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God Did Not Give The Trinity Doctrine

trinityGod Does Not Believe In A Trinity.

Mankind has believed in trinity of gods from before the flood. But God did not give him this religion.

God did not give the Christian trinity as defined by Rome and her Protestant daughters.

If you believe in the trinity it is because you were deceived to have faith in something man made up.

You are required to have faith in the trinity to believe it is true.

The trinity doctrine is made the object of faith.

Consider this in light of Jesus.

When Jesus is the object of faith you will believe in him.

You must have faith in the trinity doctrine before you can try to put together the reasons you believe in it.

You will then go on a search of church history, church traditions, and theological books with trinity explanations: to find a way to prove it is true.

This leads to obvious tricks and schemes of Scripture where it is claimed the trinity is revealed.

In the absence of common sense, the explanations of these Scriptures provide an easy reason to now believe the trinity doctrine is absolutely true.

Then, faith in the trinity leads a person to fight against anyone who tries to say their belief is caused by a special spiritual delusion.

Anger begins. Fight anyone who opposes the trinity and use all the tricks and schemes learned from other trinitarians trying to defend Catholic traditions.

Foolish questions begin to arise to try and prove the trinity.

Isn’t Elohim plural and means there is a secret hidden trinity?
Doesn’t “let us make man”, the Father talking to his two sons prove the trinity?
What about: “who will go for us”, this surely shows one person in the trinity talking to the other two?
What about “my Lord said unto my Lord”, isn’t this the Father as one person speaking to his Son as the other Lord in the trinity?
What about the baptism of Jesus, all three persons in the trinity are there that day?
Can anyone deny there is a trinity when the Son prays to the Father? Isn’t this one person praying to another person?
What about Matthew 28:19, where Jesus commands baptism in the name of the trinity?
What about 1John 5:7 this shows a trinity.
What about the many times the Father and the Son are spoken as two separate persons “like the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ”?
What about the trinity invoked in the prayer: “let the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all”?
How can anyone deny the trinity when in Revelation 5:7 Jesus takes the book out of the hand of the Father?
And last, if there is no trinity how can there be two thrones in heaven, the one for the Father and at his right hand another one for the Son?

The purpose of these questions is to prove the trinity. But these questions fly against common sense and logic that are in conflict with the trinity doctrine.

The trinity doctrine claims there is one God and yet in all of these questions there is an attempt to prove each person in the trinity is a separate divine being, in a separate divine body, and each of them are God.

In the trinity they claim they are all co-equal and then it has the Son not co-equal at all but must rely upon the Father. The Son of God, the second person of the trinity, is now incarnate within the human Jesus. According to the trinitarian doctrine the Son of God did not die on the Cross only his human body died. This must be true for the other claim of the trinity of being co-eternal. This means the Son of God could never die or the moment of death he would cease to be co-eternal. This also means that the Father, the first person of the trinity, DID NOT RAISE FROM THE DEAD THE SON OF GOD, THE SECOND PERSON IN THE TRINITY.

I have this. I’ve got this.

The trinity not only defies its own meaning: it proves the questions are not based upon biblical principles but upon human invention of a delusion.

The trinity is a delusion and this is why artwork by Catholics and Protestants trying to depict this deluded theory shows a God with three heads and one body; three separate Beings sitting together; An old man God, and young blond hair-blue eye God, and a hovering dove above the heads of the two; three Gods each exactly looking alike, like triplets; a God with three faces, 4 eyes, 3 mouths, 2 ears, 3 chins, and 1 neck on one body.

If the Father speaks to the son in the middle of this image, he has no ears. The Father has one ear and the Holy Ghost on the opposite side has one ear. The Son cannot hear the Father unless the ear of the Father and the ear of the Holy Ghost somehow are inner connected to him?

These images of the triune God, fly in the face of logic, common sense, and biblical fact.

Let’s recap some of the trinity doctrine:

Trinity doctrine = One God consisting of three separate persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Trinity doctrine = Each person is co-equal (none has greater power than the others), co-existent (none came into existence before the others), and co-eternal (are eternal without any possibility of death).

Trinity doctrine = God the Father (one person) sent God the Son (the second person) to earth and take upon him the human flesh of Jesus.

Trinity doctrine = God the Son is incarnate as Jesus upon earth.

