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Preterism, I Stand Opposed

Preterism, The Catholic Deception

By Pastor G. Reckart

Prophecy and the interpretation thereof has been of importance ever since the day Jesus said he would go away and come back again.

Questions arose: When will you go away? Where will he go? When will be come again? These and other questions have been discussed by thousands. How could such a simple prophetic fact of the second coming have so many interpretations? Even more so, how could the second coming become wrapped up in several other false doctrines and interpretations? A trip through prophecy teachings such as the pre-trib rapture, the mid-trib rapture, the pre-wrath rapture, and the past-rapture group, is not as boring as some might think. There are interesting interpretations that stagger the mind. The one that makes no sense except among the Catholic church and those who accept its prophecy doctrine, are the Preterist.

Just what do the Preterist teach? In a nut shell, they teach Jesus has already come back and did so in 70AD. The rapture is past, the great tribulation is past, the antichrist and the mark of the beast is past, all the seals, trumpets, and vials are past: fulfilled, finished, over. The resurrection is past. The dead in Christ have already been raised. We are now living in the millennial which began in 70AD. Oh they will say they believe in a future rapture, which they mean that takes place at the end of the world. But corner them up if this future resurrection is that Paul speaks about in 1Cor 15 and they will say no, that one is past, over, finished.

According to the Catholic church, who has made use of the Preterist heresy since at least the time of St. Augustine: The papal throne represents the millennial throne of Christ. The Pope sits there as his Vicar. The Catholic church as the millennial kingdom is destined to rule the world. Anyone who refuses to come into the Catholic millennial kingdom is worthy of death. The trinity doctrine is the ecumenical faith of all who join or will be a part of the Catholic millennial kingdom. Of course there are Protestants who claim the Catholic church is not the millennial kingdom. They claim they are the millennial kingdom; at least those who claim to be Preterist.

We live in a time when idiots claim interpretation of prophecy is not salvational. That each person is entitled to believe what they want, even if it is all lies and falsehood. That believing lies and falsehoods is not salvational. Yet of this very event, Jesus warned not to be deceived. He warned of false Christs, false prophets, who would deceive many. If these deceptions are not false teachings, false doctrines, false interpretations: THEN WHAT ARE THEY? And to say these are not salvational issues, is borderline insanity. I will not fall for that liberal kool-aid.

In these days of liars and deceivers claiming they have received the Preterist doctrine from God, even Jesus: and claiming it is the Apostolic interpretation of the Apostles; let me say these deceivers will not succeed to deceive the very elect. Yes, they will serve a purpose. They will be instrumental in brining out the tare-factor in the false Apostolics. They will bring out the identity of those who are not the wheat of God. This is necessary so that in the harvest time we can know who is who. That time is coming with two very deciding movements. The first is liberalism. This movement will clearly show who the Bride of Christ is and who is among the harlot churches. The second, is those who follow false interpretations of prophecy, and who will deny the very Word of God for the endtimes. These two movements will be the dividing of friends, family, churches, the Ministry, and even the religiouis organizations. The elect will come out from those who are not of the true Apostolic faith. Liberalism is doing us a favor. It is manifesting who are not the people of God, and who we have to withdraw from and not fellowship. Prophecy interpretations like Preterism and the pre-trib rapture will also being a division. These are exciting times. Times to look around and be shocked as God reveals the inner heart of the deceivers and the deceived.

I have written a study on Preterist and the greatest champions of it in the past 100 years. You can go read it at this URL:

Champions of Preterism

Some have claimed I have lied on them in my reporting. Fact is, I have not lied at all. These men have changed their web pages to make it look like if have lied and misrepresented them. That is why I will not change my pages. These men are deceivers and liars. They have altered their pages to take out some of their false doctrines to make it appear they are not evil men spreading Catholic heresy. These have not repented and come out of the Preterist heresy and I am not ashamed to say I will not remove my pages about them or what they wrote.

For those who want to criticize me: make my day! I have an unction from the Holy One to declare the Truth and I will not back up, cave in, be intimidated to stop my Ministry, or give an apology to backsliders. And I have no respect for any man or woman who claims the resurrection and coming of Jesus are past and occured in 70AD.

Jesus had not come back yet! The resurrection has not taken place yet. And we are not in the millennial right now. Satan is not bound right now. I resent any false teacher saying otherwise. Preterism is a heresy of Catholic origins and I will oppose the lies within it and all the spiritualizing they use to try and make it true.

