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I Am Not UPC

In 1972 I departed from the UPC. I saw the organization did not completely follow the Bible. It refuse to give up traditions of Rome. Many doctrines were false. And there was no push for perfection of doctrine, faith, practice, conduct, and order.
Music and worship were the only thing that made going to a UPC church enjoyable. But this can be enjoyed even in trinity churches. Slowly most UPC churches accepted music patterned after worldly beats and styles. It all shifted to the dance and shouting. Very little Truth preached. The UPC became a spiritual train wreck. I refused to be a Pentecostal Catholic.

My ministry is to all people. If they will open the door I will preach the true Gospel of God. Anyone who reads my Bible studies knows I am a righteous man led by the Holy Spirit. They know I write the Truth. My separation from the UPC over 43 years ago made me a man of God the UPC can never produce.

If you attend a UPC church you will have to comprmise on many doctrines and also on holiness. You will enjoy the music, choir, and worship. Only to leave never to have grown in the Truth and still practice many traditions of mama Roma.

Do not think your Oneness or Acts 2:38 puts you above rebuke or makes you special. These never mattered to Jesus in his rebuke of 6 of the 7 churches of Asia.
Jesus is doing great things outside the walls of the UPC. I left and will not go back. I am a better man because I took a stand and left. I did not backslide out, I walked out saved and still saved 43 years later.

You see my salvation and faith is not in a Catholic religious organization but in Jesus Christ God.

I am a wise man.
Pastor Bishop Reckart


November 15, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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