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Dogs In The Pulpit

Did I read this right:

A pig will return to its wallering in the mire?
A dog will eat its own vomit?

Did Jesus give us two simple but important identifications of a backslider?

What of backslidden churches?

How to identify?

Churches wallering in worldliness, cast off holiness, sin rampant among members, no judging allowed in the pig sty. False doctrine promoted while screaming halleluyah and having fun. Pigs in a mud hole love every minute of it. They love the head pig and his sow. She looks so glamorous in her pants, earrings, lipstick, and neck jewelry. She has put on what the pigs around her have. From pig sty to pig sty the same wallering in worldliness. They are the United Pig Churches. Dare anyone to say they are not the bride of Christ?

What of the vomit eaters?

Only sick dogs vomit. The smell of dog vomit is sickening. For a dog to eat its own vomit it must ignore the stink and pretend it is like eating fresh good food. Dogs will eat other dog’s vomit. My, my, my. One sick dog can make a meal for other dogs gathered around.

I heard it:

I am sick of hearing about holiness. I am sick of hearing about worldliness. I am sick of churches and preachers who judge me and look on the outside and not on the inside. I am sick of rules, standards, and giving tithes. I am sick. I tell you I am sick. Someone give me a witness (crowd yells preach it brother).

Those who witnessed this vomit sat there and ate it up.

Yes, when you go to Church to be fed, are you getting bread from heaven or the vomit of a preacher who has many times yelled, stomped his feet, jumped and spinned around, bent over like he is hit by the Holy Ghost, grabbing his stomach: and when he straightens up he confesses all his sickness (mentioned above).

Eating vomit and did not know it, thinking they were having a great meal.

Jesus, my King, my Lord: I appreciate the robe of righteousness. I vow one more time not to take this precious garment of praise and waller in the pig sty with it. And Sir, I refuse to eat the vomit of sick dogs in the pulpit.

Thank Jesus for holiness Pastors and holiness Church members.

Just saying…….

Pastor Reckart


May 3, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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