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Lies of David Bernard

The lies of David Bernard concerning the name of God. I will deal with them when I return from my mission trip.

He is not Spirit led. He is Catholic and rabbi led. He repeats lies to make them have a Pentecostal authority. And dumb blind Pentecostals who accept Catholic and rabbi lies will look upon David Bernard like he is Gamaliel.

He will lead many souls to trust in the pagan invented names Jehovah, Yahweh, and Yah. He is such a deceiver.


May 24, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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  1. Bro reckart these issues have been go going on since 1995? Ehen he did a dbl take on holiness. ..

    Comment by hebrews1 | May 27, 2016

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