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Did God Hide The Trinity From Old Testament People And Prophets?

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Second offence after renouncing.
And be it further Ordained, That in case any person formerly indicted for publishing and maintaining of such erroneous Opinion or Opinions, as aforesaid, and renouncing and abjuring the same, shall nevertheless again publish and maintain his said former errour or errours, as aforesaid, and the same proved as aforesaid, the said party so offending shall be committed to Prison as formerly, and at the next Goal Delivery shall be indicted as aforesaid. And in case the Indictment be then found upon the Trial, and it shall appear that formerly the party was convicted of the same errour, and publishing and maintaining thereof, and renounced and abjured the same, the Offendor shall suffer death as in case of Felony, without benefit of Clergy (May 1648 England Parliament Lords and Commons).

Those who do not believe in the trinity were condemned to death. This was based upon the decrees of papal Rome.

Doctor Michael Servetus (September 29, 1509–October 27, 1553) was burned at the stake for denying the trinity doctrine. He was murdered by the consent of John Calvin and his Presbyterian followers.

Rome killed many thousands of non-Catholics from 325AD to the present generation who rejected the trinity doctrine.

No where in the New Testament is there a death penalty for a person who does not believe in the trinity. No where is there a test of fellowship using this doctrine. No where in the New Testament is there an explicit doctrine of the trinity taught or mentioned. The entire doctrine must be assembled and invented by using a collection of scriptures that are interpreted to mean the trinity was implied. The primary text are Matthew 28:19 and 1John 5:7. We now know the original Matthew did not contain the trinity clause. We now know 1John 5:7 is not in the oldest Greek texts. These text were never used by the Apostles or first Christians to teach God was now three separate persons, three separate beings, or three separate Spirits.

The Catholic church and her Protestant daughters teach that all those living in the Old Testament were not given the mystery of the trinity.

According to papal apologist, the revelation of the three in one God was not given.

This means from Adam to Jesus the trinity was unknown and no one was required to believe in it to be considered a Jew or a believer.

It was the Catholic church that created the trinity doctrine in 325AD. Then to enforce the new creed demanded acceptance and belief. Afterward, Rome enforced strict penalties against those who refused to accept the new Nicene Creed and subsequent doctrines. This horrible and cruel vengeance ushered in the Dark Ages of death where Rome held the keys to heaven, hell, and the grave.

Those Protestant daughters still in harmony with mama Rome continue to enforce papal aggression and hate against non-trinitarian Christians.

No Christian was forced to accept or believe in the trinity before 325AD. But today, the first test to see if a minister or believer can join or have fellowship with the daughter religious groups is “do you believe in the trinity?”

They ask this test question before they ask if I have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.

They ask this before they ask me if I am saved by grace through faith.

They want to test my theology before they test my salvation.

They want to test me to see if I have accepted Catholic creeds and traditions before they test me to see if I believe the New Testament and the true Gospel of God.

Those who use this test of salvation could never have any fellowship with any person in the Old Testament. Because no one in the Old Testament would confess they believed in the trinity as created by the Catholic church. The trinitarians who use this test of friendship and salvation could never have any fellowship with any Old Testament great men such as Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Isaias, Jeremias, Ezekiel, Daniel, John the Baptist, or Jesus. None of these believed or taught there were three separate divine beings in heaven who co-existed with each other and shared one identity as God.

Why is it, these trinitarians use the Old Testament at all?

They must admit upon all the honesty of heart they have, that no Old Testament person believed in or knew of a trinity.

They must admit that only pagan and heathen religions had beliefs in trinity of gods.

I must insert this statement about “echad” the numerical number 1 (Strong’s #259). Trinitarians say the trinity was not revealed in the Old Testament. But then try to manipulate “echad” or the numerical 1 into a plurality. They claim the Jews and Israelites knew that “echad” did not mean 1 but meant plural or 2 or 3 or more. How is this possible they did not know about the trinity but yet in “echad” in relationship to God, they understood God to be a plural? The fact is, at no time when “echad” is used for God can it mean more than the numerical 1. This is backed up by hermeneutics.

Any trinitarian who uses the Old Testament to try and prove a trinity when the concept or theory was never used, is in violation of the law of hermeneutics.

