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How To Catholicize Your Church Or Group

<big><big>How to Roman Catholicize your church or group:
1) Teach the 3 in 1 doctrine of the Godhead and not “these three are one;
2) Promote and celebrate Christmas, the false date of the birth of Jesus Christ and also practice many of the pagan traditions;
3) Promote and celebrate New Year’s Eve, a date established by Pope Gregory when he changed the calendar;
4) Promote and celebrate St. Valentine’s Day and also the use of pagan Cupid idolatrous images;
5) Promote and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with use of the green shamrock three leaf design that represents the trinity. St. Patrick was the monk/priest who came to Ireland and converted many of the people from Oneness/Monotheism and other deities to the Catholic trinity;
6) Promote and celebrate Eostra Sunday (Easter) as the day of the resurrection of Jesus, and rejecting the third day after the Jewish Passover when it actually occurred;
7) Accept the 1280AD monk invented name Jehovah and sing songs praising this god who is not Jesus Christ;
8) Accept the 1565AD monk invented name Yahweh and sing songs praising this god who is not Jesus Christ;
9) Accept and use hallelujah invented by Catholic George F. Handel in 1741 and its other spellings halleluyah and alleluia;
10) Celebrate the Catholic Mass/Communion practice of holding the Lord’s Supper any time but the correct evening of the Jewish Passover as Jesus instituted it;
11) Accept, promote, and join the religious hierarchy pattern of Babylon consisting of ascending levels or powers of ministers over ministers with a primary central figure who usurps the titles: Pope, Superintendent, President, Apostle, Bishop, Prophet, or Pastor;
12) Slander, prohibit, black-ball, ostracize, disfellowship, and persecute anyone who calls Pentecostals “Pentecostal Catholics” who have Catholicized themselves in the “11” categories above.
Yes, this is a day when men are ashamed and afraid to stand up and speak the Truth of God with love. They are intimidated to remain silent because after all, we must all place a dirty sock in our mouths and be gagged with the oath not to contend to our different views to the disunity of the body.
With all of these Catholic practices in place, few are brave enough to speak out. The ones who will are attacked and scandalized so they cannot be successful in spreading the Truth.
The whole world lieth in darkness. We are compassed with the powers of organized Babylon patterned religious groups.
But I read these words: “For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent.”
The Lord here is Jesus Christ. For there is but one Lord (Eph 4:5). But for many there are three Lords: the Father
*YHWH/Jehovah/Yahweh”; the Son “Jesus Christ”; and the Holy Spirit “no-name God.”
The pure language is the same as a pure tongue. How can this be unless all lies, falsehoods, names of idols and false gods, are removed from the tongues and lips of the people who will then turn and call upon the name of the Lord?
And what is the name of the Lord?
It is the name of Jesus Christ.
You want to give your life making your church or group into a Pentecostal Catholic one?
You want to give your life to spread the name of Jesus Christ, name above all names (Acts 4:12), to all people, cities, and nations?
Just asking,
Pastor G. Reckart
A Man Trying To Convert All Churches And People To Be True Christians And Come All The Way Out Of Catholicized Churches And Groups.</BIG></BIG>

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The Third Day Resurrection

You want to know the Truth? Here is the Truth. Do not follow the cults of YHWH sabbath keepers who claim a wednesday crucifixion and a Saturday evening resurrection. Saturday is not the Lord’s Day. The Lord’s Day is the day of his resurrection. That is why we call Sunday, the first day of the week, the Lord’s day.


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What Happened On The True Resurrection Sunday

On the morning of the resurrection no souls were born again. The first day of the resurrection no souls were born again.


Because the Kingdom had not come yet.

The first evening after the resurrection Jesus appeared to some of the disciples in the upper room. They had shut the doors for fear of the Jews. And Jesus suddenly appeared.

What did he do?

Did he preach a sermon? No.
Did he sing a song? No.
Did he rebuke them? No.
Did he dance a victory jig and scream let’s go places?
No, there was not a single halleluyah spoken on this first night service on Sunday evening.

He did something to prove he was Jesus.

He showed them the nail prints in his hands and his pierced side.

These were still injuries that had not healed.

