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What Happened On The True Resurrection Sunday

On the morning of the resurrection no souls were born again. The first day of the resurrection no souls were born again.


Because the Kingdom had not come yet.

The first evening after the resurrection Jesus appeared to some of the disciples in the upper room. They had shut the doors for fear of the Jews. And Jesus suddenly appeared.

What did he do?

Did he preach a sermon? No.
Did he sing a song? No.
Did he rebuke them? No.
Did he dance a victory jig and scream let’s go places?
No, there was not a single halleluyah spoken on this first night service on Sunday evening.

He did something to prove he was Jesus.

He showed them the nail prints in his hands and his pierced side.

These were still injuries that had not healed.

Having shown them the proofs he was Jesus, he turned to Thomas and invited him to stick his hand into his side and to touch the nail prints.

Thomas did not do it. He respected Jesus so much.
Instead he said something that remains a revelation.

“My Lord and my God.”

Yes, he called Jesus his Lord and also his God.

This happened on Sunday night after sundown, in the first meeting in the upper room after the Passover Lord’s Supper.
It is so great, so absolutely wonderful, so spectacular, on a sunday night to see someone get the revelation who Jesus is and for them to cry out: “My Lord and my God.”

This will go a lot more in worship than a million screaming halleluyahs

Lets get this down pat.

On the first sunday evening service after the resurrection, Jesus revealed himself. Why is it we cannot have this duplicated in every church? I know why. Its because Pentecost has fallen into body worship. They think with their much bodily exercise and crossover worldly jerking and dancing that this is what sunday night service is all about.

Well, tonight is not the resurrection night. Today is not the day of resurrection. It is nothing more than Catholic easter. The true resurrection will occur on the third day after the Jewish Passover. And this falls on Friday April 22, 2016 in Jerusalem.

Pastor Reckart
A Man God Made

March 27, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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