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Covering Of God Removed

The covering of God has been lifted off Belgium. This is a country that has accepted homosexuality and other immoral conducts. It is generally anti-Christian when those Christians oppose the conduct of same-sex marriages and unions. God cannot and will not allow there to be peace in a country that rejects his moral laws (Psalms 9:17).

I am sure the terrorist who did this recent bombings believed they were killing infidels and people who had departed from their moral foundation. To them, Allah and Islam represents a much more pure religion then that now the common acceptance in Brussels. These men were willing to kill themselves thinking they would go immediately to heaven and obtain their 72 perpetual virgins. What they saw in the people of Belgium were modern dressed pagans and heathens.

The world will not be a safe place any where that terrorist like these believe they have an Islamic duty to kill immoral people who might influence their children, brothers, sisters, family or another Muslim to become evil and wicked. This is their mind-set. To them, they are protecting another generation of Muslims from turning to the immoral religions of Christianity.

It is indeed a shame that as of now the majority of so-called Christians no longer believe same sex marriages, homosexuality, and other immoral sexual conducts are sinful. We are confronted with a generation exactly as Jesus predicted: that of the days of Lot.

One of the reasons for this acceptance is that most families now have one or more open homosexuals. These are accepted as normal people on the same level of those who are not one of them. This allows churches to have homosexual choir leaders, worship leaders, and musicians. Not only are people staying in these immoral churches they are jumping, leaping, and screaming halleluyah every sunday night as if God has accepted this because they keep speaking in tongues.

Well, there is a homosexual oneness church here in Tampa, Florida. And they report they speak in tongues. Can I ask here what Holy Ghost is this? I am confident that emotionalism stirred up by music and talented worship leaders can speak in tongues and NONE OF IT IS FROM GOD. They can claim this is a move of the Holy Ghost when in fact it is a counterfeit Holy Ghost. You can go online and Google RAVE PARTIES and see the same leaping, jumping, and yelling. This is nothing but the kundalini invasion into the churches. The jerking, the uncontrollable shaking, the holy laughter, the wiggling like a snake, the screaming like pigs, is NOT THE DAY OF PENTECOST HOLY GHOST.

Will the covering be lifted off America and other nations? Will the covering be lifted off of churches and they allow anything to come in and shout and dance and no demons ever cast out again? Will the covering be lifted off people and they will descend into the abyss of darkened minds and become worldly to the extent they cannot come back to God?

This is indeed a perilous time.

There are many dangers pressing upon us from all around. And it does not help to have preachers in the pulpit who are dumb dogs who cannot bark. But they know exactly how to manufacture hoop-night.

Just saying………

March 23, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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