separate persons in his body. He was confessing it was the Father (divine Spirit) in him; (God being manifested in his flesh), doing the works (1Timothy 3:16). Of himself (humanity) he could do nothing. This is a great puzzle for trinitarians to admit Jesus as a man did not have a co-equal status of power separate from the Father.

Was Jesus just a man?

The book of Revelation is the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

The first revelation can be found in chapter 1 verse 8.

I confess the Father and the Son. (1John 2:23)

I just do not confess them according to Catholic creeds, dogmas, or doctrines that emanated from the 325AD Nicene Council.

Pastor Reckart
A Man God Made, to write against aggression and falsehoods used to denounce Jesus and his name.

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Did God Hide The Trinity From Old Testament People And Prophets?

Challenging hate and prejudice.


Second offence after renouncing.
And be it further Ordained, That in case any person formerly indicted for publishing and maintaining of such erroneous Opinion or Opinions, as aforesaid, and renouncing and abjuring the same, shall nevertheless again publish and maintain his said former errour or errours, as aforesaid, and the same proved as aforesaid, the said party so offending shall be committed to Prison as formerly, and at the next Goal Delivery shall be indicted as aforesaid. And in case the Indictment be then found upon the Trial, and it shall appear that formerly the party was convicted of the same errour, and publishing and maintaining thereof, and renounced and abjured the same, the Offendor shall suffer death as in case of Felony, without benefit of Clergy (May 1648 England Parliament Lords and Commons).

Those who do not believe in the trinity were condemned to death. This was based upon the decrees of papal Rome.

Doctor Michael Servetus (September 29, 1509–October 27, 1553) was burned at the stake for denying the trinity doctrine. He was murdered by the consent of John Calvin and his Presbyterian followers.

Rome killed many thousands of non-Catholics from 325AD to the present generation who rejected the trinity doctrine.

No where in the New Testament is there a death penalty for a person who does not believe in the trinity. No where is there a test of fellowship using this doctrine. No where in the New Testament is there an explicit doctrine of the trinity taught or mentioned. The entire doctrine must be assembled and invented by using a collection of scriptures that are interpreted to mean the trinity was implied. The primary text are Matthew 28:19 and 1John 5:7. We now know the original Matthew did not contain the trinity clause. We now know 1John 5:7 is not in the oldest Greek texts. These text were never used by the Apostles or first Christians to teach God was now three separate persons, three separate beings, or three separate Spirits.

The Catholic church and her Protestant daughters teach that all those living in the Old Testament were not given the mystery of the trinity.

According to papal apologist, the revelation of the three in one God was not given.

This means from Adam to Jesus the trinity was unknown and no one was required to believe in it to be considered a Jew or a believer.

It was the Catholic church that created the trinity doctrine in 325AD. Then to enforce the new creed demanded acceptance and belief. Afterward, Rome enforced strict penalties against those who refused to accept the new Nicene Creed and subsequent doctrines. This horrible and cruel vengeance ushered in the Dark Ages of death where Rome held the keys to heaven, hell, and the grave.

Those Protestant daughters still in harmony with mama Rome continue to enforce papal aggression and hate against non-trinitarian Christians.

No Christian was forced to accept or believe in the trinity before 325AD. But today, the first test to see if a minister or believer can join or have fellowship with the daughter religious groups is “do you believe in the trinity?”

They ask this test question before they ask if I have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.

They ask this before they ask me if I am saved by grace through faith.

They want to test my theology before they test my salvation.

They want to test me to see if I have accepted Catholic creeds and traditions before they test me to see if I believe the New Testament and the true Gospel of God.

Those who use this test of salvation could never have any fellowship with any person in the Old Testament. Because no one in the Old Testament would confess they believed in the trinity as created by the Catholic church. The trinitarians who use this test of friendship and salvation could never have any fellowship with any Old Testament great men such as Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Isaias, Jeremias, Ezekiel, Daniel, John the Baptist, or Jesus. None of these believed or taught there were three separate divine beings in heaven who co-existed with each other and shared one identity as God.

Why is it, these trinitarians use the Old Testament at all?

They must admit upon all the honesty of heart they have, that no Old Testament person believed in or knew of a trinity.

They must admit that only pagan and heathen religions had beliefs in trinity of gods.

I must insert this statement about “echad” the numerical number 1 (Strong’s #259). Trinitarians say the trinity was not revealed in the Old Testament. But then try to manipulate “echad” or the numerical 1 into a plurality. They claim the Jews and Israelites knew that “echad” did not mean 1 but meant plural or 2 or 3 or more. How is this possible they did not know about the trinity but yet in “echad” in relationship to God, they understood God to be a plural? The fact is, at no time when “echad” is used for God can it mean more than the numerical 1. This is backed up by hermeneutics.

Any trinitarian who uses the Old Testament to try and prove a trinity when the concept or theory was never used, is in violation of the law of hermeneutics.

Hermeneutics is the same as exegesis: correct interpretation of words and meaning based upon first use and the knowledge and use and intent of the writer.

