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The Facts Are In. The Trinity Was Not Revealed In The Old Testament

trinity-puzzelIndeed, there are two brothers in the Catholic trinity. The Old Testament contains no doctrine of this Trinity.

The first fact is Genesis 1:1–In the beginning God.
The Aramaic version translated from Paleo-Hebrew has the word “elohim” in this text.

In the beginning Elohim.

Elohim here is the plural from of the singular El or Eloah. Does this mean a trinity?


Elohim is considered a singular noun in over 2,600 scriptures.

In the case of its plural use as gods, it is used. However, in Aramaic, the number of the verb determines the number of the subject. If the verb is singular, the subject is singular.

In the beginning Elohim created.

Elohim subject.

Created verb.

Created is singular.

Therefore Elohim is singular.

Here is where the trinitarian riddles collapse among honest theologians.

If Elohim means plural and not singular determined by the singular verb here is what must be done in order for this puzzle to be accurately translated.

In the beginning Gods create the heavens and the earth.

Here, Elohim is translated in the plural as Gods. Trinitarians cannot boast they have found evidence of a secret hidden trinitarian fact unless they are willing to translate Elohim as Gods. If they balk at this, then they are as dishonest as a thimblerigging carnival barker switching the pea around.

No honest trinitarian would ever attempt to change the Word of God to place Gods in Genesis 1:1. And if he will not because he knows it would be a lie and false: why then make the claim that Elohim in the plural form indicates this is evidence of a secret hidden trinity?

no-trinity-revealedThe trinity was not hidden in secret form in the Old Testament. God speaks of himself in the singular. In fact this God, this singular being, showed us there is no trinity when he made Adam.

When God made Adam he did not make Adam three separate and distinct persons. He made Adam in a triune construct of body, soul, and spirit. But Adam is one person. The unity of body, soul, and spirit into one being, one person: shows us the image and likeness of God.

Anyone who denies this is not a theologian. He is a lieologian.

God himself said he knew no other God (Isaias 44:8).

Our problem is how do we treat Father, Son, and Holy Ghost if these three are one? And if they are all three the same God, how are they the same God? If they are not all three the same God, the one supreme Spirit Being, then indeed there are more Gods than one. But God said he knew no other God.

If we do not believe Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is the one true God in three different offices, then we must construct a God who is not one but three. And this violates all the Word of God.

The facts are in. The trinity was not revealed in the Old Testament.

If you have evidence the trinity was revealed and known, please provide the scripture. Sign your real name. Tell me the name of your religion and what country you live in.

Thank you, and God bless.

Be bold, be brave, email me.

Pastor Gary Reckart
A Man God Made
I am one being.
I am one spirit.
I have one eternal soul.
I am made in the image and likeness of God.
The first study no trinity in the Old Testament was posted on October 22, 2015. Since that time there have been 1,150 readers who viewed them. They have been copied down over 600 times. Visitors include theologians, PhDs, ThDs, ThMs, B.Ds, D.Ds, J.Ds, M.Divs, Pastors, Chaplains, Church Administrators, Missionaries, and Church members. What they have read has shocked them. Some are so angry they hate me. Some are trying to find a way to protect mama Rome and her trinity riddles. Some are black-marking me so I cannot be successful to challenge their lieologies. Be assured, mystery Babylon is working within all Pentecostal groups. Just because they speak in tongues, have miracles, and call upon the name of Jesus, does not make them the Church of the Living God. I mean Church of the ONE LIVING GOD.

See some of you soon. Be nice to me when you meet a prodigy of the Apostle Paul. My middle name is Paul. Gary Paul Reckart….

A Man God Made


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