We are still in the Church age. The tribulation is yet future. The seals, trumpets, and vials are not fulfulled yet.

Be warned, if you spread false doctine on the coming of Jesus in my life time while I am able to speak and write, I will oppose you. I will stand up against you. I am in defense of the doctrine of Jesus Christ that he is coming back again a second time. And this is still future!

Apostolic people, do not be deceived and lose your soul to false prophecy teachings.

Pastor Reckart
Tampa, Flor


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Why Anti-Halleluyah?


You must read my 62 page Bible study. If you repeat lies you become a liar. Jesus said do not judge a man until you hear him.

Email me:


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The Future

I have seen the future.

And it is:




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Crazy, Crazy, Dangerous

Attended a mega church yesterdsy with over 5,000 present. What a mess. The pastor was teaching on Revelation 12 and the woman. Nope, she is not Mary or the church. She is Bapa Allah (father God). Yep he basically said God was male and female. The woman crying, well that was Bapa Allah being sad because his son was going to die on the Cross. I was blown away when he said the dragon chased the woman into the wilderness. I shook my head no, no, no. I was on the second row back from his 4×8 desk. He could see me. I said translator, this man is nuts. He just said the dragon chased Bapa Allah into the wilderness. I looked around at 5,000 fools who many were in agreement with him. At the five minute break, an usher came and moved us way on the other side around a corner where we could not see him except on a huge TV screen. I listened to another hour of his lies. Before his session ended he said 666 was just symbolic and they could take s chip in their hand or forehead and no problem. It ended and my translator and her husband ssk me: Pastor Gary what do you want to do? I smiled and said take me to eat chicken.


A man God made Who Rightly Divides The Word

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If you know a name greater than Jesus, please tell me what it is.


Let me hear from you.

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I Am Not UPC

In 1972 I departed from the UPC. I saw the organization did not completely follow the Bible. It refuse to give up traditions of Rome. Many doctrines were false. And there was no push for perfection of doctrine, faith, practice, conduct, and order.
Music and worship were the only thing that made going to a UPC church enjoyable. But this can be enjoyed even in trinity churches. Slowly most UPC churches accepted music patterned after worldly beats and styles. It all shifted to the dance and shouting. Very little Truth preached. The UPC became a spiritual train wreck. I refused to be a Pentecostal Catholic.

My ministry is to all people. If they will open the door I will preach the true Gospel of God. Anyone who reads my Bible studies knows I am a righteous man led by the Holy Spirit. They know I write the Truth. My separation from the UPC over 43 years ago made me a man of God the UPC can never produce.

If you attend a UPC church you will have to comprmise on many doctrines and also on holiness. You will enjoy the music, choir, and worship. Only to leave never to have grown in the Truth and still practice many traditions of mama Roma.

Do not think your Oneness or Acts 2:38 puts you above rebuke or makes you special. These never mattered to Jesus in his rebuke of 6 of the 7 churches of Asia.
Jesus is doing great things outside the walls of the UPC. I left and will not go back. I am a better man because I took a stand and left. I did not backslide out, I walked out saved and still saved 43 years later.

You see my salvation and faith is not in a Catholic religious organization but in Jesus Christ God.

I am a wise man.
Pastor Bishop Reckart

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Bin Laden Is Dead But Christians Still Threatened

ben-ladenBin Laden is dead. The Islamic revolution he died for continues around the world. Who is threatened? Jews and Christians are the targets.

The conquering of Jews, the homeland Israel, began around the same time Mohammad launched his Islamic wars. There is a possibility his first conversion to Jewish religious beliefs and also Christian teachings were honest. He certainly learned a lot about both religions by word of mouth from someone.

In the time of Mohammad there was no New Testament translated into Arabic. In fact, the Old Testament was not even translated until about 900AD by Rabbi Saadiah Ben Yoseph Gaon. This was 268 years after the death of Mohammad who died in 632AD.

