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Hyper Grace False Doctrine of Joseph Prince

Calvinism predestination doctrine is false. You were not selected to be saved or damned before you were born.

The Calvin doctrine of a partial Calvary is false. Jesus died for everyone not just those predestinated. It is totally false that there is a quota number who were predestinared to be damned. That these never had any hope of the love of God.

The doctrine of Calvin teaches hyper grace. Those predestinated were granted grace for all sins past, present, and future. Repentance is not required since grace was given without any merit of works or performance. This hyper grace is no where found in the bible. The philosophy of it must be fabricated from false interpretation of scripture.

Hyper grace teaches eternal security. A person can never fall from grace. No sin can take away their salvation because they were chosen to it without any act of their own. Faith, believing, repentance, baptism, holiness, morality, prayer, and worship have nothing to do to obtain or keep salvation. Hyper grace is the belief a person is saved by grace by Christ alone and no one can do anything to be saved.

A person who is predestinated to this hyper grace salvation has no requirement to obstain from any sin because all sin was instantly forgiven at birth. For those not prededtinated to this hyper grace but born damned, they have no hope because Jesus did not die for them. They can never be saved by grace through faith because a person is saved without their faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. In fact, they are not required to believe in Jesus at all. This leads men like Joel Osteen, to say atheist, Hindus, Budhist, Muslims, and people of other religions will be saved because of hyper grace. No faith or performance is required

The evil of this doctrine is that no one knows until death which quota they are in. Another great and wicked evil is the Holy Spirit cannot convict a person of their sins and bring repentance.

Hyper grace is sin without guilt; sin without condemnation; and sin without judgment. Those in the hyper grace movement say it is all the love of God. That because of the love of God, they enjoy hyper grace and no one can judge them saved or damned by their personal performance of holiness or righteousness. If this is true, why did Paul say:

“Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?”

He answers:


Hyper grace can only work if predestinated grace is true.

There are many new cult groups teaching hyper grace. There is a church of lucifer where the baphomet priest claims a person can come and join and never be condemned for their sins. This priest of satan says a person can enjoy liberty to live without condemnation, without believing in Jesus, without any performance of holiness or good behavior, where there is no sin. All of this no guilt, no condemnation, no judgment is because of the love of lucifer. I call this hyper grace without God.

What is God doing accepting and borrowing the devil’s religion?

There are hyper grace cults springing up within churches. Many preachers have joined the luciferian cults teaching hyper grace and claiming it is all because of the love of God.

Well, if this is true: God has no more or different love than lucifer.

Hyper grace is a devil doctrine. It cannot be anything else. It teaches that we are not accountable to God for our sins. That if you sin you can continue to enjoy its immoral pleasure and receive God’s grace.

To those predestinated to this hyper grace, sin is no longer sin because God has canceled it as such.

I find this false doctrine as the driving lie behind the doctrine of the libertines of the Jezebel and Baalam teachers whose immoral and idolaterous sins Jesus hated, condemned, and judged. He also hated the Nicolaitans (see Revelation 2:1-15).

Why is hyper grace advocates teaching there is no performance of the work of repentance for sins when the letters to the seven churches reveal otherwise?

One hyper grace preacher said the Lord’s prayer in asking forgiveness of sin or trespasses for ourselves and others is not for us. He said the prayer was only for the time of Jesus before the Cross. According to this minister of lucifer, repentance was required only under the law. After Calvary, he claims a person has etetnal security without any act, deed, work, performance, or faith. He called this the finished work of Christ. He claims if any act of a person such as repentance is required it is an attempt to add to or improve upon what he called the finished work of Calvary.

Beloved, the doctrine of hyper grace is from lucifer because it contains many lies, distorts meaning of scripture, and grants people unlimited and unrestrained immoral behavior without any fear of condemnation or judgment.

The hyper grace teachers claim we can smash the devil’s condemnation against us by keep sinning and claim hyper grace has canceled all judgment. They claim when a person accepts their philosophy they need not fear ever again being lost because of sins. And they can enjoy having a mind free of guilt or condemnation.

It is the doctrine of free yourself by how you think not by repentance or turning to God and agreeing to live by his rules of righteous behavior.

The doctrine of mind freedom is: “Do not think of sin to be sin and it is no longer sin.” With this new science of mind you smash the devil’s condemnation. All condemnation, even from God is labled of the devil.

This hyper grace doctrine produced the false Jesus in Puerto Rico by the name of Jose Luis de Miranda. The attrocious evils this man fell into and promoted for a person to test the hyper love of God was pure satanic. It included him claiming to be the antichrist and followers placing 666 upon their foreheads, hands, neck, and butts. The messsge he preached was hyper grace:”no sin can separate us from the love of God.”

Adultery, fornication, homosexuality, beastiality, pornography, drunkeness, drugs, filthy communications nakedness, or other evils are to be enjoyed to test the limits of God’s hyper love and grace. If God rejects this liberty of the flesh he is then only wanting a performance religion.

As a result of his lies he committed adultery and homosexuality. He gave himself over to all manner of lasciviousness. This false antichrist Jesus had no holiness about him. He became the image of hyper grace to his three million followers. His church “Growing In Grace” promoted all manner of wickedness. His mind liberation freedom services were filled with thousands of jumping, leaping, and hand-clapping sodomites and immoral worshippers. They gave him millions of dollars, fancy cars, Rolex watches, and other expensive gifts. He enjoyed his hyper grace wicked life until he was rushed to the hospitsl in Miami Florida where this Jesus died and went to hell.

If you believe your hyper grace doctrine is true, be honest and tell your wife, husband, friends, and children to do any sin they want because you will not condemn them or hold them accountable to any specific performance rules. Tell them sin is no longer sin if they do not want it to be sin. Tell them to join a coven of lucifer and enter agreement “do as thou will if it harms no one.”

Hyper grace is a luciferian Sodom and Gomorrah last days trap.

Escape this lie…..

Pastor Reckart
A man God Made To Tell The Truth

November 8, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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