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lah-yahThe name Allah belongs only in the Koran, the Islamic bible.

It is not the name of the Jewish or Christian God.

Therefore it has no place in any Jewish or Christian bible.

No Jewish bible ever contained the name Allah. It is not found in the Aramaic Masoretic text.

The Aramaic Masoretic text was first translated into Arabic 924AD. It was in this translation, performed by a Jewish rabbi, that Allah was used in the place of El, Elohim, Elshaddai, and Adonai.

“The oldest manuscripts were written in the 10th century. The Hebrew Bible was translated into Arabic by (for the first time) in 924AD by Rabbi Sa’adiah ben Yosef Gaon”

This was the origin of anyone claiming Allah was just the Arabic word for God.

Allah has been proven by many researchers to be “Lah” the Egyptisn moon god. This clarifies why the crescent moon sits on top of every mosque.

It is believed the name Abdullah, the father of Mohammad, is the same as Abdul-lah. Here, Lah is his patron god. It is believed Mohommad adopted the god of his father as his god. Allah was created by Mohammad meaning “the god.” This being an accurate history, no Christian would have known about or used Allah prior to Mohammad’s adoption of Lah as his patron god. The elevation of Lah to Arabic supremacy was Mohammad’s destruction of the remaining 360 idol gods of this tribe. Allah is then an Islamic creation. No people of any religion or country would have known about it, much more used it as equivelant to Elohim the God of Israel.

If Christians make a loud clamour about words corrupted in a translation, how much louder should they be screaming about the name of an idol god replacing the name of Elohim?

Throw away all bibles that contain the name Allah.

It is better to have no bible then have one in which the name of a false god triumphs over God’s true name.

Now, for facts unknown by millions:

Arabic in written form is totally consonate. There are no vowels just like the Paleo-Hebrew and Aramaic. Between 600-800AD dots were placed above the consonates to give the reader ability to pronounce the words. Between 800-900 rabbi Jews borrowed this system from the Arabs. They also borrowed many hundreds of words found in modern Hebrew.

Considering this being true, Allah would be written “LLH.”

There are absolutely no surviving biblical manuscripts or partials thereof that contain LLH in reference to God.

Additional fact:

Arabic in the time of Mohammad is identified as Egyptian Arabic. It is from this Egyptian Arabic that “Lah” (LH), becomes the god of Mohammad. We are told this Egyptian Arabic script has its acceptance in Arabia between 512-568AD (see Arabic Language Handbook, Mary C. Bateson, page 54).

It is therefore necessary for liars of all nations and religions to claim Egyptian Arabic Allah was used by Jews of antiquity and Christians before Mohammad. This falsehood frees Mohammad from all guilt of using the name of an Egyptian idol god.

A few days ago I attended a church service. In the worship I counted over 100 times Allah was praised and Yesus used only 12 times. I shook my head and refused to cooperate in this false mechanical worship.

Exodus 23:13 is clear. How come men of God refuse to obey this Word from God’s mouth? Does Matthew 4:4 mean anything to us any more? “But by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

Jesus name above Allah.

Pastor G Reckart
A Man Made To Praise Jesus Name Above All Names (Acts 4:12)

November 10, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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