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Billions Going To Hell

7 Billion 300 million people in the world. How many of these are in some religion? How many of them are in a religion that can give no hope for salvation or eternal life? How many have deep religious beliefs and pray, burn candles and incense, offer nuts, fruits, and vegetables: climb mountains and crawl on their knees to shrines? They dream of reincarnation, of passing on to some nirvana, or a paradise with rivers of honey and 72 virgins.
Billions in false religions that while they may offer some inner good feeling, cannot lead to God.
We would think that within the Christian religion, everyone will go to heaven and escape hell. But alas, even among the over 5,000 sects, there is evil, wickedness, and all manner of sin. Sins of different kinds are openly accepted by many groups. Christianity has as many liars deceiving people as the other religions.
Holiness has long been lost. Righteousness has been exchanged for worldliness. A generation of “don’t judge me” liberals openly flaunt their aggressive nakedness, exploiting their bodies to allure all manner of lusts of the flesh. This right in some churches. The majority do not know what sanctification is. They do not live it. They do not practice it. They claim once saved always saved and they can sin without condemnation or judgment. The whole world lies in wickedness and these fakes think that by calling themselves Christian they are one.
There are Christian false doctrines that stagger the mind. There are men and women who are deceived to give their lives for these fake works which cannot make anyone holy or righteous. They claim once they believe in Jesus Christ, they have the golden ticket and no one can tell them they are not saved. They claim being born again and they still live their old lives of sin. Preachers are ordained to reinforce this renegade religious mentality. Men and women give their lives to push an agenda or missions or evangelism and think they are doing good when in fact they are putting stumbling blocks so people cannot have biblical faith as once preached by the Apostles.
There is a massive falling away from real bible interpretations. Many follow lies and think they are following the truth. Billions are now hopelessly lost. And there is little time to turn things around.
Out of these billions Jesus Christ has a little flock. They will seek holiness and righteousness. They will love and live it.
If you think you are saved because you belong to the Catholic church, or one of the hundreds of protestant churches, or because you believe in the trinity: you will be shocked to find out you are still on your way to hell.
Yes, I know you do not like the truth. I know you believe you are saved. You got that shake my hand salvation, or that say the sinners prayer after me, and now you feel absolutely sure you will not go to hell. But you cannot find either of these two fake religious rituals anywhere in the New Testament. You cannot get it there with a hammer or a screw driver. You believe in lies because some evil religious group that has no holiness or righteousness assured you, you were saved.
If you want to be saved, I can tell you here, you can be. But if you seek this salvation through the channels of man-made religion, you will never find it. You must follow the Jerusalem road. If you do this, you will discover the way to reach God. And remember, if you do not love holiness, forget it. You cannot see God but you can see the devil in hell. He does not like holiness either.
Fulfill John 3:3-5 and Acts 2:37-38.
Do not be a number in the billions going to hell.
Pastor G. Reckart


January 6, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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