Having shown them the proofs he was Jesus, he turned to Thomas and invited him to stick his hand into his side and to touch the nail prints.

Thomas did not do it. He respected Jesus so much.
Instead he said something that remains a revelation.

“My Lord and my God.”

Yes, he called Jesus his Lord and also his God.

This happened on Sunday night after sundown, in the first meeting in the upper room after the Passover Lord’s Supper.
It is so great, so absolutely wonderful, so spectacular, on a sunday night to see someone get the revelation who Jesus is and for them to cry out: “My Lord and my God.”

This will go a lot more in worship than a million screaming halleluyahs

Lets get this down pat.

On the first sunday evening service after the resurrection, Jesus revealed himself. Why is it we cannot have this duplicated in every church? I know why. Its because Pentecost has fallen into body worship. They think with their much bodily exercise and crossover worldly jerking and dancing that this is what sunday night service is all about.

Well, tonight is not the resurrection night. Today is not the day of resurrection. It is nothing more than Catholic easter. The true resurrection will occur on the third day after the Jewish Passover. And this falls on Friday April 22, 2016 in Jerusalem.

Pastor Reckart
A Man God Made

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Covering Of God Removed

The covering of God has been lifted off Belgium. This is a country that has accepted homosexuality and other immoral conducts. It is generally anti-Christian when those Christians oppose the conduct of same-sex marriages and unions. God cannot and will not allow there to be peace in a country that rejects his moral laws (Psalms 9:17).

I am sure the terrorist who did this recent bombings believed they were killing infidels and people who had departed from their moral foundation. To them, Allah and Islam represents a much more pure religion then that now the common acceptance in Brussels. These men were willing to kill themselves thinking they would go immediately to heaven and obtain their 72 perpetual virgins. What they saw in the people of Belgium were modern dressed pagans and heathens.

The world will not be a safe place any where that terrorist like these believe they have an Islamic duty to kill immoral people who might influence their children, brothers, sisters, family or another Muslim to become evil and wicked. This is their mind-set. To them, they are protecting another generation of Muslims from turning to the immoral religions of Christianity.

It is indeed a shame that as of now the majority of so-called Christians no longer believe same sex marriages, homosexuality, and other immoral sexual conducts are sinful. We are confronted with a generation exactly as Jesus predicted: that of the days of Lot.

One of the reasons for this acceptance is that most families now have one or more open homosexuals. These are accepted as normal people on the same level of those who are not one of them. This allows churches to have homosexual choir leaders, worship leaders, and musicians. Not only are people staying in these immoral churches they are jumping, leaping, and screaming halleluyah every sunday night as if God has accepted this because they keep speaking in tongues.

Well, there is a homosexual oneness church here in Tampa, Florida. And they report they speak in tongues. Can I ask here what Holy Ghost is this? I am confident that emotionalism stirred up by music and talented worship leaders can speak in tongues and NONE OF IT IS FROM GOD. They can claim this is a move of the Holy Ghost when in fact it is a counterfeit Holy Ghost. You can go online and Google RAVE PARTIES and see the same leaping, jumping, and yelling. This is nothing but the kundalini invasion into the churches. The jerking, the uncontrollable shaking, the holy laughter, the wiggling like a snake, the screaming like pigs, is NOT THE DAY OF PENTECOST HOLY GHOST.

Will the covering be lifted off America and other nations? Will the covering be lifted off of churches and they allow anything to come in and shout and dance and no demons ever cast out again? Will the covering be lifted off people and they will descend into the abyss of darkened minds and become worldly to the extent they cannot come back to God?

This is indeed a perilous time.

There are many dangers pressing upon us from all around. And it does not help to have preachers in the pulpit who are dumb dogs who cannot bark. But they know exactly how to manufacture hoop-night.

Just saying………

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Healing Spiritual Blindness

I am on a journey to the nations to make Truth better understood.

To accomplish this, I must try to remove the covering of blindness over all the nations.

This blindness (seeEph_4:18 Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart.”

Being separated or alienated from the true life of a Christian slowly brings generation after generation of ignorance of the first Church (33-100AD).
This ignorance causes blindness of the heart. If people do not want to know the Truth about the life style, beliefs, practices, conduct, and doctrine of the first Christians: they will have blindness of the heart.

