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All Honor, Glory, And Praise

Why God chose to be a God of righteousness and truth I can only speculate. I do not know how to go about researching this. I have looked in the Scriptures for clues and the secret. The secret is within God himself.

I think the answer is somewhere in his being the Creator of all things. As a magnificent inventor and scientist, all things were perfectly made.

God is like a warranty guaranteeing all things to be without defect. As in all products, any that fail are destroyed. Why? Because they can no longer fulfill its purpose.

What we are dealing with here is animate and inanimate objects. Created beings and created things. But they must all remain within their respective created estate, purpose, and design.

Angels being God’s first created animate objects, perfectly made, were given no tolerance for failure in purpose or design. These were given a free moral agency to choose their eternal future.

For the first time God was in the company of his created angelic beings. What he allowed them to know about him we will never know. We are certain he did not and would not put his own existence and the mystery of his being and power into their minds or possession. All they would know is what they see. If the glory of this was not enough to create in them worship, honor, and praise: they would therein fail their purpose. Because these come before the other doors of opportunity are opened for them to move and have their being. This is were lucifer had a mental breakdown and his apostasy began. The evidence of this must have been manifest the moment he refused to give God the glory, honor, and praise.

God himself, as the overseer of his created things, must have established right here his own standard of righteousness and truth.

You see, God could have chosen to be the first devil. He could have decided to be exactly what lucifer made of himself. But he did not.

God is on one side and now lucifer is on the other.

Is this the origin of God’s own personal standard of righteousness and Truth?

Do not just click like. If that is all you can offer, please just go away.

Bishop Reckart
A Man Of Many Dimensions In Respect To His God.
To whom I give all honor, glory, and praise


December 24, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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