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We Have It All

We Have It All.

Yes, look what you have:
You have lying false prophets among you saying Santa Claus and celebration of christmas is Godly.
Your pastors dress up like Santa Claus.
You bring the Nimrod tree into the church and put it in the foyer, on the platform near the altar.
You decorate this idol.
You bow down before it and place gifts under it.
You sing “Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree , how I adore thee.”
You dare anyone to judge and condemn what you are doing.
You boast your organization has it all.
Yes, I agree.
You have abomination also, you just cannot sccept this identity of your sins.
What is your problem?
I call it collarbone religion.
You have sin and evil in you from the collarbone to the top of your head.
From from your collarbone down to your heart you are an empty soul. Your religion is all mouth. You honor God with your mouth but your heart is far from him..
From the collarbone to your mouth you scream halleluyah before your idol.
Yes you have it all.
No man can correct you.

If you celebrate christmas, you are wicked.
How dare you replace God with an idol?
Repent and stop your christmas practices.

Pastor Reckart
A Man God Made


December 13, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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