What causes this ignorance and blindness?

Ignorance is identified as the lack of knowledge to make propert decisions and judgments.

Blindness can be self-imposed or caused by others. In either case the eyes are given over willingly to be blind. Meaning cannot see and never will unless there is a miracle from heaven.

Apostle Paul had this spiritual condition. But there fell from his eyes scales or scabs that had blinded him. His malady was placed upon him by his Pharisee rabbis and leaders. He surrendered his eyes to their control. And when they finished operating on him he was spiritually blind. But, he accepted his condition and went forth never to really see the beautiful things of God. His hope like the blind beggar at the gate beautiful, was the temple, its rituals, following his religious-political advisors, and being zealous against everyone who did not adhere to or join the hierarchical authority of the Sanhedrin and its President/Superintendent/Chairman/High-priest. Religious organization is very powerful. It can crush you with its influence. It can destroy your reputation using careful strategy of liars and false accusers. They can isolate you and make people think evil of you. ALL TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT SUCCESSFUL.

To open spiritual blinded eyes takes more than just saying: “in the name of Jesus christ: SEEEEEEE.

Yes Sir: it takes more.

For Paul it took LIGHT from heaven and a VOICE.

Those who reject the LIGHT and stop their ears from the Voice will never be healed of their spiritual blindness. Like the tens of thousands of the Jews who hated Jesus, rejected him, spoke evil of his name and reputation, not wanting him to be successful: there are today many with the same evil spirit.

To challenge these great religious hornspoons requires courage. It takes men who are a cut above. They may not be rich or wear professional fine clothing, but more like John the Baptist. They may never be invited or welcome in the polished pulpits of Pentecostal sanctuaries where the blind gather to be encouraged to remain blind and enjoy the service of leaping, running, and screaming halleluyah.

But, those with courage, who do not care if they are thrown out of the temples, or talked bad about behind closed doors: these are the men and women of God who are on a journey of Truth. They will make it known far and wide they will not accept or adhere or be intimidated to practice pagan holidays and or Catholic/Jewish false teachings.

Yes, we have identified most of the Catholic perversions but we have not come to grasps with Jewish perversions and the Judaizing of the Christian faith by returning to law-keeping and denying the name of Jesus for salvation. Today we are faced with many hundreds of invented new Jewish names for Jesus to replace that name. Many think they are getting closer to God and becoming more Jewish by cursing the name of Jesus and accepting these new blasphemous names. Becoming more Jewish? Well, yes! They are becoming more Pharisee Jewish by rejecting both the name of Jesus and his New Covenant/New Testament divine order for the world. Yes, become more Jewish by rejecting the New Testament and going back to the Old Testament for justification, works, redemption, and salvation that does not need Calvary or the shed blood of Jesus.

I am on a journey of Truth. You can tell by the manner that I write that I have the inspiration of God upon my life and mind. I am not bound by blindness. I once was blind but now I see.

I do not know of your desire to recover, restore, and live the true Christian way. If you are captured by the makers of the blind you will likely remain among them until you die. In fact you also may be trained to make others blind by passing on to them lies, traditions, false teachings, and religious inspiration to some temple, shrine, church, or religious organization. If you become a maker of the blind, you and all who follow you will fall into the ditch. This ditch is not a temporary mud trough along the side of the road. It is the eternal ditch of hell.

Oh, that our young men and women would desire to see. See clearly. And ask Jesus to remove all scales and religious scabs from their eyes.

Say it now: Jesus, if there are any religious scales or scabs upon my eyes, please heal me and remove them.

If you prayed this prayer expect opposition. But do not become proud, arrogant, self-righteous, or abusive of others. Remember, be nice and kind to the blind. They really do need tenderness and proper guidance to get them across from the broad way to the narrow way. Help them crossover. Pray also that their eyes be healed from the scales and scabs.

For you preachers: before you preach, ask Jesus to remove the scales and scabs from the eyes of those before you. Say this prayer out loud.

Begin your life in Christ as a victorious overcomer who has received courage to stand for the Truth.

Pastor Bishop Reckart

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