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Pentecostal is not a religion.
Pentecost means 50th.
There is no religion called 50th in the Bible.

The original Church of Jesus Christ was birthed on the day of Pentecost according to the Jewish calendar. Pentecost Sunday.

Yes, the original true New Testament Church was born on a Sunday morning about 9am.

By born, I mean the 120 gathered in the upper room, were filled with the Holy Spirit and came spiritually alive within the Kingdom of God.

Yes, the “born again of water and Spirit” of John 3:5 was now fulfilled. Most if not all had already been baptized in water by Jesus himself. His Apostles up to this time had not baptized anyone because they had not been deputized or sent to baptize yet. They were commanded not to depart from Jerusalem until they had been “endued” with POWER FROM ON HIGH.


The first Church did not bear the name Pentecostal. No one told someone else they belonged to the 50th Church.

You see, Pentecost is a name for a day. And it is also the name of the day on which the 120 came into the Kingdom of God.

Watch this:

The Kingdom was to come with power: Mark 9:1;
The Power was to come with the Holy Spirit baptism: Acts 1:8;
The Holy Spirit did not come upon them until the day of Pentecost: Acts 2:4.

Why is it that religions promote different forms of salvation procedures that do not include the salvation method of the 120 in the beginning?

Why is it so difficult to get distance between us and the Catholic/Protestant religious clubs and their membership entry applications?

Is it not reasonable that the first Church was not Catholic or Protestant?

Isn’t it true that the trinity was not finalized and formalized until the Council of Nicaea? Isn’t it true they had to invent and vote on the Nicene Creed that contained the trinitarian philosophy? If all of this new Neo-PLato terminology was also the fundamental belief of the first Church, why are they now inventing something never heard, saw, or written before?

I can assure you all the 120 in the upper room were Jews of the 12 tribes of Israel. And if they are not represented there in the upper room, they are surely represented in the 3,000 that believed, were baptized, and added to the Church (Acts 2:41). This is the true Israel of God. Get this…….

And I can assure you none of them were Catholic or Protestant.

I can assure you they all believed in one God who was not divided up into three compartments, three separate and distinct persons, or three co-eternal, co-existent, co-equal divine Spirits, each having his own body and being.

Being Pentecostal must mean first that you are a Christian with a Jewish foundation in your faith. You are saved by faith, not by logic or reason.

Being Pentecostal must mean second that you believe Jesus was both God and man.

Being Pentecostal must mean third that you accept Jesus as the God of the Old Testament who came to earth in the form of man, born of the virgin Mary, and manifest to Israel as both the Father (Spirit) and man (seed of Adam and David).

Being Pentecostal must mean fourth that you accept Jesus as he is described in Revelation 1:8.

Being Pentecostal must mean fifth that you have received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other languages as the Spirit gives the utterance.

You have no right, and no authority to speak about Pentecost and those who have received the Pentecost baptism of the Holy Spirit, until you align yourself with the group of 120 Jewish men and women on the day of Pentecost.

You will not find there a single Catholic.
You will not find there a single Protestant.
You will not find there a single person who refused and rejected the new birth baptism of the Holy Spirit.
You will not find there any graduates of a theological school who paraded and promoted Catholic/Protestant traditions and beliefs.
You will not find there trouble makers judging one another and putting each other down because they wanted a more spiritual understanding and a close life with God.

Being Pentecostal is more than speaking in tongues. This is usually the surface religious group who puts more emphasis on emotionalism then on faith and practice.

If you want to to be a person who accepts the day of Pentecost identity, be prepared to step out like the 120 did and leave religion behind. No matter how big the temples of man; no matter how big the denomination; no matter how impressive religious leaders are; follow the Holy Spirit to your own upper room.

There become one with Jesus-God.
There become a temple of Christ-God.
There join with Brothers and Sisters around the world who have had their crossing mikvah baptism in the name of Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38).

If you are not ready for this. You can never be a Pentecostal because you would not have qualified to be in the first upper room or among the 3,000 added that day.

Pentecost is not a religion.

It is a way of life. It is one day that is every day. Pentecost is not one day, it is now every day. Because the Holy Spirit is available every day of the year.

Pastor Reckart
A Man God Made, who is making you?


October 14, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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