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Come Back

If Peter had the keys to the Kingdom; and if the Kingdom has a gate through which all must pass; then the Kingdom has spiritual walls.

As I was thinking on this today, I came to realize that once we are in the Kingdom and have passed through the gate of salvation: we are then safe behind the Kingdom walls.

Therefore, I came to realize that there is safety behind walls.

Why are so many trying to tear down walls that separate the Church Kingdom from the world?

Why are pastors so intent on having a large number of membership that they do not have any Kingdom walls around them. All they have is the world as their walls.

I am amazed that so many Pastors are compromising with the world so they can have a large congregation and rake in the money. But what about the Kingdom walls? How come they have none?

It must be they either have not come into the Kingdom yet or they have backslid back out the gate into the world.

Worldly people, even if they call themselves Christian, are on the wrong side of the Kingdom wall.

I am a voice on the wall. I am a watchman of the night. I am calling all to come back to the holiness of the Kingdom. Do not run away. Do not hide. Do not seek fame, money, and large numbers of members. Come back to the little flock. Come back.

Come back,

Pastor Reckart


May 12, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic


  1. Amen !!! I Love this and my spirit bears witness. I think this is why America is falling because Scriptures says bind the strong man first then you can spoil. Pastor Gary cry aloud and spare not !!!

    Comment by oneness4life | May 28, 2016

  2. When The men of God n the congregations are allowing worldliness in. I believe Satan knows that if he wants to destroy or corrupt a community or nation. All he has to do is go to The apostolic churches in that area and appeal to their flesh and if their watchman is asleep, they backside in heart on the pews but still comes to church. Then Satan will spoil n plunder that area.

    Comment by oneness4life | May 28, 2016

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