Sergius Risi, archbishop of Damascus, under the auspice of Rome, translated the whole bible into Arabic in 1671AD. It contained the Allah Islamic invasion into Christianity. Allah was interpolated into the text in over 6,500 places. This was not the origin of the substitution of Allah for El, Elohim, and the Greek Theos, Latin Dios, or the Germanic-English God. Already in the far eastern Malaysian islands the Dutch had invented a dictionary where God was indicated to be Allah. At this time (1650AD) The Malaysian Tuhan was used for both God and Lord. After the spread of the Dutch infiltration of this new interpretation, Allah slowly became accepted and incorporated into Christian liturgy, literature (bibles), songs, and worship. A bridge had been built between Islam and Christianity. But, many Malaysians objected to this corruption and refused to make the new adjustment. They continued their Christianity using Tuhan as the correct translation of Lord and God.

It is now estimated that over one billion bibles have been interpolated with Allah to spread the Islamic conquest of Christians and non-Muslim countries.

There is no evidence of an Islamic plot to alter the Jewish or Christian bibles. It has all been done by Jews and Christians who have been brainwashed by prior Jews and Christians that Allah is the same God as the God of the Jews. There was birthed an elaborate scheme of “cognate” deception of the ancient El, Elohim, and Eloah; Aramaic names of God to invent a connection to elah, ilu, Enlil, Enlil, and other Aramaic names of idol gods. With this new “cognate” conspiracy to belie the historical exclusive use of El and Elohim in the Old Testament, Allah has become accepted and a new Christlam was born.

Muslims did not do this although they gladly accepted the Christian corruption because it furthered the important conquest of Christians. Muslims are very happy to use the resources of these alleged Christian and Jewish scholars and will quote them as proof Allah is the true supreme deity.

Use of Allah is just a small step to the extremist “Allahu-akbar” that now follows in every nation where the name Allah has been accepted and used by Christians. Even Christians are now screaming Allahu-Akbar instead of “hallelujah.” According to these Christlam Christians, Allahu-Akbar is the same as saying hallelujah, since “jah” comes from YHWH and YHWH and Allah are cognate and claimed by the “cognators” to be the same god of the praise.

Bin Laden is dead. His gun is silent. He has no more bombs to explode to kill Jews and Christians. His small contribution to help conquer American and change its religious landscape from Christianity to Islam was successful. 911 was a success. It was used to develop in all Americans respect for Muslims through the weapon of fear. That fear has led to acceptance of Islam, Sharia law, the Koran, and Allah as the name of God. I asked one Pastor if Allah was the true name of God? He answered no. But said he could not say this from his pulpit because many people attending as members believe that it is. He did not want to lose members and did not want his church burned down. Welcome to the new Allah conquest.

The motto of America is: “In God We Trust.” It is now translated “In Allah We Trust.”

All of this invasion began when Jewish rabbis and Christian scholars corrupted the historical biblical use of El and Elohim into Allah.

It is Christmas time soon. A time when many Muslims will clamor that Allah had no son, that God has no partner, and that Jesus was just a man.

This coming year of 2016 there will be another 250,000,000 bibles distributed to Christians containing Allah and they will throw their older bibles away. Sunday Schools will begin teaching from these new bibles and a new generation of Christian Muslims will emerge indoctrinated that Allah is God and they will completely abandon the Jesus Christ of Calvary to become Muslim.

Bin Laden is dead, but there are many Christian preachers stepping up to finish his work of conversion to Allah. They will begin by saying Allah and the Jewish Christian God are the same God. They will use Islamic arguments to facilitate this catastrophic destruction of Christianity. The anti-Christ are among us and many care not.

Christians are still threatened. Many Christian churches are being burned down. This coming year of 2016 many will be persecuted and killed.

We must throw away all bibles containing the name Allah.
We must remove Allah from all of our songs and worship.
We must exalt the name of Jesus Christ as the name above all names (Acts 4:12).
We must pray for Muslims and lead them to Christ with love.
It is time to preach the Gospel to Muslims all over the world.
If you cannot do it openly, use some method to distribute tracts and bibles that will assist in a Muslim finding God’s love.

Pastor G. Reckart
A Man Elohim Made for the praise of his glory

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lah-yahThe name Allah belongs only in the Koran, the Islamic bible.

It is not the name of the Jewish or Christian God.

Therefore it has no place in any Jewish or Christian bible.

No Jewish bible ever contained the name Allah. It is not found in the Aramaic Masoretic text.

The Aramaic Masoretic text was first translated into Arabic 924AD. It was in this translation, performed by a Jewish rabbi, that Allah was used in the place of El, Elohim, Elshaddai, and Adonai.

