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Quoting Scripture

I am not sure why people quote scripture they do not follow or obey?
I think they believe if they quote scripture it somehow makes them a Christian.
Even the devil quoted scripture.

How many false religions that quote scripture.

False prophets who quote scripture.

Pastor Don Gifford and I one time visited a church. The pastor could quote chapter after chapter of the bible. He was so amazing. I was impressed with his ability to quote. You could pick a subject and he could quote scripture on it. Pastor Gifford gave him the word “holiness.” He started at Hebrews 12:14 and went on for a good minute on other Old and New Testament scriptures.

When he was finished. Pastor Gifford said to him:

Do not quote scriptures on holiness and then you do not live it and do not teach your members to live it.

That ended our conversation and scripture quoting came to a screeching halt.
From that time on this pastor wanted nothing to do with us. And we obliged him. We were never invited back. And we never went back.

I can understand how people think they can read the bible and get encouragement. I can see how the bible is a friend when there is no one else to go to for wisdom, knowledge, and instruction. But why treat the words of a friend with anger when the words are explained in a way not liked?

I am a man of Truth. I do not care about opinions. I want the Truth.
I do not care about traditions of men. I want the true traditions of Jesus and the Apostles. These are in the bible and easy to read and accept.

Why allow false Catholic and Protestant religious beliefs that pervert and reinterpret the scriptures become what we love?

I said it before: only those who do not love the Truth will hate it.

If you quote scripture apply it to yourself first. Understand the words you are quoting. Make sure you know the meaning of the verse when it was first written. Do not change the interpretation from the intent of the writer. Be honest. Do not allow fancy riddles and cute lies make you into a zombi controlled by someone else.

Be real.

Love the scriptures and they will show you the way to the throne of God. If you reject this admonition and advice: there is no hope for your soul to ever make it to heaven.

I said so..

Pastor Bishop Reckart


February 10, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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