Hermeneutics is the same as exegesis: correct interpretation of words and meaning based upon first use and the knowledge and use and intent of the writer.

In no circumstances did any writer use “God,” “Lord,” or “El or Elohim”, to mean there was a trinity behind these names. In the event it is claimed God, Lord, El, Elohim are not names, it does not change the fact a trinity was not intended to be represented in them.

The rule or law of hermeneutics when applied to the New Testament reveals that no writer hid or secretly intended a trinity to exist behind the use of the words God, Lord, Father, Son, or Holy Ghost. The New Testament belief of God continues the Old Testament beliefs.

Want to know the root of the trinity theory of God within Christianity? You will discover the Zohar/Kabbalah esoteric symbolic interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures by Philo. Pay attention to the first triad. Then you will want to research Athanasius of Alexanderia (circa 325AD), and his Plato training and education. How he brought the Plato philosophy to Nicaea. Research -“Neo-Platoism and the trinity-“. Learn the source of the word “homoousians” You will discover the Athanasius use of Plato to develop the trinitarian co-equal triad. What you will discover if you are honest, is that Tertullian was a member of the Montantist cult when he wrote his aggressive diatribe against Praxius in his (Adversus Praxius). There is no evidence Tertullian was a trinitarian before he joined the Montanist cult. He is used as a church father (Catholic church father). When in fact after his imolation castration to become a Montanist, he was never a friend or supporter to Roman Catholicism.

All of this invented trinitarianism was never known to the Old Testament prophets and Jews. What is more important is that Jesus and the Apostles never included any of this heathen/pagan interpretation to the Old or New Testament. All of this is extra-biblical. It is all eisegesis and none of it is correct exegesis based upon the law of hermeneutics.

Are you able to receive the Truth?
Are you so brainwashed into Catholic and Protestant trinitarian deception you cannot get free? If Truth cannot make you free, then you do not want to be free.

There is one God and his name one (Zacharias 14:9).

Jesus did not teach more than one God.
Jesus did not teach any trinity.
Jesus did not teach the Apostles there was a trinity.
The Apostles did not teach a trinity.
The Apostles gave to Jesus all the names or titles used of their one God in the Old Testament. What they intended by giving Jesus this deity, was not to give him a position as second God of rank under the Father, the first God of rank.

The relationship of Jesus and the Father is simply God in Christ reconciling the world unto himself (2Corinthians 5:19). It is no less than God manifested in the flesh (1Timothy 3:16). It is the revelation of Jesus as the Father (Spirit) in the Son (humanity); when he said: “I and my Father are one (John 10:30)” And when he said: “when you have seen me, you have seen the Father” (John 14:9). And when Jesus himself in Revelation 1:8 declared his deity by saying:

“I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, saith the Lord, which is, which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.”

The revelation of Jesus Christ is not the trinity or his place in a trinity as a second co-existent, co-eternal, or co-equal between the first and last deity persons of the trinity. This would mean of necessity he was not FIRST AND LAST!

Trinitarians who use the trinity doctrine to close the church doors, prohibit students from entering their bible schools, colleges, and seminaries: would have shut out all Old and New Testament men of God.

Remember, it was the trinitarian dwellers of Jericho who shut out the One God Israelites; and the trinitarian Philistines who rampaged against the Israelites, that God was against.

I know there are trinitarins reading this blog. I know you have caused trouble for me. You have used your influence to cause doors to be closed to me. You come here to read to report me to your minister friends in the hierarchic of your group. You hope by placing a black mark upon me to make sure I have no success in your country. You are planning to keep people in bondage to the trinity doctrine and keep them as sons and daughters of the Roman Catholic church as a faithful daughter group. I know you will not humble down and see your errors and false beliefs are wrong.


Jesus will raise up a people out of a people and he will have a Church comprised of honest men and women who walk in the Truth. In that day they will know the Father is in the Son (John 14:20); and there will be no need for a trinity to explain this unity and Oneness.

I ask humbly:

Open your doors.

This man of God, may have only one chance to visit your country and bring you the Truth. If you shut out the Light, you curse the continued darkness upon your people.

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Pastor G. Reckart
A Man God Made To Challenge Hate, Prejudice, and Aggression used against non-trinitarian Christians.

October 22, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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