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The Religion of Jesus

Jesus was not a Catholic or a Protestant.

Jesus was not a Pharisee or a Sadducee.

Jesus was Jewish, of the seed of David. His religion was the religion of Moses. He did not deviate from the religion of Moses because he was the one who gave it to Moses.

Do you believe Jesus was the God who gave Moses the Ten Commandments?

Answer honestly.

Do you believe Jesus was the God who gave Moses all the precepts of the Law?

Answer honestly.

Do you believe Jesus was the God who gave the first testament, the Law, to Israel?
Answer honestly.

If Jesus is not the God who gave the first Covenant, the Law, to Israel: how then can he bring in a New Covenant, since only the original testament/covenant maker can change it or make a new one.

Do you really know the religion of Jesus or did you swallow hook, line, and sinker the lies of Rome and her Protestant daughters?

Do you really believe Jesus was a Catholic, the first pope, the first one to pray hail Mary, who instituted infant baptisms, priestly robes with turned around collars, the confession booth, the rosary, the trinity (that there are three of them, not one), and that Mary was the mother of God?

How much of Rome is still in you?

How much of her daughers are still in you?

You claim you are a charismatic church. You claim Allah is the true name of God. And then you do not cast out demons, pray for the sick, in the name of Allah?

So you believe speaking in tongues is acceptable. And then deny the Holy Spirit the right to bring the true knowledge and revelation of the Scriptures?

You are so bound up in your Romanish papal traditions, you cannot get free.
You are not the religion of Jesus. Quit pretending.

If you want the true religion of Jesus, I can offer you only one book.
But if I offer you that one book, I will not offer it to you from the portal of Rome or her Protestant daughters.

And if you do not want that one book taught to you in the glory of the name of Jesus Christ, as it was first given or intended: do not waste my time.

I am looking for the sheep of God. I am looking for those who have their Shepherd. And they know not only his voice but also his religion.

I am ready, I have the book.

What is your decision?

Will it be rejection because Rome and her daughters still control your mind and heart?

I have the book.

It’s your turn.

Pastor Reckart
A Man God Made
You can email me your response (

October 16, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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