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How To Catholicize Your Church Or Group

<big><big>How to Roman Catholicize your church or group:
1) Teach the 3 in 1 doctrine of the Godhead and not “these three are one;
2) Promote and celebrate Christmas, the false date of the birth of Jesus Christ and also practice many of the pagan traditions;
3) Promote and celebrate New Year’s Eve, a date established by Pope Gregory when he changed the calendar;
4) Promote and celebrate St. Valentine’s Day and also the use of pagan Cupid idolatrous images;
5) Promote and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with use of the green shamrock three leaf design that represents the trinity. St. Patrick was the monk/priest who came to Ireland and converted many of the people from Oneness/Monotheism and other deities to the Catholic trinity;
6) Promote and celebrate Eostra Sunday (Easter) as the day of the resurrection of Jesus, and rejecting the third day after the Jewish Passover when it actually occurred;
7) Accept the 1280AD monk invented name Jehovah and sing songs praising this god who is not Jesus Christ;
8) Accept the 1565AD monk invented name Yahweh and sing songs praising this god who is not Jesus Christ;
9) Accept and use hallelujah invented by Catholic George F. Handel in 1741 and its other spellings halleluyah and alleluia;
10) Celebrate the Catholic Mass/Communion practice of holding the Lord’s Supper any time but the correct evening of the Jewish Passover as Jesus instituted it;
11) Accept, promote, and join the religious hierarchy pattern of Babylon consisting of ascending levels or powers of ministers over ministers with a primary central figure who usurps the titles: Pope, Superintendent, President, Apostle, Bishop, Prophet, or Pastor;
12) Slander, prohibit, black-ball, ostracize, disfellowship, and persecute anyone who calls Pentecostals “Pentecostal Catholics” who have Catholicized themselves in the “11” categories above.
Yes, this is a day when men are ashamed and afraid to stand up and speak the Truth of God with love. They are intimidated to remain silent because after all, we must all place a dirty sock in our mouths and be gagged with the oath not to contend to our different views to the disunity of the body.
With all of these Catholic practices in place, few are brave enough to speak out. The ones who will are attacked and scandalized so they cannot be successful in spreading the Truth.
The whole world lieth in darkness. We are compassed with the powers of organized Babylon patterned religious groups.
But I read these words: “For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent.”
The Lord here is Jesus Christ. For there is but one Lord (Eph 4:5). But for many there are three Lords: the Father
*YHWH/Jehovah/Yahweh”; the Son “Jesus Christ”; and the Holy Spirit “no-name God.”
The pure language is the same as a pure tongue. How can this be unless all lies, falsehoods, names of idols and false gods, are removed from the tongues and lips of the people who will then turn and call upon the name of the Lord?
And what is the name of the Lord?
It is the name of Jesus Christ.
You want to give your life making your church or group into a Pentecostal Catholic one?
You want to give your life to spread the name of Jesus Christ, name above all names (Acts 4:12), to all people, cities, and nations?
Just asking,
Pastor G. Reckart
A Man Trying To Convert All Churches And People To Be True Christians And Come All The Way Out Of Catholicized Churches And Groups.</BIG></BIG>

March 30, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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