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Fearful Those Afraid (see Revelation 21:8)

Ok, your religion has a grip on your heart, mind, and soul.

I understand that.

There are now about 7 billion people in the world and religions have great grips on the heart, mind, and soul of followers.

I understand that.

According to the protocols of the New World Order, all religions must join the one world order. These religions must agree to disagree. They must all agree not to attempt to convert, proselytize each others members, or speak bad or evil of each other’s religious beliefs, practices, or traditions. All member religions must teach their followers that each will be accepted by God and therefore member religions of the New World Order will not participate in divisive conduct to bring disorder to the populations of the world. If anyone is found in violation of these fundamental principles, they must be denied all acceptance and participation in religious meetings and leadership. No outsider will be allowed to come within any member religious group, its churches, temples, mosques, shrines, or other religious buildings to disseminate religious beliefs that are not considered mainstream. All member religions and their subsidiaries, denominations, groups, schools, colleges, clubs, shall create policies consistent with these rules that will govern the affairs of religions of the New World Order.

With these protocols, TRUTH will be shut out.

Men or one man, can control and entire religious group by careful implementation of the New World Order rules.

This is isolationism where members of a religion may never learn the truth about Jesus Christ, salvation, living holy, the correct interpretation of the Scriptures, and the true name of God.

Just as in the case of the church of Laodicaea, with Jesus on the outside knocking, calling for anyone within to open the door: even so, many will shut out the truth and continue on in their religion thinking they are still ok with God and everything they are doing will be accepted.

Shut doors.

Put a lock on the pulpit.

Require submission to a statement of belief that contains New World Order protocol ules and policies.

Lock up the Bible, put a chain upon it. Make sure people receive their faith from the lips of men of the New World Order. Tell these members not to read the Bible because they are incapable of understanding or correctly interpreting it. Lock up the mouths of the members with a chain where they cannot speak to each other about spiritual matters that save or condemn the soul.

By all means keep order, keep people as sheep who will follow only one leader. do not let them know they are members of the New World Order and should quietly acquiesce to the religious authority now governing their entire life, thinking processes, and religious beliefs.

The nations and religions of the world are quickly turning to Godless religious leaders who know not God or the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The change agents are in the top levels of all religious groups. The infiltration has begun.

Want to know who is part of the New World Order?


When in a meeting of the divine assemble of the movers and shakers (the governing board): just make the simple statement;

I think we should open up our doors to outsiders and allow them liberty to speak to our churches.

Then record the names of the ones who oppose this.

There you will have identified those FEARFUL and afraid of the Truth.

You will identify those men who will are in place to enforce New World Order religious protocols.

They may be thought to be good men, dedicated men, following the creeds or religious beliefs of the group, and even holy men. But inside, they are full of dead men’s bones.

If you can be made fearful, afraid, to hear the Truth, you have shut the door and this will result in thousands and millions going to hell. Cursed to this damnation by men who compassed land and sea to make proselytes only to make them two-fold more the children of hell.

What are you making of the souls of men and women?

Do not be afraid of restoration of the people or the churches back to the original model of the New Testament Church.

Fight against New World Order protocols no matter how they are worded.

Jesus sent his Apostles to all the world with one word:


He did not tell them to create locked down Churches or locked door religious groups.

Why has the Holy Spirit put this upon me today?

Because someone reading this blog is using the contents to spread New World Order protocol policies to make sure I am locked out, shut out, not accepted, and rejected because my Jewish Christian beliefs are unacceptable to their New World Order controlled group.

But, just as locked doors on a house can trap the occupants and cause them to perish in a fire, even so, if you shut up the gates like the dwellers of Jericho, your walls will come down and all of you will perish.

The only ones who will escape will be those who helped the Israelites and on the day of judgment hung a red cord out the window to signal for God to have mercy.

If you do not understand this post. It is because you may already be controlled by the New World Order and its soldiers in your group.


October 20, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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