“The oldest manuscripts were written in the 10th century. The Hebrew Bible was translated into Arabic by (for the first time) in 924AD by Rabbi Sa’adiah ben Yosef Gaon”

This was the origin of anyone claiming Allah was just the Arabic word for God.

Allah has been proven by many researchers to be “Lah” the Egyptisn moon god. This clarifies why the crescent moon sits on top of every mosque.

It is believed the name Abdullah, the father of Mohammad, is the same as Abdul-lah. Here, Lah is his patron god. It is believed Mohommad adopted the god of his father as his god. Allah was created by Mohammad meaning “the god.” This being an accurate history, no Christian would have known about or used Allah prior to Mohammad’s adoption of Lah as his patron god. The elevation of Lah to Arabic supremacy was Mohammad’s destruction of the remaining 360 idol gods of this tribe. Allah is then an Islamic creation. No people of any religion or country would have known about it, much more used it as equivelant to Elohim the God of Israel.

If Christians make a loud clamour about words corrupted in a translation, how much louder should they be screaming about the name of an idol god replacing the name of Elohim?

Throw away all bibles that contain the name Allah.

It is better to have no bible then have one in which the name of a false god triumphs over God’s true name.

Now, for facts unknown by millions:

Arabic in written form is totally consonate. There are no vowels just like the Paleo-Hebrew and Aramaic. Between 600-800AD dots were placed above the consonates to give the reader ability to pronounce the words. Between 800-900 rabbi Jews borrowed this system from the Arabs. They also borrowed many hundreds of words found in modern Hebrew.

Considering this being true, Allah would be written “LLH.”

There are absolutely no surviving biblical manuscripts or partials thereof that contain LLH in reference to God.

Additional fact:

Arabic in the time of Mohammad is identified as Egyptian Arabic. It is from this Egyptian Arabic that “Lah” (LH), becomes the god of Mohammad. We are told this Egyptian Arabic script has its acceptance in Arabia between 512-568AD (see Arabic Language Handbook, Mary C. Bateson, page 54).

It is therefore necessary for liars of all nations and religions to claim Egyptian Arabic Allah was used by Jews of antiquity and Christians before Mohammad. This falsehood frees Mohammad from all guilt of using the name of an Egyptian idol god.

A few days ago I attended a church service. In the worship I counted over 100 times Allah was praised and Yesus used only 12 times. I shook my head and refused to cooperate in this false mechanical worship.

Exodus 23:13 is clear. How come men of God refuse to obey this Word from God’s mouth? Does Matthew 4:4 mean anything to us any more? “But by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

Jesus name above Allah.

Pastor G Reckart
A Man Made To Praise Jesus Name Above All Names (Acts 4:12)

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Hyper Grace False Doctrine of Joseph Prince

Calvinism predestination doctrine is false. You were not selected to be saved or damned before you were born.

The Calvin doctrine of a partial Calvary is false. Jesus died for everyone not just those predestinated. It is totally false that there is a quota number who were predestinared to be damned. That these never had any hope of the love of God.

The doctrine of Calvin teaches hyper grace. Those predestinated were granted grace for all sins past, present, and future. Repentance is not required since grace was given without any merit of works or performance. This hyper grace is no where found in the bible. The philosophy of it must be fabricated from false interpretation of scripture.

Hyper grace teaches eternal security. A person can never fall from grace. No sin can take away their salvation because they were chosen to it without any act of their own. Faith, believing, repentance, baptism, holiness, morality, prayer, and worship have nothing to do to obtain or keep salvation. Hyper grace is the belief a person is saved by grace by Christ alone and no one can do anything to be saved.

A person who is predestinated to this hyper grace salvation has no requirement to obstain from any sin because all sin was instantly forgiven at birth. For those not prededtinated to this hyper grace but born damned, they have no hope because Jesus did not die for them. They can never be saved by grace through faith because a person is saved without their faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. In fact, they are not required to believe in Jesus at all. This leads men like Joel Osteen, to say atheist, Hindus, Budhist, Muslims, and people of other religions will be saved because of hyper grace. No faith or performance is required

The evil of this doctrine is that no one knows until death which quota they are in. Another great and wicked evil is the Holy Spirit cannot convict a person of their sins and bring repentance.

Hyper grace is sin without guilt; sin without condemnation; and sin without judgment. Those in the hyper grace movement say it is all the love of God. That because of the love of God, they enjoy hyper grace and no one can judge them saved or damned by their personal performance of holiness or righteousness. If this is true, why did Paul say:

“Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?”

