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Kim Davis Did Not Witness To The Pope About Acts 2:38


I sent a text to pastor Tim Cormier who knows pastor Carter the pastor of Kim Davis. I asked him to question Pastor Carter about her witnessing Acts 2:38 to the pope. A Pentecostal on FB claimed he personally heard Pastor Carter say she witnessed Acts 2:38 to the pope. Well he lied. Here is part of what Pastor Cormier texted me about this:

“I spoke with Pastor Carter early in the week but have not had the time or energy to respond… I hoped to do that when I got back home.

Pastor Carter did confirm that Sis. Kim Davis met with the Pope in private as was FIRST reported, but there was no conversation about Acts 2:38. It was a short meeting in which the pope conveyed his sympathies and extended his prayerful support.”

When I questioned the man who claimed he heard Pastor Carter say Kim Davis had witnessed Acts 2:38 to the pope, he attacked me and called me names. When I said I would ask her pastor if he said this, he then said he lied, he had made it all up. But he said it in such a way to mock me for not believing his words.

Well, I did not believe his words because the Holy Spirit checked me and I was able to have the Spirit of discerning. I could see he was nothing but a Pentecostal who would tell lies to make it appear Kim Davis had done no sin by going to meet the antichrist pope. It was a sin for her to go before him and profess “what an honor it was.”

I see no spiritual reason to accept lies even if told by a Oneness Pentecostal. The man flat out lied.

Kim Davis accepted a rosary from the pope. It was a special papal sealed rosary. She and her husband each got one. What did they do with these idol images? If they kept them and have them on display someplace as a special holy treasure, we will want to know. We will want to know just how far down the sewer she will throw the trinkets of Rome?

Bottom line:

Kim Davis did NOT witness to the pope about Acts 2:38.

October 13, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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