In no circumstances did any writer use “God,” “Lord,” or “El or Elohim”, to mean there was a trinity behind these names. In the event it is claimed God, Lord, El, Elohim are not names, it does not change the fact a trinity was not intended to be represented in them.

The rule or law of hermeneutics when applied to the New Testament reveals that no writer hid or secretly intended a trinity to exist behind the use of the words God, Lord, Father, Son, or Holy Ghost. The New Testament belief of God continues the Old Testament beliefs.

Want to know the root of the trinity theory of God within Christianity? You will discover the Zohar/Kabbalah esoteric symbolic interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures by Philo. Pay attention to the first triad. Then you will want to research Athanasius of Alexanderia (circa 325AD), and his Plato training and education. How he brought the Plato philosophy to Nicaea. Research -“Neo-Platoism and the trinity-“. Learn the source of the word “homoousians” You will discover the Athanasius use of Plato to develop the trinitarian co-equal triad. What you will discover if you are honest, is that Tertullian was a member of the Montantist cult when he wrote his aggressive diatribe against Praxius in his (Adversus Praxius). There is no evidence Tertullian was a trinitarian before he joined the Montanist cult. He is used as a church father (Catholic church father). When in fact after his imolation castration to become a Montanist, he was never a friend or supporter to Roman Catholicism.

All of this invented trinitarianism was never known to the Old Testament prophets and Jews. What is more important is that Jesus and the Apostles never included any of this heathen/pagan interpretation to the Old or New Testament. All of this is extra-biblical. It is all eisegesis and none of it is correct exegesis based upon the law of hermeneutics.

Are you able to receive the Truth?
Are you so brainwashed into Catholic and Protestant trinitarian deception you cannot get free? If Truth cannot make you free, then you do not want to be free.

There is one God and his name one (Zacharias 14:9).

Jesus did not teach more than one God.
Jesus did not teach any trinity.
Jesus did not teach the Apostles there was a trinity.
The Apostles did not teach a trinity.
The Apostles gave to Jesus all the names or titles used of their one God in the Old Testament. What they intended by giving Jesus this deity, was not to give him a position as second God of rank under the Father, the first God of rank.

The relationship of Jesus and the Father is simply God in Christ reconciling the world unto himself (2Corinthians 5:19). It is no less than God manifested in the flesh (1Timothy 3:16). It is the revelation of Jesus as the Father (Spirit) in the Son (humanity); when he said: “I and my Father are one (John 10:30)” And when he said: “when you have seen me, you have seen the Father” (John 14:9). And when Jesus himself in Revelation 1:8 declared his deity by saying:

“I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, saith the Lord, which is, which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.”

The revelation of Jesus Christ is not the trinity or his place in a trinity as a second co-existent, co-eternal, or co-equal between the first and last deity persons of the trinity. This would mean of necessity he was not FIRST AND LAST!

Trinitarians who use the trinity doctrine to close the church doors, prohibit students from entering their bible schools, colleges, and seminaries: would have shut out all Old and New Testament men of God.

Remember, it was the trinitarian dwellers of Jericho who shut out the One God Israelites; and the trinitarian Philistines who rampaged against the Israelites, that God was against.

I know there are trinitarins reading this blog. I know you have caused trouble for me. You have used your influence to cause doors to be closed to me. You come here to read to report me to your minister friends in the hierarchic of your group. You hope by placing a black mark upon me to make sure I have no success in your country. You are planning to keep people in bondage to the trinity doctrine and keep them as sons and daughters of the Roman Catholic church as a faithful daughter group. I know you will not humble down and see your errors and false beliefs are wrong.


Jesus will raise up a people out of a people and he will have a Church comprised of honest men and women who walk in the Truth. In that day they will know the Father is in the Son (John 14:20); and there will be no need for a trinity to explain this unity and Oneness.

I ask humbly:

Open your doors.

This man of God, may have only one chance to visit your country and bring you the Truth. If you shut out the Light, you curse the continued darkness upon your people.

You Can Email Me
Pastor G. Reckart
A Man God Made To Challenge Hate, Prejudice, and Aggression used against non-trinitarian Christians.

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Fearful Those Afraid (see Revelation 21:8)

Ok, your religion has a grip on your heart, mind, and soul.

I understand that.

There are now about 7 billion people in the world and religions have great grips on the heart, mind, and soul of followers.

I understand that.

According to the protocols of the New World Order, all religions must join the one world order. These religions must agree to disagree. They must all agree not to attempt to convert, proselytize each others members, or speak bad or evil of each other’s religious beliefs, practices, or traditions. All member religions must teach their followers that each will be accepted by God and therefore member religions of the New World Order will not participate in divisive conduct to bring disorder to the populations of the world. If anyone is found in violation of these fundamental principles, they must be denied all acceptance and participation in religious meetings and leadership. No outsider will be allowed to come within any member religious group, its churches, temples, mosques, shrines, or other religious buildings to disseminate religious beliefs that are not considered mainstream. All member religions and their subsidiaries, denominations, groups, schools, colleges, clubs, shall create policies consistent with these rules that will govern the affairs of religions of the New World Order.

With these protocols, TRUTH will be shut out.

Men or one man, can control and entire religious group by careful implementation of the New World Order rules.