Trinity doctrine = God the Father and God the Son talk to each other (the Father speaks to the Son at his baptism and Jesus prays back to the Father).

Trinity doctrine = God the Father also dwells in God the Son and both dwell in Jesus.

Trinity doctrine = Jesus as God the Son has no power or authority and must be given these upon the earth.

My questions to all trinitarians:

1) Are you trying to prove three Gods or one God?
2) Is your God one divine Spirit or three separate divine Spirits?
3) Are each of your persons a separate divine Being?
4) Does each of your persons have his own body?
5) Are Jesus and the Holy Ghost brothers, since there are no sisters in the trinity?
6) Does the trinity consist of one Father and two sons?
7) Is it true that only one Son came to earth and that is why he is called the Only Begotten Son, and the other Son, the Holy Ghost remains unbegotten but yet an eternal Son?
7) If the trinity is one God and not three separate Gods, please explain how your Son of God can come to earth separate from the other two Gods?

Answers to these questions will determine if a person is really trinitarian or the land of nebulous confusion vacillating between Oneness and Trinity. I have never met a true trinitarian who sticks to his theology. If they did they would be tritheist and not a monotheist.

The following questions by trinitarians are based upon faith and belief in three separate Gods, not in one God. They are tritheist trick questions designed to confuse and implant delusional hypothesis that defy Scripture, logic, and common sense.

Question: If there is no trinity how come at the baptism of Jesus, God the Father speaks from heaven, the Holy Ghost appears as a dove, and God the Son is standing in the water?

The question itself proves the person believes in three separate Gods existing in three separate places. God the Father is in heaven, God the Holy Spirit is fluttering in the sky, and God the Son is standing in the water. Proves three Gods not one God.

While trying to prove the trinity is clearly present at the baptism of Jesus, it becomes necessary to invent three separate Gods to explain it all.

But, trinitarians claim there are not three separate Gods.

Here is where logic and common sense defies the claims of the trinity.

The trinity is a big delusion. It will take me time to unravel all the illogical and wresting of the Word of God.

If the trinity is true the bible is false.
If the bible is true the trinity is false.
The Bible began to be written about 1400BC.
The trinity was invented in 325AD.
The Bible existed 1,725 years before the trinity was ever known.
The trinity came into existence 225 years after the bible was finished.

Many years ago, around 1975 I visited Dr. Ralph H. Mount who had built a true size replica of the tabernacle. I went there with a friend of mine. While there in our visit we came to the sanctum of the holy of holies. Dr. Mount had in his past been associated with the Dallas Theological Seminary, a Baptist school. He was a very devout trinitarian. As we stood there in the holy of holies section, my friend, being very bold, asked him: Dr. Mount, how can you reconcile the trinity with the holy of holies where only one God was manifested to Israel? All Dr. Mount could say was that the trinity was not revealed in any of the Old Testament.

God did not reveal the trinity in the 4,000 years of the Old Testament because there was none. According to Dr. Mount, no writer, no prophet, no person knew of the trinity in the Old Testament. He said, anyone who attempts to use any scripture to prove the trinity is going beyond the intent of the writers and outside the knowledge known about God.

Many of you reading this study will remain trinitarian. Not because it is the truth. But because it is a tradition which you will refuse to admit is false.

I asked a woman preacher yesterday in the parking lot of a large store who was trying to get me to say the sinner’s prayer. She thought she was going to help me get saved. She told me the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost were waiting for me to be saved. I did not challenge her. I simply said: ok, if I get saved and go to heaven right now, will I see all three? She assured me that I would positively see all three. I asked her if there were three Gods or one God? She said there was one God. I asked her to please explain how I would see all three if there was only one? She scurried off to approach other shoppers.

When I get to heaven I will see Jesus sitting on the throne. And I am sure, when I go before him and ask “show me the Father.” He will say to me John 14:9.

Did any of you ever read Isaias 9:6?

Who is the everlasting Father in this text?

When you can call Jesus Father, you will know in that day that in him is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


October 28, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic


  1. I like this Bishop, we could use this for our evangelism, I hope theres more of this. I like to know more about the common questions of the Trinitarians against One God doctrine and how to answer them back…

    Comment by jhayet22 | October 28, 2015

  2. Ok my daughter. Will do.

    Comment by acts0412 | October 29, 2015

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