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Can Indonesia?

flag Can Indonesia receive the full Gospel as it was first preached by the Apostles before the advent of the many heresies and departures that has controlled most of Christianity for nearly 2,000 years?

Indonesia is a nation filled with so many wonderful people. It has been a nation where religious freedom has been denied to Christians. While they may live in the country and openly profess their religious belief, they are not free to share the New Testament or Christian teachings. To pass out a tract or a bible may cause a riot, buildings and churches to be burned down, and loss of life.

There is a spirit of demons over Indonesia like a dark cloud. This spirit screams openly and behind closed doors that religious beliefs cannot be spoken without permission by the authorities in control. The Islamic control over the entire nation suppresses freedom of religion. This attitude and spirit of control is also practiced among Protestant groups. While these are not militant and do not threaten to destroy property or take lives, they are nevertheless still practicing Islamic religiophobia and suppression of religious faith.

Indonesia is a nation that could very well experience a great revolution of freedom of religion. But it will never happen when Christians practice the same methods of control over knowledge that is used by Muslims to keep Islam in power and control. Yes, in Indonesia, the larger Christian groups currently enjoy special acceptance from Muslims and a lot of this is based upon compromise. For instance, as long as Christians agree to use Allah to say God and translate God in their Bible as Allah, there is room for a little relaxation of Islamic hatred. But let a group stand up and say their Bible will contain Tuhan as the translation of God and not Allah and trouble begins.

The conflict in Indonesia between Christians and Muslims remains a daily problem that can ignite any minute into a mad-raving explosion of chants, yelling, persecution, destruction, and fire. I have seen videos of police destroying churches, stealing the contents, and at last either burn down or tear them down. What is shocking to me is that there is another persecution going on. It is Christian against Christian all over the doctrines of each sect. These persecutions generally follow the practice of Rome and the Catholic church to destroy all who do not hold to the traditions of the church. The test used by most Christians to judge and cast out other Christians are based upon Catholic traditions and not by the New Testament.

There are Christians who will hate over use of Allah. Tell them Allah is not and never was in any Bible from 1400BC until the 9th century AD and they will hate you. The first bible that changed Elohim into Allah was Sa´adiah Ga`on b.Joseph, a 9th-10th century a.d. Rabbanite translator of the Hebrew into Arabic (using Hebrew characters), used Allah for elohim ( A correction I make here: It is not Paleo-Hebrew translated into Arabic but Babylonian Aramaic. So, it was a Jewish rabbi who first altered the Word of God. His corruption was used only in bibles translated INTO ARABIC. To take this corruption and now translate it into other languages to spread the name Allah is unacceptable to a true Christian.

It is true that many scholars claim Allah comes from Elah or Ilah, or some other Aramaic such name. They can even call this Aramaic by the name Hebrew. But Aramaic is not and never was Hebrew. It was not and never will be Paleo-Hebrew as known by all the writers and prophets of the Old Testament. But Christians in Indonesia will hate you and the religious leaders will slam the door against you, if you dare speak about the true name of God. All they can think about is the trinity. If you do not accept the trinity they will say: “we do not care about Allah name.” We will continue to use Allah name along with the trinity doctrine. It is this rebellious attitude that keeps Indonesia from breaking forth in a massive revival of the Holy Spirit.

The revelation of the Scriptures will only come forth when men are Spirit led and not Catholic or Islamic tradition led.

Can Indonesia?
Can Indonesia see a revival of the Holy Spirit in such a way many thousands will open their hearts to Christ?
Can Indonesians drop all the pretense to be fighting for the Bible when they are really fighting to protect Catholic riddles and falsehoods?
Can Indonesians accept the fact Allah never was the name of the God of Israel or Christians?
Can Indonesian theologians lay aside their brainwashing to accept opinions of men however learned, and turn back to the Word of God and let it speak even if it means they must unlearn nearly all they were taught?

I have great hope that Indonesia is ready for revival.

But this I know, no revival ever occurred unless there was first a revival of lost truth. It is the lost truth that brought about Martin Luther, and each succeeding Protestant movement. What cursed these champions against Catholic persecution and hate? It was the fact that once they got a restoration of some lost truth, they build a kingdom around it and STOPPED. They said: “this far have we come and no further shall we go.” And so it was that Protestant groups began to fight other Protestant groups. While they all grew large and rich and built massive cathedrals to hold hundreds of converts, they became cold tombs of the spiritual dead. The Holy Spirit had to bring a people out of a people. Out of a dead to truth people. Life is only in the Truth and this is what Jesus said. Believe it…..”the truth shall make you free.”

The Pentecostal revival began with a restoration of a basic truth. Some call it the third work of grace. Others call it the new birth. Some called it satanic and ranted about speaking in tongues being of the devil (Baptist and Methodist). Theologians met. They used their learning to judge and NOT THE BIBLE. Men on fire where kicked out and told to take their devil doctrines elsewhere. Church doors were slammed shut. And in the case of William Seymour of the famous Azuza Street revival, he padlocked the church doors to William Durham as he preached “the finished work” message:

“When Durham preached the “finished work” message at the Azusa Street Mission, Seymour had him locked out of the building. Durham opened another mission in Los Angeles and took many of the Azusa faithful. This was one of the factors that led to the decline of the Azusa Street revival” (

This is the same kind of spirit that prevails in Indonesia. It is the “lock out” spirit. If a man dares to step out and preach the truth in spite of the theologians and their carnal learning, he will be locked out. The doors will be shut. What is so wrong with the Seymour attitude and conduct, is that he never one time allowed Brother Durham to come before him and explain his doctrine. Seymour went by his own beliefs and those of others who were in agreement with him.

Can Indonesia?
Is there a single man among the Christian leaders who has the courage to stand up and say that traditions of Rome will not prevail over Indonesia in the same manner traditions of Islam will not.
Is there a single man in Indonesia who has the baptism of the Holy Spirit to the extent he is led of the Spirit and no longer controlled by papal riddles?

While I believe in and practice praying in the name of Jesus Christ for healing and miracles, the greatest miracle I desire to see, is open eyes and hearts to the Truth. And these truths about the name of God and the history of the Bible are important to the restoration of first century Christianity. The group that opens its heart and doors will likely be the one to finalize the work of the Kingdom before the rapture. All others will decline into man-made tombs or the zombi dead, professing godliness but denying the power thereof.

This Gospel of the Kingdom, which I bring: will be preached in all nations for a witness and then shall the end come.

When I visit Indonesia I will bring the Gospel of the Kingdom. I have no other message. I am not trying to build another denomination or group. I have no desire to seek reward or to become famous. I have no self-promotion literature. I do not want to convert any group or people to be better Catholic Pentecostals.

I come in fulfillment of Ephesians 4:11-13.

Can Indonesia?


November 3, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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