This is isolationism where members of a religion may never learn the truth about Jesus Christ, salvation, living holy, the correct interpretation of the Scriptures, and the true name of God.

Just as in the case of the church of Laodicaea, with Jesus on the outside knocking, calling for anyone within to open the door: even so, many will shut out the truth and continue on in their religion thinking they are still ok with God and everything they are doing will be accepted.

Shut doors.

Put a lock on the pulpit.

Require submission to a statement of belief that contains New World Order protocol ules and policies.

Lock up the Bible, put a chain upon it. Make sure people receive their faith from the lips of men of the New World Order. Tell these members not to read the Bible because they are incapable of understanding or correctly interpreting it. Lock up the mouths of the members with a chain where they cannot speak to each other about spiritual matters that save or condemn the soul.

By all means keep order, keep people as sheep who will follow only one leader. do not let them know they are members of the New World Order and should quietly acquiesce to the religious authority now governing their entire life, thinking processes, and religious beliefs.

The nations and religions of the world are quickly turning to Godless religious leaders who know not God or the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The change agents are in the top levels of all religious groups. The infiltration has begun.

Want to know who is part of the New World Order?


When in a meeting of the divine assemble of the movers and shakers (the governing board): just make the simple statement;

I think we should open up our doors to outsiders and allow them liberty to speak to our churches.

Then record the names of the ones who oppose this.

There you will have identified those FEARFUL and afraid of the Truth.

You will identify those men who will are in place to enforce New World Order religious protocols.

They may be thought to be good men, dedicated men, following the creeds or religious beliefs of the group, and even holy men. But inside, they are full of dead men’s bones.

If you can be made fearful, afraid, to hear the Truth, you have shut the door and this will result in thousands and millions going to hell. Cursed to this damnation by men who compassed land and sea to make proselytes only to make them two-fold more the children of hell.

What are you making of the souls of men and women?

Do not be afraid of restoration of the people or the churches back to the original model of the New Testament Church.

Fight against New World Order protocols no matter how they are worded.

Jesus sent his Apostles to all the world with one word:


He did not tell them to create locked down Churches or locked door religious groups.

Why has the Holy Spirit put this upon me today?

Because someone reading this blog is using the contents to spread New World Order protocol policies to make sure I am locked out, shut out, not accepted, and rejected because my Jewish Christian beliefs are unacceptable to their New World Order controlled group.

But, just as locked doors on a house can trap the occupants and cause them to perish in a fire, even so, if you shut up the gates like the dwellers of Jericho, your walls will come down and all of you will perish.

The only ones who will escape will be those who helped the Israelites and on the day of judgment hung a red cord out the window to signal for God to have mercy.

If you do not understand this post. It is because you may already be controlled by the New World Order and its soldiers in your group.

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Coming soon. Rebaptism investigation.

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You are Not Ready?

Thank you, thank you.

So you are not ready?

You have a position in your group?

You are part of the board of rulers?

You cannot turn away from your sanhedrin council.

You are afraid they will remove you from your lofty position and so you plan to stay on as a cheerleader for your group.

You love the salary. It is so nice to have an income. You can have all the nice things and comforts of life. You get to travel around, even fly back to the HQ church for pep rallies and to give reports of good management.

I know the drill.

I know how the beast gets its claws into your back. And I know how important it is to get those love pats on the back and being told “well done.”

So, you are not ready?

You will play your part in Mystery Babylon.

You will turn your eyes and ears from the Truth.

You will not allow your heart to be troubled with the Truth.

You do not care if Truth is rejected, you have made your vow to stand by wrong no matter what?

I do love you and that is why I am provoking many of you.

If I cannot provoke you to love the Truth, I have no other tools in my toolbox to reach you. And if Truth has no value, it is because you are not good ground to bring forth its fruit.

So, you are not ready?

Pastor Reckart
A Man God Made, I am ready, willing, able, and doing…….

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If, you lived in Jerusalem at the time of the Upper Room, what would your religion be?

If, you were Jewish on the day of Pentecost and believed. And if you were one of the 3,000 who were baptized and added to the Church: what would your religion be?

If you were baptized, how would you have been baptized?


If you became a Christian, would you have lived a holy and righteous life?

I pose these questions, because many people are religious but they do not have the faith or the life style of the first Christians.

In fact, many people do not even care to believe or live like the first Christians.

But, they want their religion to get them to heaven. A religion they cannot find in the Bible. So they make it up using scripture out of context.

For instance: Some claim they are saved by faith plus nothing. They claim this religion is in the Bible as Baptist. But when I checked there was no such religion in the bible that taught this theory. The ones who claim this believe they can do all manner of sin and are still saved.To secure themselves they created a new doctrine called eternal security. Once saved always saved.

All of this is invented religion. Scripture is perverted and wrongly interpreted.

There are many such invented religions.

If you were a Christian of the first Church, your religion would not have been an invented one.

So, why not go back to that original religion upon which all who were called Christian were Christian?


Or have the change agents already got you?

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Street Called Straight

Some of you need to find the street called STRAIGHT.

You have been traveling on the Roman Road to Rome long enough.

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