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Preterism, I Stand Opposed

Preterism, The Catholic Deception

By Pastor G. Reckart

Prophecy and the interpretation thereof has been of importance ever since the day Jesus said he would go away and come back again.

Questions arose: When will you go away? Where will he go? When will be come again? These and other questions have been discussed by thousands. How could such a simple prophetic fact of the second coming have so many interpretations? Even more so, how could the second coming become wrapped up in several other false doctrines and interpretations? A trip through prophecy teachings such as the pre-trib rapture, the mid-trib rapture, the pre-wrath rapture, and the past-rapture group, is not as boring as some might think. There are interesting interpretations that stagger the mind. The one that makes no sense except among the Catholic church and those who accept its prophecy doctrine, are the Preterist.

Just what do the Preterist teach? In a nut shell, they teach Jesus has already come back and did so in 70AD. The rapture is past, the great tribulation is past, the antichrist and the mark of the beast is past, all the seals, trumpets, and vials are past: fulfilled, finished, over. The resurrection is past. The dead in Christ have already been raised. We are now living in the millennial which began in 70AD. Oh they will say they believe in a future rapture, which they mean that takes place at the end of the world. But corner them up if this future resurrection is that Paul speaks about in 1Cor 15 and they will say no, that one is past, over, finished.

According to the Catholic church, who has made use of the Preterist heresy since at least the time of St. Augustine: The papal throne represents the millennial throne of Christ. The Pope sits there as his Vicar. The Catholic church as the millennial kingdom is destined to rule the world. Anyone who refuses to come into the Catholic millennial kingdom is worthy of death. The trinity doctrine is the ecumenical faith of all who join or will be a part of the Catholic millennial kingdom. Of course there are Protestants who claim the Catholic church is not the millennial kingdom. They claim they are the millennial kingdom; at least those who claim to be Preterist.

We live in a time when idiots claim interpretation of prophecy is not salvational. That each person is entitled to believe what they want, even if it is all lies and falsehood. That believing lies and falsehoods is not salvational. Yet of this very event, Jesus warned not to be deceived. He warned of false Christs, false prophets, who would deceive many. If these deceptions are not false teachings, false doctrines, false interpretations: THEN WHAT ARE THEY? And to say these are not salvational issues, is borderline insanity. I will not fall for that liberal kool-aid.

In these days of liars and deceivers claiming they have received the Preterist doctrine from God, even Jesus: and claiming it is the Apostolic interpretation of the Apostles; let me say these deceivers will not succeed to deceive the very elect. Yes, they will serve a purpose. They will be instrumental in brining out the tare-factor in the false Apostolics. They will bring out the identity of those who are not the wheat of God. This is necessary so that in the harvest time we can know who is who. That time is coming with two very deciding movements. The first is liberalism. This movement will clearly show who the Bride of Christ is and who is among the harlot churches. The second, is those who follow false interpretations of prophecy, and who will deny the very Word of God for the endtimes. These two movements will be the dividing of friends, family, churches, the Ministry, and even the religiouis organizations. The elect will come out from those who are not of the true Apostolic faith. Liberalism is doing us a favor. It is manifesting who are not the people of God, and who we have to withdraw from and not fellowship. Prophecy interpretations like Preterism and the pre-trib rapture will also being a division. These are exciting times. Times to look around and be shocked as God reveals the inner heart of the deceivers and the deceived.

I have written a study on Preterist and the greatest champions of it in the past 100 years. You can go read it at this URL:

Champions of Preterism

Some have claimed I have lied on them in my reporting. Fact is, I have not lied at all. These men have changed their web pages to make it look like if have lied and misrepresented them. That is why I will not change my pages. These men are deceivers and liars. They have altered their pages to take out some of their false doctrines to make it appear they are not evil men spreading Catholic heresy. These have not repented and come out of the Preterist heresy and I am not ashamed to say I will not remove my pages about them or what they wrote.

For those who want to criticize me: make my day! I have an unction from the Holy One to declare the Truth and I will not back up, cave in, be intimidated to stop my Ministry, or give an apology to backsliders. And I have no respect for any man or woman who claims the resurrection and coming of Jesus are past and occured in 70AD.

Jesus had not come back yet! The resurrection has not taken place yet. And we are not in the millennial right now. Satan is not bound right now. I resent any false teacher saying otherwise. Preterism is a heresy of Catholic origins and I will oppose the lies within it and all the spiritualizing they use to try and make it true.

We are still in the Church age. The tribulation is yet future. The seals, trumpets, and vials are not fulfulled yet.

Be warned, if you spread false doctine on the coming of Jesus in my life time while I am able to speak and write, I will oppose you. I will stand up against you. I am in defense of the doctrine of Jesus Christ that he is coming back again a second time. And this is still future!

Apostolic people, do not be deceived and lose your soul to false prophecy teachings.

Pastor Reckart
Tampa, Flor


November 28, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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