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Those Who Add Afflictions

Add affliction to my bonds.

The cruelty of the heart promoted by jealousy or anger, always manifest in the spirit of adding hurt or affliction upon someone they do not want to suceed.

Once Jesus was captured, those who hated him joined together to begin adding affliction upon him. The purpose? Punishment for being successful. Now they have him. Now he cannot escape their wrath and hate. No mercy. No compassion. No care for his feelings.

Just hurt him now.

Let’s begin adding afflictions.

We will make him sorry he ever tried to reach the people.

We will make him suffer in pain.

Oh, how cruel the heart of people. And they think God is with them.

When Paul was arrested. Many Christians turned against him. He was in bonds. They were free. He was a prisoner for Christ. They were trouble makers stirring up contention.

These hated Paul and his success story. Now he is in bonds. Their hatred was magnified in their cruelty to want afflictions put upon him to punish him . To punish him by injuries to make him pay for rejecting them.

In our day many do not discern the hate I suffer. They do not know the spirit behind the anger to add afflictions to my success story. So many want to make me pay for rejecting them. So daily they do things to injure me.

It is amazing I have any friends after the liars post their daily rants and attacks.

Jesus did not die defeated although afflictions were put upon him.

Paul did not die defeated although afflictions were put upon him.

And I also will not die defeated.

Pastor Bishop Reckart
A man God Made


December 11, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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