He answers:


Hyper grace can only work if predestinated grace is true.

There are many new cult groups teaching hyper grace. There is a church of lucifer where the baphomet priest claims a person can come and join and never be condemned for their sins. This priest of satan says a person can enjoy liberty to live without condemnation, without believing in Jesus, without any performance of holiness or good behavior, where there is no sin. All of this no guilt, no condemnation, no judgment is because of the love of lucifer. I call this hyper grace without God.

What is God doing accepting and borrowing the devil’s religion?

There are hyper grace cults springing up within churches. Many preachers have joined the luciferian cults teaching hyper grace and claiming it is all because of the love of God.

Well, if this is true: God has no more or different love than lucifer.

Hyper grace is a devil doctrine. It cannot be anything else. It teaches that we are not accountable to God for our sins. That if you sin you can continue to enjoy its immoral pleasure and receive God’s grace.

To those predestinated to this hyper grace, sin is no longer sin because God has canceled it as such.

I find this false doctrine as the driving lie behind the doctrine of the libertines of the Jezebel and Baalam teachers whose immoral and idolaterous sins Jesus hated, condemned, and judged. He also hated the Nicolaitans (see Revelation 2:1-15).

Why is hyper grace advocates teaching there is no performance of the work of repentance for sins when the letters to the seven churches reveal otherwise?

One hyper grace preacher said the Lord’s prayer in asking forgiveness of sin or trespasses for ourselves and others is not for us. He said the prayer was only for the time of Jesus before the Cross. According to this minister of lucifer, repentance was required only under the law. After Calvary, he claims a person has etetnal security without any act, deed, work, performance, or faith. He called this the finished work of Christ. He claims if any act of a person such as repentance is required it is an attempt to add to or improve upon what he called the finished work of Calvary.

Beloved, the doctrine of hyper grace is from lucifer because it contains many lies, distorts meaning of scripture, and grants people unlimited and unrestrained immoral behavior without any fear of condemnation or judgment.

The hyper grace teachers claim we can smash the devil’s condemnation against us by keep sinning and claim hyper grace has canceled all judgment. They claim when a person accepts their philosophy they need not fear ever again being lost because of sins. And they can enjoy having a mind free of guilt or condemnation.

It is the doctrine of free yourself by how you think not by repentance or turning to God and agreeing to live by his rules of righteous behavior.

The doctrine of mind freedom is: “Do not think of sin to be sin and it is no longer sin.” With this new science of mind you smash the devil’s condemnation. All condemnation, even from God is labled of the devil.

This hyper grace doctrine produced the false Jesus in Puerto Rico by the name of Jose Luis de Miranda. The attrocious evils this man fell into and promoted for a person to test the hyper love of God was pure satanic. It included him claiming to be the antichrist and followers placing 666 upon their foreheads, hands, neck, and butts. The messsge he preached was hyper grace:”no sin can separate us from the love of God.”

Adultery, fornication, homosexuality, beastiality, pornography, drunkeness, drugs, filthy communications nakedness, or other evils are to be enjoyed to test the limits of God’s hyper love and grace. If God rejects this liberty of the flesh he is then only wanting a performance religion.

As a result of his lies he committed adultery and homosexuality. He gave himself over to all manner of lasciviousness. This false antichrist Jesus had no holiness about him. He became the image of hyper grace to his three million followers. His church “Growing In Grace” promoted all manner of wickedness. His mind liberation freedom services were filled with thousands of jumping, leaping, and hand-clapping sodomites and immoral worshippers. They gave him millions of dollars, fancy cars, Rolex watches, and other expensive gifts. He enjoyed his hyper grace wicked life until he was rushed to the hospitsl in Miami Florida where this Jesus died and went to hell.

If you believe your hyper grace doctrine is true, be honest and tell your wife, husband, friends, and children to do any sin they want because you will not condemn them or hold them accountable to any specific performance rules. Tell them sin is no longer sin if they do not want it to be sin. Tell them to join a coven of lucifer and enter agreement “do as thou will if it harms no one.”

Hyper grace is a luciferian Sodom and Gomorrah last days trap.

Escape this lie…..

Pastor Reckart
A man God Made To Tell The Truth

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Feeding The Dogs

Yes, I am feeding the dogs.

Understand what this meaneth?

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