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Jesus, Name Above All Names

Many Enemies

Lots of enemies but Jesus is not one of them.

It frustrates my enemies to see Jesus still blessing me after all their criticisms, anger, hatred, back biting, and gossip against me.

It angers my opponents and adversaries that I continue to be used by Jesus to write excellent and powerful Bible studies. And to do great works of love and compassion at home and on the mission field.

They come to this blog every week to read and be blessed, then go away to report me to their gossip club. They fit in to the gossip club who consists of every imaginable sort of backsliders, misfits, liars, deceivers, and defenders of satanic emblems, practices and customs. Hummm, how righteous they are to judge me……

I like what I do better than I like what the members of the gossip club do not do.
I stand for Truth, holiness, separation from the world, the name of Jesus above all names; the post-trib second coming rapture; the Passover of Jesus on the correct night; true Oneness doctrine (simultaneous modalism including Patripassianism); the Five-Fold-Ministry; New Testament male only priesthood of Christ; tithing and offering support of the ministry and church; boldness to proclaim the Truth about the Israel of God; premillennial Kingdom now beginning on the day of Pentecost; abstinence from pagan holidays and Catholic/Jewish traditions (includes all forms of Kabbalism); Acts 2:38 plan of salvation; original Greek Old Testament and New Testament above all other translations; faith, hope, charity, and forgiveness; and avoiding all who walk disorderly and not according to the faith of Jesus and his Apostles.

One Lord.

One faith.

And one baptism.

I am trying to save all who will believe, repent, be filled with the Holy Ghost, and then live a holy life.

I am successful because Jesus is with me.

He is not leading the gainsayers, backsliders, railers, gossipers, slanderers, and cry baby jealous attackers.

Thank you Jesus for trusting me with Truth and your great name. I will defend both, I do not care what others say or think.




Unmovable and always abounding in the Light.

A Man God Made
I am a Jewish-Christian, He Made Me This Way


October 14, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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