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You are Not Ready?

Thank you, thank you.

So you are not ready?

You have a position in your group?

You are part of the board of rulers?

You cannot turn away from your sanhedrin council.

You are afraid they will remove you from your lofty position and so you plan to stay on as a cheerleader for your group.

You love the salary. It is so nice to have an income. You can have all the nice things and comforts of life. You get to travel around, even fly back to the HQ church for pep rallies and to give reports of good management.

I know the drill.

I know how the beast gets its claws into your back. And I know how important it is to get those love pats on the back and being told “well done.”

So, you are not ready?

You will play your part in Mystery Babylon.

You will turn your eyes and ears from the Truth.

You will not allow your heart to be troubled with the Truth.

You do not care if Truth is rejected, you have made your vow to stand by wrong no matter what?

I do love you and that is why I am provoking many of you.

If I cannot provoke you to love the Truth, I have no other tools in my toolbox to reach you. And if Truth has no value, it is because you are not good ground to bring forth its fruit.

So, you are not ready?

Pastor Reckart
A Man God Made, I am ready, willing, able, and doing…….


October 18, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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