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Bin Laden Is Dead But Christians Still Threatened

ben-ladenBin Laden is dead. The Islamic revolution he died for continues around the world. Who is threatened? Jews and Christians are the targets.

The conquering of Jews, the homeland Israel, began around the same time Mohammad launched his Islamic wars. There is a possibility his first conversion to Jewish religious beliefs and also Christian teachings were honest. He certainly learned a lot about both religions by word of mouth from someone.

In the time of Mohammad there was no New Testament translated into Arabic. In fact, the Old Testament was not even translated until about 900AD by Rabbi Saadiah Ben Yoseph Gaon. This was 268 years after the death of Mohammad who died in 632AD.

Sergius Risi, archbishop of Damascus, under the auspice of Rome, translated the whole bible into Arabic in 1671AD. It contained the Allah Islamic invasion into Christianity. Allah was interpolated into the text in over 6,500 places. This was not the origin of the substitution of Allah for El, Elohim, and the Greek Theos, Latin Dios, or the Germanic-English God. Already in the far eastern Malaysian islands the Dutch had invented a dictionary where God was indicated to be Allah. At this time (1650AD) The Malaysian Tuhan was used for both God and Lord. After the spread of the Dutch infiltration of this new interpretation, Allah slowly became accepted and incorporated into Christian liturgy, literature (bibles), songs, and worship. A bridge had been built between Islam and Christianity. But, many Malaysians objected to this corruption and refused to make the new adjustment. They continued their Christianity using Tuhan as the correct translation of Lord and God.

It is now estimated that over one billion bibles have been interpolated with Allah to spread the Islamic conquest of Christians and non-Muslim countries.

There is no evidence of an Islamic plot to alter the Jewish or Christian bibles. It has all been done by Jews and Christians who have been brainwashed by prior Jews and Christians that Allah is the same God as the God of the Jews. There was birthed an elaborate scheme of “cognate” deception of the ancient El, Elohim, and Eloah; Aramaic names of God to invent a connection to elah, ilu, Enlil, Enlil, and other Aramaic names of idol gods. With this new “cognate” conspiracy to belie the historical exclusive use of El and Elohim in the Old Testament, Allah has become accepted and a new Christlam was born.

Muslims did not do this although they gladly accepted the Christian corruption because it furthered the important conquest of Christians. Muslims are very happy to use the resources of these alleged Christian and Jewish scholars and will quote them as proof Allah is the true supreme deity.

Use of Allah is just a small step to the extremist “Allahu-akbar” that now follows in every nation where the name Allah has been accepted and used by Christians. Even Christians are now screaming Allahu-Akbar instead of “hallelujah.” According to these Christlam Christians, Allahu-Akbar is the same as saying hallelujah, since “jah” comes from YHWH and YHWH and Allah are cognate and claimed by the “cognators” to be the same god of the praise.

Bin Laden is dead. His gun is silent. He has no more bombs to explode to kill Jews and Christians. His small contribution to help conquer American and change its religious landscape from Christianity to Islam was successful. 911 was a success. It was used to develop in all Americans respect for Muslims through the weapon of fear. That fear has led to acceptance of Islam, Sharia law, the Koran, and Allah as the name of God. I asked one Pastor if Allah was the true name of God? He answered no. But said he could not say this from his pulpit because many people attending as members believe that it is. He did not want to lose members and did not want his church burned down. Welcome to the new Allah conquest.

The motto of America is: “In God We Trust.” It is now translated “In Allah We Trust.”

All of this invasion began when Jewish rabbis and Christian scholars corrupted the historical biblical use of El and Elohim into Allah.

It is Christmas time soon. A time when many Muslims will clamor that Allah had no son, that God has no partner, and that Jesus was just a man.

This coming year of 2016 there will be another 250,000,000 bibles distributed to Christians containing Allah and they will throw their older bibles away. Sunday Schools will begin teaching from these new bibles and a new generation of Christian Muslims will emerge indoctrinated that Allah is God and they will completely abandon the Jesus Christ of Calvary to become Muslim.

Bin Laden is dead, but there are many Christian preachers stepping up to finish his work of conversion to Allah. They will begin by saying Allah and the Jewish Christian God are the same God. They will use Islamic arguments to facilitate this catastrophic destruction of Christianity. The anti-Christ are among us and many care not.

Christians are still threatened. Many Christian churches are being burned down. This coming year of 2016 many will be persecuted and killed.

We must throw away all bibles containing the name Allah.
We must remove Allah from all of our songs and worship.
We must exalt the name of Jesus Christ as the name above all names (Acts 4:12).
We must pray for Muslims and lead them to Christ with love.
It is time to preach the Gospel to Muslims all over the world.
If you cannot do it openly, use some method to distribute tracts and bibles that will assist in a Muslim finding God’s love.

Pastor G. Reckart
A Man Elohim Made for the praise of his glory


November 12, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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