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Trinitarians Did Not Write Any Part Of The Bible

None of the Old or New Testaments were written by a trinitarian.

None of the New Testament Churches were trinitarian. None of them used any of the provisions of the Nicene Creed. None of them used the trinitarian clause in Matthew 28:19 because it did not exist in the original Matthew.

Trinitarians have hijacked the entire Bible and now interpreting it contrary to the intent of the writers and the very inspiration of God. God never inspired a single trinitarian false interpretation. Why?

Because God already said he was ONE.

He did not say he was one of three.

He did not say there were two other Gods or Persons who possessed Deity like himself.

Trinitarianism falls completely apart when the Old Testament testimony of God becomes more important then Creeds, Philosophy, and corrupt interpretations.

I said so.

Pastor Reckart

February 13, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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