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Joel Hemphill False Doctrine

joel_hemphillThe heresy of Jesus being only a man is mixed with confusion and lies. When I asked Joel Hemphill about Jesus, if he was flesh and blood from Adam and Abraham, he said no. He claimed if Jesus had the flesh and blood from Adam and Abraham he would have inherited sin and would not therefore be sinless. And could not then by our sinless sacrifice because his blood would have been defiled.

I asked him then: how can you have a Jesus?

He said the Holy Spirit did an act of creation in the womb of Mary and Jesus was born from this.

I asked him how Jesus got his blood if not from Mary’s blood line?

He told me a blood cell was created in Mary’s womb and this blood was sinless and holy.

I then said to him: so, Jesus did not have human blood, he had a new created blood?

And he said yes.

I then asked him how Jesus could be the son of man if he had no flesh and blood from Adam’s race.

He said, he was the son of man only because Mary birthed him. That Jesus was made of or in a woman under the law and when she birthed him, he could be called the son of man.

But really, wouldn’t it be more accurate in this case to say son of a woman, since no man was ever involved?

My point here is that according to Mr. Hemphill, Jesus was not a human being at all. He had neither the blood or flesh of mankind.

This Jesus, is not the Jesus of your bible. This is another Jesus.

I was shocked he held to the inherited sin in the blood doctrine.

In the chart you will see how he claims the seed and bloodlines were blocked. And the Holy Spirit put a new created blood cell in Mary and Jesus was then created.

He claims Jesus did not exist before Mary.

He claims also, this new created Jesus was the second Adam.

My daddy said: figures never lie but liars always figure.



December 29, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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